OS : Drunk In Love

Posted: 2015-09-21T02:33:58Z

"Taani, You know that I hate alcohol then why the hell you drink?" Rey shouted at her face, causing her to flinch away even in her drunken state his anger was scary to her. But gaining her composer back, she pushed him off her. Rey stumble back and stare at her with wide eyes.

"Stop showing as if you care, Rey. Just go and stare at that stupid laptop screen of yours like you have been doing from the day of our wedding." Taani shouted back at him, in her drunken tone while stuttering a bit.

Rey let out a sigh as he watched her walked away while stumbling on her steps. He knew she did this to get his attention as he had been busy from one month to give time to his newly wedded wife.

He knew it's time to mend his mistake, he climbed the stairs and walked inside his room where he found her sitting on bed with her teddy bear, mumbling something to herself. Rey walked toward her, and sat on bed beside her.

"Baby, I'm sorry for shouting at you. Please forgive me, jaan." Rey tried holding her but she jerked his hand away.

"I don't need your apology. Go away and do what you d best, IGNORE YOUR WIFE." Taani said to him, emphasizing on last few words.

"Taani, you are drunk, We will talk in morning. Sleep now." Rey told her once he got she wasn't in state to have decent talk.

"Baby, I'm drunk in your love." He felt his heart melt away when he saw her innocent face.

"But you don't love me, you don't love your wife. Such a unlucky girl I am. You shouted at me" Taani started crying, her cries angered him.

"Taani, stop acting like a spoiled brat. I said na, I'm sorry for shouting at you. And i did told you before that I''ll be busy in work, won't be able to give you to and you were okay with that at time then what happened now?" Losing his calm he shouted back at her. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

"You don't love me, Rey. You just don't. Your wife's feelings doesn't matter to you. You just know how to insult me and ignore me. Thats it. You are one heartless man, And i'm done with you. I'm going to my brother's place where people don't ignore me." Taani spoke in her drunken tone, they both knew she doesn't mean what she had said, its her anger  & hurt speaking yet he felt anger bubbling up inside him, ready to burst, like a volcano.

Before taani could move, Rey held her arms and pinned her down on the bed, beneath him. 

"You are not going anywhere, taani?" Rey whispered, holding her possessively in his arms. While she stare at him with her drunken gaze, she was feeling quiet dizzy, her head felt heavy.

"You know that I love you, only you. I'm sorry for not giving you time but you also understand, this is my dream project and it needs my time." Rey whispered, this time his voice was softer. She looked deep into his eyes, and could see pure love in his eyes.

"Then show me how you love me else I'll become female devdaas in your love." Taani said to him cutely, playing with the buttons of his shirts.

Rey laughed at her words and leaning forward he kissed her pouty lips, she gripped his hair and kissed him more deeply, pouring her heart out. She moaned in his mouth as he ripped her dress away, leaving her just in her inner wear. Their lips moved in sync against each other, both were hungry for each other's love.

Breaking the kiss, he attacked her swan like beautiful neck with soft kisses, her mind clouded with lust while the alcohol in her system brought the bold side in her. Grasping the material of his shirt in her fist, she pulled it away, ripping it  while buttons flew in the air. Rey lifted his head and glared at her while she smirked, being a business man, he is obsessively in love with his suits & shirts.

"What? I just got rid of my sautan. I didn't like how she was clinging onto my husband." Taani answered, her breathing was ragged. He could help but smile at his wife, she is one crazy woman and he is madly in love with her.

"I love you, Taani." Rey whispered softly, he placed his lips on her, kissing her softly. His lips dominated hers, taani responded back to his kiss with equal passion. He could taste alcohol in her mouth which he ignored, his disliking toward alcohol was nothing in front of his love & desire for his wife

She wreathed beneath him, moaned his name as his fingers caressed her down there, Rey broke the kiss  and made her lay on bed comfortably, he got rid of their remaining clothes and settled himself between her legs.

"Love you, baby." Rey breathed against her lips as he entered her, taani wrapped her arms around him and responded  back to his kiss. 

His body collapsed on hers as they reached their earth shattering climax. He pulled her shivering in his arms and kissed her forehead, she was on verge of sleeping.

"Drinking alcohol just to get my attention was little crazy & childish, you know that, don't you?" Rey asked her, playing with the strand of her hair.

"Expect more in craziness in future.." Taani answered him, dropping a peck on his lips, she snuggle in his arms, loving the feel of her husband's arms around her. Rey smiled to himself and vowed to give her the time deserve, no matter how much important work it is, he will never ignore his beautiful wife. 

"I love your craziness, taani.." Rey whispered as he pulled covers over their body and slept with drunken beauty in his arms.


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Posted: 2015-09-21T02:58:07Z
Res Wink
Unres LOL
Aye aye captain I love u for this is Hug
U know dida..i always wanted to c drunken taani.. :P
And u knw this was shooo cute.. LOL
Awwweee.. I'm just in love with taani now.. !! :D
Rey don't be jealous we all love u too.. ^.^
Amazing + cute+ crazy +sweet is...
Tks for the os.. !keep writing and yeah u knw
Then show me how you love me else I'll become female devdaas in your love." Taani said to him cutely, playing with the buttons of his shirts.
This is my fav !!!
Cause u knw wen ever mu frnds go sad I call them female version of devdas... Isliye ROFL
Take care.. !! Love Nikita. :)Edited by ndcdance - 2015-09-21T03:07:01Z
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Posted: 2015-09-21T03:04:56Z
Great story
Drunken Taani is a treat to read
Good work
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Posted: 2015-09-21T03:05:24Z
Sorry unable to like any post
Awesome os
Drunk taani was awesome
Loved tr romance
Rey's suits taani's sautan hehehe
Loved it
Thanx for pm
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Posted: 2015-09-21T03:06:41Z
It was short sweet cute and beautiful.
Loved it.
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Posted: 2015-09-21T03:13:54Z
really cute and hot <3
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Posted: 2015-09-21T03:15:10Z
real taarey , crazy 4 each other , madness personified, lovly couple
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Posted: 2015-09-21T03:16:17Z
cute and lovely
treat to watch drunken taani
and her cute antiques

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