RAYA OS : Teri Meri Kahani

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At The Kapoor Mansion
Ram was siting on couch with pic his hand he smile kab tak ham aise friend's ke tarha rhenge I want to tel you how much I love you nd kissed the pitcher my love you're so buetiful your eyes your stear they drawing me in your face your hair they are unforgatabl your smile oh may god he smile I could stare for hour your laugh I could listen for days your name Priya will never forget my love for you will never be exepted that

Ram thought about Priya again today he couldn't help it but the thoughts came upon him like an emotion he thought about the way she laugh always in such a humorous way he thought about the way she smile always bright nd beautiful he thought about the way she act with confidence yet a hint of sensitivity he thought about the way she embrace him warm nd welcoming these thoughts nd feelings spill into his mind he dreamt about Priya last night Ram smile nd said oh Priya kya kar diya hain tumne I'm mad for you
every time I think about you my heart beats louder every time when I see you I catch myself staring I want to watch the sky with you count the star with you I know you like conuting stars when I see you feeling so empty
I just want to hold you close to me wipe those tears of fear from your eyes wishing you could see your beauty Ilong to take away your pain but that request has been denied I'll stand by your side forever till death tears me away from you my love will always remain true when I look at you you have become a part of me when I close my eyes nd you are there I hear your voice inside my mind you are the reason I'm alive I only want to be with you Priya

Ram was thinking of her for the every time that day he counted ever since that day they had first met she was always on his mind she had been running from what he didn't know all of a sudden she fell into the hole where he had been napping n landed right on top of him thinking of it always made him chuckle that was the first time he had seen those beautiful eyes

Priya he whispered It had been over a week since he had last laid eyes on her already he missed her terribly

I miss you so much nd smile nd said I blush when I think of you I smile when I remember your words I almost want pass out when someone mentions you I want go to bed early just so I can dream of you I wat hold your hand I write your name on my book I wish I shared every class with you my heart beats faster nd the way I feel when I imagine you with me I love you Priya nd I love you so much

You r so beautiful I love you just the way you are I shouldn't feel this love your smile lights up my whole day your eyes are brighter than the sunlight your who I think about at night I want to keep living just for you
about you everything I've got I wish you felt the same way about me Priya you got me completely distraught
My emotions for you go far too deep you has no idea how I want to hold you without you I'm painfully die

When I look at you It's impossible to look away you are so gorgeous it's got me hypnotized when I close my eyes all I see is you Priya you so amazing you has me memorized you are the only person in my world I
need you in my soul I want to be with you forever even after we grow old I want you to be mine

His thoughts were interuppted by the ringing of the phone Ram stared at it for a few seconds longer before deciding to pick it up Hello?


Yes  Neha what's wrong? Neha was his only friend at college he was always cold to others who tried to get close to him so eventually everyone just gave up trying Neha had been different though at first whenever she would try to talk to him he would give her the cold shoulder like he gave everyone else but every morning despite his distant attitude she would always greet him with a cheery Good morning he couldn't help but become friends with her

Ram um...

Why did she feel so nervous all of a sudden? Wait...why was his heart beating so fast?

I just saw your love of life

Really? where? where is she?

She is at the park with her boyfriend she whispered the last part she knew how much he loved Priya every time he spoke about her he had this certain twinkle in his eye n his aura changed completely almost the entire girls in their college had confessed to him but Ram never seemed very interested in any of them then all of a sudden this girl came into his life n it was like he was a completely different person It stumped Neha as to why he would choose a girl with only slightly above average looks really short not to mention nearly one years younger than him over all the other girls in college but as long as he was finally happy then she was too

Wait...what do you mean...boyfriend? Priya can't have a boyfriend right? I mean she is super cute n all but...boyfriend? Mera kya hoga yaar I  I thought she might...but..boyfriend? Tu jhut bol rahi hain na plz yaar aisa majak mat kar tu janti hain na main usse kitna pyar karta hu how he was cut off by Neha

Look Fatty main majak nhi kar rahi hu yaar tu aisa soch bhi kaise sakta hain Priya teri life hain main usske bare main asia jhuth kyu bolungi but I'm sorry that's all I saw plz don't do anything rash I just thought her voice quieted to a whisper again this was hard for her too she knew he wouldn't take the news well I just thought you should know there was no reply Fatty? she looked at the phone on the display screen in all caps it read call ended wait a second...he had hung up on her here she was being so worried about him n he just...hangs up on her? Ram god ab ye kya karega hey Ram

Ram ran towared parking lot taking the driving seat he drove off from there very harshly the pace of car increasing min by min as fast as he could to the park It couldn't be true not her...not after what they had been through together sure he had always been teasing her but that was his way of showing affection Ram had thought she liked him too

Finally he had reached the park where was she? His eyes scanned the rides eventually catching sight of her she was standing in line for the ferris wheel at first he thought she was alone Ram breathed a sigh of relief but stopped when he saw an arm go around her waist nd a blush came to her cheeks his eyes flickered to the boy standing next to Priya


Just the name drew up flames within him It was even worse now that...that...this had happened but worst of all was that it had been true Priya had a boyfriend n it wasn't him

He felt his hart break in piece Ram was in tears nd was deeply in pain he hurted no this not true uska boyfriend kaise ho sakta hain I love her I love her so much tear felled in his eyes he fall on his knee nd cry he look at them they where smileing not wanting to see any more Ram stood up he turned n headed home no not home he didn't want to go home not yet at least he just wanted to be not here

To be continued...

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Posted: 2015-09-23T13:28:52Z
Nice part plz continue soon
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Nice update...
Pls continue soon...
Thanks 4 the pm...
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Posted: 2015-09-23T17:20:12Z
wow fantastic, superb, pls continue soon 
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Posted: 2015-09-23T20:28:24Z
Nyc start..
Plz continue soon..
Thank u for the pm...
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Posted: 2015-09-23T21:30:58Z
Nice start but pls pls  no rajat priya... it shld b only ram priya

Ram ki priya n priya ka ram Embarrassed
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Posted: 2015-09-23T22:04:32Z
Nice start.
Ram is in pain and agony.
But please no rajat priya...
Always it should be ram priya...
Thanks for pm and continue soon. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-08-01T01:11:43Z
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Posted: 2015-09-24T00:43:24Z
Superb start..
Rajat idiot has no work..
Please continue soon..
Thanks for PMTongue
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