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Posted: 6 years ago
She does, He doesLOL

"U can do that too" she nodded, though it wasnt a video call

(Send Nandu tonight, which is Friday night and send him again on Monday after school)

R&B noticed her deflated look.

"Achha sun tujhe abhi 5 min mein karoon, meri beti uth gayi" Sam gushed

"Cho chweet" II moaned sadly

She set her phone down  "I dont want dessert" she said before he asked

"We shud talk about dessert after we order the main course" he reminded

"Aduvum vendaam" (I dont want that either)

"was it Sam?" he asked, he didnt have to, but he did

She looked up from her plate  "Enn kitta sollave ille" (u never told me)

"Lets wait until we get out of here?" he decreed, albeit nervously

"Oru use um ille?" (its useless)

She ate quietly, he ordered her fave, a stir fry veggies in red curry sauce and rice

He ordered the biggest mound of chocolate cake, she sliced off a sliver from the serving plate
She ate 10% of both
She had too much juice

"I might have to throw up" she was tearful

He nodded, throwing his napkin on the table and getting up

"I can go by myself" she whispered

"Ofcourse!" he whispered

Walking her out, he knew where everything was she turned and looked up at him

"I just told u we dont fight here" he reminded

she walked quietly... he waited outside in the plush couch

She threw up most of her third glass of juice, and walked out looking refreshed, flushed and sparkling

"polama?" she asked

"We didnt take the food" he reminded

She smiled, like she forgot she was upset with him

He paid, as she scrolled through a newspaper on her phone

He held her back... they walked out quietly to the car

He parked outside, afraid to go in?


"Were u going to tell me before u got to the airport?" she asked

"DONT" he leaned on his seat shaking his head

"Are u coming back for the baby?" "Birth I mean" she twisted the knife

He got out, SLAMMED his door shut she lefts hers open, in spite

The guards tried not to look

"Shravu aa gaya?" she asked one

The guard startled at being spoken to nodded and smiled, Sir bhi hain to shaayad picture dekh raha hai, Mahavir bata raha tha"

"Nandu aayega abhi" she told the guard

R&B stood by her side hands in pockets to let her "visit with the guards"

She went to the kitchen, set the food in the frig

"Mujhe idli chahiye?" "Maav hai kya?" she asked Mahavir as he chopped onions for dinner

He smiled "Hai na bhabhiji" he showed her

She got the huge container out

He didnt want to watch the tantrum being thrown?
She set idlis for steaming, cleaned the kitchen a bit,
neatly sliced up the giant wedge slicing it up into 4 pieces, took 2 up with glasses milk, to the theater

Ranjan was watching Minion with Shravu

"CHITHEEE" What did u bring me?" he asked, hugging her tight

He smelled like Munirka, incense and vibhuti and curry...his hair was unkempt, like he scratched his head trying to figure out the next move on the video game
 II's belly churned at the familiar nostalgic scent
Shravu was wearing a worn out white tee with a screen print and his shorts were a lil too short for him

The "best" Bala could do in the absence of Vandu at Munirka

His clothes lay in a  Meena Bazar plastic bag on the side of his chair

"Choc cake and milk" she smiled

"U are FAT" he said looking at her

She blushed


Ranjan :Aisa nahi kehte puttar

"Why? is she not fat?" Shravu was logical

"One more time, and I feed this wedge to Nandu" she said smugly picking up the plate again

"Both vadiya" Ranjan savored his slice gleefully

"THATHA" shravu was mad

II chuckled

She sat down wearily

"Kha aayi puttar?" he asked caringly

She nodded... "I am making idlis" she smiled

He chuckled  " Mahavir nu kahin jara, chatnee bana lega"

"i will make it when I go down"

"Kidhar hai tera miya?"

"i dont know" she said smiling

"Uncle R is here?"

" he is upstairs" she mumbled

"Kee kendi hai doctor?" he asked

"Everythinhg is great" she smiled joyously

"Oye shabaash" he smiled

"I am told I should be working and keeping busy" II lied

"achhha?"  "Main karanga gall" Ranjan said

"I am not lying"

"Na jee na" he nodded


"Khaane mein kya ban raha hai beta?"

"I didnt ask" she smiled

"Kuch masaledaar ho jaaye, meetha tey tu khila baithi" he looked at his empty plate, dabbing a crumb with his index finger and sucking it off

"Chithi can I have more?" Shravu asked

"No da, u have to eat dinner kanna" she ordered

She heard sounds "Aa gaya shaayad"

"Nandu nu vi bulaya toone?" he asked

"One cant do without the other"

"Chithi Nandu has a new Minion DS game can I get it too, its EXACTLY like the movie" Shravu begged

"Koi nahi beta, kal laayenge aap ke liye" Ranjan smiled

"thatha... he has 17 games more than I" Shravu said

"Saari seventeen aapke liye laayenge"

"Bilqul nahi Dad" she ordered
Getting up, yawning...

