TaaRey OS : All I Want Is You

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With books in his hands he moved out of the library, he was walking in corridor when someone called him from behind. For the whole college, He is a geek who had got looks of a greek god. A reserved guy who hardly speaks to anyone.


Rey sighed hearing her voice and turned around, he saw her coming toward him. Once she stopped before him, she passed him a dazzled smile causing his heart to skip a beat.

"What do you want, taani?" Rey asked her in hard tone. Taani Shekhawat, college's popstar, a beautiful young lady with beautiful voice and a chatterbox, loves to irritate him with her non stop talks. Sometimes he wonder how she manage to talk so much.

"That was rude, Mr. Big-Bad-Nerd. But never mind. Come with me, I have composed a song and want you to hear it. It's specially for you" Taani said to him, she held his hand and tried pulling him along with her but he was too strong that he didn't even moved a bit.

"I'm not coming anywhere with you." Rey told her, this time his tone was little calm. Taani frowned, she felt hurt when every time he ran away from her or pushed her away from him. Since the day she had laid her eyes on this greek god like geek, she had fallen head over heels in love with him but he, he never spared a glance to her.

"You have to or else I'll.." Taani threaten him. Anger flashed through his hazel orbs as he stare at her.

"Else you'll?" Rey took a step close to her, her heart rate picked up. She placed her palm over her chest, trying to calm her ragging heart beats.

"Else I'll tell your secret to everyone." She gave him a winning smirk as she spoke.

"What secret?" Rey questioned her confusingly.

"Do you want to talk about it here or somewhere else, where people won't be able to hear us.." Taani trailed off. Rey gave her a suspicious look, but the look she was giving confirm his doubts that she knows something. He held her wrist and dragged her toward the secluded corridor while she gaped at him, shocked with his behavior. Rey pulled her inside an empty classroom and locked the door.

"Now speak!" Rey said in commanding tone. 

"What should i speak about, Mr. Big-Bad-Nerd or should i say, Mr. ACP Reyaansh Singhania." Rey stare at her with wide eyes as she spilled the truth about him.

"How do you know that?" Rey questioned her. Grabbing her arms he pushed her against the wall, Taani smirked at him, increasing her anger. She has no plans of telling him about his phone conversation with someone last week which she had heard and got to know about his real identity.

"I know everything about you,  Mr. So-Called-Nerd." Taani whispered, trailing her index finger on his sculpted chest. He shivered under her touch, controlling himself he stare down at her.

"Did you told anyone about it?" 

"No but if you didn't hear my composition, then i might tell someone.." Taani gave him a cunning smirk. Rey look into her eyes, they were shinning bright, her brown orbs, They posses some power to hypnotize him.

"You will not." Rey whispered, gritting his teethes in anger.

"Dare me." She challenged him, Rey gave her an amused look. This girl never fails to amuse him. Her bold yet introvert nature made him fall for her. He never felt this way for anyone.

"You will not. It can cost someone's life." Rey told her finally, shocking her at how soft his voice was. He never talked to her in this soft tone.

"How?" Taani couldn't help but question him.

"Well I'm here on secret mission. If anyone come to know about my real identity then there will be lots of problem. I'm here to protect someone." Rey told her, hoping she would understand.

"Secret mission? Wow! that sounds adventurous. But whom you are protecting?"  

"You. I'm protecting you, Taani." Rey answered her. Her breath hitched as she stare at him wide eyes before she burst into fits of laughter, amusing him.

" What? Stop Joking, Reyaansh." 

"I'm not joking damn it! Your life is in danger." Losing his temper he snapped at her angrily, she stopped laughing and look at him.

"But who would want to harm me? I don't have enemies." Taani said to him cutely, giving him confused looks, He wanted to smile at her cuteness but seriousness of the situation didn't let him.

"You don't but your dad do have enemies. It's been quiet a time now that your father is getting threats about your life thus he personally contacted me, and i took this responsibility to protect you." Rey told her softly, giving her time to digest the news. She knew being the daughter of a politician people wants to hurt her father but never she expected that someone would want to hurt her just to hurt her father. 

"Ohkay.." Taani trailed off, feeling happy that he is her protector. It made her for him more.

"Okay? Just okay? Aren't you scared that someone wants to kill you?" Rey questioned her, shocked with her calm reaction.

"When i have such hot bodyguard to protect me, I'm sure nothing will happen to me so whats the use of getting unnecessarily scared." Taani said to him, she winked at him making him laugh at her craziness. Forgetting everything, he pinched her cheeks.

"Such a cutie beauty you are." Rey mumbled in barely audible tone but she heard it and her heart skipped a beat.

"My team is investigating and very soon culprits will be in our hands. Till then You have this personal bodyguard to protect you." Rey said to her, gazing down at her with intensified gaze. She stand on her toes, and pressed her lips against his, kissing him softly. Shiver ran down his spine at the soft touch of her lips, he slide his arms around her and kissed her back, passionately yet softly.

"Thank you." She whispered against his lips. Her soft tone sent his over the edge, he cupped her face and kissed her with aggression. She melted in his arms. After what felt like an eternity, he broke the kiss and hit his forehead against her.

"You drives me crazy. We aren't suppose to come this close to each other. It's against my duty rules" Rey breathed, she opened her eyes and stare at him, he shivered as she looked deeply into his eyes, seeing through his soul.

"Who cares? Rules are meant to be broken. Love is all that matter in the end. I Love you and will always do. All i want is you." Taani confessed her love, while he stare at her with soft eyes though he loves her since how long he himself doesn't know but he never had the courage to confess but now since his feeling are reciprocate by her, he felt happy and overwhelmed.

"I love you too, taani. And i promise, I'll love you & protect you till my last breath." Rey whispered back, the intensity his voice held made her bit her lower lip to stop the moan that was about to escape.

Taani smiled and hugged him, Rey wrapped his arms around her and hide her in his protective.

"Lets go, Nerdy Birdy. We have class to attend." Taani told him after some time. Rey broke the hug and nodded at her. Rey kissed her forehead and they come out of the room and went in their classes, stealing glances at each other. They both knew it was start of their life together. She doesn't care if someone wants to hurt or kill her. When she has him by her side then she doesn't care about anything else. All she want & need is him and his love.


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Posted: 2015-09-25T03:50:13Z
Res Unres Outstanding OS. Rey Big-Bad-Nerd ... He was hiding his identity.. He is ACP... Taani found is secret.. Classrum part was amazing.. Taani very straight forward nd bold.. sum up Super amazing.. Edited by Bista-anzana - 2015-09-25T06:35:35Z
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Posted: 2015-09-25T04:05:26Z
awesome update
this is beyond amazing
i just loved it
nerd cum ACP Rey and the crispy carefree Taani wow
their confession was cute
loved it
i so wish this was an FF or an SS
please write something like this
you are an amazing writer please write an adventurous story if possible
if not its ok but i love all your stories
update your other stories soon
thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2015-09-25T04:06:43Z
Such a beautiful nd cute update
Hot cop rey nd pop star taani
A perfect combo
Loved the cute banter between them
Nd taani's cuteness is so damn adorable
Thnkx for the pm
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Posted: 2015-09-25T04:07:53Z
what do i say pooja
i fall for this concept
new concept
he is there to protect
amazingly written
i loved it
keep writing like this
really i enjoyed this os
thanx for pm
take care
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Posted: 2015-09-25T04:11:35Z
Amazing as always 
superb Rey is acp And taani only knows it 
Taani is such a blackmaler 
Awww Rey is protecting taani only 
Keep writing 
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Posted: 2015-09-25T04:16:03Z
lovely os
cute one
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