RAYA OS : Bade Acche Lagte hai Ye dharti Ye Nadiya Aur RICKY (20/9/15)

Posted: 2015-09-20T02:31:11Z

on returning back from Office to home

Ram is driving and sulking at the same time...

Ram : What is this yaar priya why don't we go out for dinner i dont want to eat oats in dinner you crazy women...

Priya  what the hell Ram you called me Cray women how dare you

Ram : yes thats what you are Crazy women who just barged in my office without any information

Priya cuts him off yes so that you ll throw your Junk food out when i came that why i ddnt inform you and come to office directly

Ram just sulks more and about to say something Priya's phone buzzed and he hears one side convo of priya...


Priya on phone

What...really i cant believe...After so many years

he still remember me...ohh god (she puts one hand on her mouth in shock and ram frown on "HE")

Sach me (real)...How When Why dont you inform me Earlier maa

Where are you...ok ok Me and Ram on our way to home

yes yes i ll bring...how can i forget his favourite Dish...untill we reach give him my love Maa...

(ram again frowns on LOVE HIM)  

She cuts the phone and looks at him...Before she say anything...

Who the hell is He Ram asked in loud voice...

Ohh Ram he is back My Ricky is back i cant believe after so many years  He still remember me...He still remember Ohh god Ram she side hugs him in excitement and Ram is boiling in anger How can her wife said like this Who is Ricky and how he comes now picture in his life  And her wife is like A teenager lover

He about to ask her who the hell is Ricky but She starts again...


Priya : You know Ram i have fallen in Love when i first saw him...He is so cute just She search for words he is too good...

Ram : Priya(in anger )

Her phone buzzed again

Again he hears One side Conversation

Kya (what ) use Aaj hi Jaana hai (He has to go back today)...No No he cant

Ok Just show him My room  he will Rest there  ...we will reach in max 15 min after then i ll convince to stay at least One day i cant get enough in just few hours Afterall its been so many years and she cuts the call

Here Ram to himself How shameless priya And how can he ll enter in my... our bedroom and how disgusting you were talking Let me see how he ll stay in front of me i ll kill him with my bare hands his grips goes tight on steering wheel he sulks like lil child and give murderous looks to priya

WHo is lost in excitement  to meet Ricky...

After  2 min Ram hears priya is  humming  a song

He tries to hear songs And his frown goes more Bigger

Priya is humming

"nasha ye pyar ka nasha hai

Ye baat meri Maano

Nashe Me yaar jhoom jaao "

He looks in different direction try to control his anger just then

Priya : Ram Stop the car i have to buy some vegetables

Ram : what Now???

Priya : yes Now

Ram : why this time don't we have vegetables  in our house

Missing sarcasm in his voice She says Yes ram i want to buy Aloo (potato)

Ram smiles hear this and murmurs So madam ko ye to yaad hai ki Mujhe Aloo ke parathe pasand hai warna ,mujhe laga Apne RICKY ke aane ki khushi me ye bhi bhool gayi hogi (ohh so madam still remember that i love aloo paratha otherwise i was thinking that madam Forget in arriving of her RICKY )

Priya : aapne kuch kaha (did you said something)

Ram : Go and come quickly i m waiting in car

After 5 minutes

She comes back in sit in car

Hmmm lets go Ram Ricky must be waiting for Me...

Ram fumes again and starts the Car  Just then he glances over Vegetables Bags he just see Gobhi (cauliflower) in bag

He asks her Why Gobhi (cauliflower)??? i dont want Gobhi  Paratha

Priya : Ohh No this is Not for you This Aloo and Gobhi for Ricky he loves Aloo and Gobhi

Ram grips on steering and he speed up Car just dont want to explode in car

Priya still missing his strange behaviour Ask him...Ram can you please use guest Room today If Ricky stays today i want to stay with him in our bedroom

Ram who is verge on exploding his anger cant hold back and almost shouts on her : what the hell Priya how can he stays in our bedroom and how disgusting you are sounding

Priya thinks may be Ram is angry On not going out for dinner and eat oats in dinner

she again ask him : Ram think about it how can he ll stay with me in hall if anyone will come to hall in night  before she completes her sentence

Ram looks at her in completely Shocking expression how the hell this women talking shamelessly in front of her husband this is enough

He halts the car in front of house Priya without wasting times Runs in house

Ram thinks See Purana lover kya mila madam Apne Pati ko hi nhool gayi (See Looks her Got her old lover just forget her husband how disgusting )   

he follows her and keep the keys in pocket

When he enters in Room he sees Priya is running to their bedroom and her mother standing with Ayesha in hall...he greets them and Ask why Priya is in so hurry and moreover Where is Ricky

Shipra : Jaise hi Ricky Humse milne Aaya Main use yaha le aayi aakhir pahla hak banta hai Priya ka uspe  Abhi aapke bedroom me hai  maine abhi priya ko bataya to Mr.ram Wo Ricky se milne ka wait hi nahi kar paayi isliye bhaagte huye milne gayi

( Mr.Ram when Ricky comes to meet us i bring him here bcoz 1st right is her to meet him he is in your bedroom and priya just cant wait to meet him so thats why she runs to your bedroom in hurry )

Ram gives murderous looks to Shipra and runs ho him promise to himself that he ll kill this Ricky right here Right Now



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Posted: 2015-09-20T02:44:54Z
It was so cute 
Ram thought so extreme but ricky was a dog who Priya love very much 
thank u for the pm 
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Posted: 2015-09-20T02:46:27Z
Very cute update...
Ram in jealous mood...
Thanks 4 the pm...
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Posted: 2015-09-20T03:35:27Z
Very hilarious...
Funny OS...
Please do write more..
Thanks for PMTongueSmile
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Posted: 2015-09-20T03:44:50Z
ha ha ha ha.
too gud yaar aman. so Ricky is a dog.
ram kuch caur hi soch raha tha.
thanks for pm. do write more. plz update ur other stories also.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-09-20T03:48:51Z
Nice one ... I guessed it partially right :D (What If that must be really a man... Lol) Thanks for english translations Edited by priyanka_rk - 2015-09-20T03:47:51Z
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Posted: 2015-09-20T08:33:53Z
Lovely OS aman!!
Do write more!!!
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Posted: 2015-09-20T08:54:41Z
So cute os
Loved it
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