"So jaayin puttar"

She nodded "after I eat a idli"

"I dont want idli Amma gave me idli for lunch" Shravu said

"Meri ma ne idli kabhi nahi di" Ranjan sighed

"PAATI gave me idli... MY paati" (he meant Bala's Mom, and Mrs Iyer's idli batter from Ganpati)

"Meri tey koi paati vi nahi haigi"

Shravu cupped his mouth and giggled"  "How can u have a paatti, u are so old"

"Oh teri!!" Ranjan chuckled


"Thatha is a million years old"

Ranjan laughed uncontrollably

Nandu came in with a longing look

II hugged him, he smelled like Shanti Niketan, a faint rose smell, sparkling clean house, his clothes reeked of class, he wore checked shorts and a plain Lacoste

Sam combed his hair and did a neat side parting, his hair was moist like he had just taken a shower, his Reebok tote had his over night clothes

He handed the bag to her politely

"Chithi may I have some cake too?" he asked

He looked like a miniature of her husband

Oval face, pale,  tall, skinny, lots of hair, sharp features, a dimpal :P

"Yes kanna, I am going to bring some up"

"U havent eaten have u?" she asked

"No... Ma was making... I mean... help was" he corrected

"How is Lasya?"

he smiled shyly. "Very naughty chithi" he said

"MY BROTHER TALKED" shravu was jealous of II hugging Nandu

"Wah ji wah" Ranjan nodded

"He said oooh" when I showed him I made Mario jumping over a fire ring

"CHOOO CHWEEET" II sighed longingly

"well my sister, steals my pencils" he said

"My brother wants my DS" Shravu lied like his chithi

"My sister tried to eat my omelette this morning" Nandu said

"My brother hid my clothes when I was taking a bath"

Bala had dropped Shravu off at night at D II so he went to school from D II this morning

"HE CANT EVEN DO THAT" Nandu was sure

"He did... thatha he did" Shravu made a awestruck face

"He doesnt even move Pfffttt!!!" Nandu exclaimed

"Kyon nahi betaji jaroor kara hona hai" Ranjan nodded
Enjoying the back and forth

Another person enjoying the back and forth was his son by the door...
leaning on the door jamb
Hands stuck in his pockets

"MY SISTER pulls my hair when I am asleep," Nandu said

"My brother peed on my Mom, can ur sister do that,  YESTERDAY he peed 8 feet high" Shravu lied again
"It was so high, it struck the ceiling fan and it caught fire" Shravu lifted his arms up high standing on the theatre chair

Nandu didnt have anything so  wonderfully "catastrophic" about his sister's pee

II rolled on the floor, almost

Nandu's shoulders slumped as he wandered to II and sat on her lap, she stiffened, putting a hand over her belly as she hugged

Her husband walked inside, "Uncle R" the boys squealed

Ranjan watched with pride how his shy son was the celebrity for the lil young men

"II got up self consciously

"Ja aram kareen puttar" Ranjan ordered

"I am going to go have my idli, and go up and read

She wandered over to her husband  "I can pack for u if u want me to" she offered not looking at him,

"I want u to" he saidBlushing nodding
He could make her heart skip a beat JUST by repeating part of her own sentence, she snapped her fingers quietlyEmbarrassed

SIGH!! HE DOESEmbarrassed


Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you Nisha...i can now go to sleep  satiatedSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
Lllooong update . Absolutely lllooove it. Thank u.
Posted: 6 years ago
The joy of childhood ! The innocence of it when you don't fret about the future.
Ranjanji lucky night when he watched the fun Tongue
Posted: 6 years ago
Loved the catastrophic pee narration . 8 ft high , touched the fan and caught fire.
His lie is also that long. So cute, the oneupmanship
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Loved the catastrophic pee narration . 8 ft high , touched the fan and caught fire.
His lie is also that long. So cute, the oneupmanship

Ya this lie was best... He is even aage from his chitti,,, just adorable
Sweet as a kid may be! And mean like II LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you Nisha for the long update. Just as i thought she lost her appetite...but the good thing she is not going to sulk and mope but plan revenge. Good 
But the best part was Nandu and Shravu conversation...superb

Was some of the dialogues infuenced by ur younger son...

Peed 8 ft high ...ROFL

I have to share this, my mom told me this...when she took my brother for check up, he was around 2-3 months old...while the check up was going on he peed straight into doctor's coat pocketLOL...oh god this was the talk for 3-4 months...i had forgotten about it, thanks to you Nisha remembered the funny incident...almost 29yrs back.

R&B is like a magnet to kids...Shravu's fav Uncle...and Nandan's too...

Now he wants her to pack his bags,

Waiting to see how she will take revenge...LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha I just love the dude's bond with the kids... 

Please nisha can we get one more update please 

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