TaaRey OS : Punishment

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Warning : Mature Content.

Cursing her professor, she stepped out of the classroom along with her bestie, Ashi. 

"That Arrogant man, How dare he gave me detention when there was no fault of mine." Ashi laughed hearing her best friend's rant.

"Chill, babes! You should be happy that you will get to spend an hour with that hottie." Ashi nudge her. Taani narrowed her eyes at her, It has been quite a time he had joined their college as substitute professor and still no body in college knows that she is their sinfully hot professor and trusty's wife.

"You are one lucky bitch, I'm so jealous of you right now." Ashi told her, Taani shook her head, whole female population of her college is going gaga over him. But he is hers only. Taani thought with pride.

Taani waved at her as ashi went away to her next class while she walked across the corridor, into his classroom. Opening the door she entered inside, her gaze fall over him, who was smirking at her. Taani narrowed her eyes at him, wanting to wipe that smirk off his face.

"Lock the door, and come here." Rey commanded her, his tone dominating and husky deep, sending shiver down her spine. She did as she was told to, then walked toward the desk. Rey signaled her to sit on his lap. Taani sighed and sat on his lap while he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Now, care to explain why you gave me detention?" Taani asked him with fierceness in her voice, he placed his hand on her bare thighs.

"For saying yes to John for prom night." Rey whispered in her ear, his tone was dangerously low. She knew what is coming in her way.

"Rey, John is my friend and Only couple entries are allow in party so i had to say to yes to him."  Taani told him softly, knowing her husband's possessive nature she knew he is angry with her for saying yes to john to go on prom night with him.

"I don't give a f**k if he is your friend or not. You are mine" Rey spat harshly while rubbing his hand down her thighs. She shivered under his heated gaze, his touch was dominating yet passionate.

"Rey, don't you trust me?"

"Offcourse, baby, I trust you but not any male around you." Rey said to her, gazing down at her innocent face.

"John is gay, Rey. The one who should be jealous is me not you, because he likes you and wants to do all kind of dirty deeds with you." Taani shouted dramatically. Rey gave her an amused look. Suddenly, he felt all the anger leaving him when he heard her. A smile formed up on his face.

"Why didn't you told me this before? Do you have any idea how hurt i was when i got to know you are going with that guy to the prom?" Rey questioned her. Taani glared at him, mocking the anger.

"I would have if you would have asked me nicely instead of giving me detention." Taani replied to him. 

"Sorry for that but since now you are here, you can utilize the time and do some better things.." Rey said to her suggestively, running his hand on her thigh seductive, giving her hint of what he wants.

"You are not getting any, mister, since you didn't behaved nicely with me. This your punishment, Mr. Professor." Taani said to him in stern tone, telling herself to resist him. She pushed him away when he tried kissing her. Taani tried getting off his lap but he pulled her back and tighten his grip around her.

"Should i show you what real punishments are like?" Rey whispered in her ear, his teethes grazing her ear lobe earned a moan from her. She could feel his hard on poking her down there. Hey belly felt funny with sensation running through her body. How much she try controlling herself but everytime she lose herself in his enchanting touch.

He grabbed back of her head and smacked his lips against her, pulling her into sloppy, wild-aggressive kiss. She fisted his hair for support as she responded back to his kiss, his hands were busy massaging her inner thighs causing her to melt his arms and give into his passion completely. He slide his fingers inside her panties, touching her femininity. She gasped and tried breaking the kiss but he didn't let her. He kissed her with more aggression as he continue pleasuring her down there with his fingers. 

Rey broke the kiss leaving her breathless, taani rested her head on his shoulder. She could feel herself coming undone as his fingers thrusting in & out, pleasured her. But before she could he pulled his hand away, shocking her. She stare at him with wide eyes as he passed her a cunning smirk. He licked his fingers, tasting her. It aroused her more, she was in need of him.

"Now, this is something i call real punishment, love." Rey smirked at her, increasing her frustration more. She was about to reach her climax when he pulled himself away leaving her sexually frustrated.

"Okay! I'll do it myself." Taani replied confidently but only she knew she would never be able to do something like that in front of him.

"Oh! You can't touch yourself, love." Rey said to her, he held her hand and intertwined her fingers with her. Where as her frustration level was going on another level. 

"Rey, Please. It's so frustrating, don't do this to me, baby." Taani pouted cutely at him, knowing this would melt him if not anything else.

"Alright, I'll let you cum but promise me you will never stop me from loving my beautiful wife." Rey smirked at her while she nodded, wanting this uneasy feel to go away which she had got because of her husband's so called punishment.

"I promise, rey, I'll never stop you." Rey smiled at her, he pushed her on the desk and got up while unbuckling his pants. Her back touched the desk as she laid there, ready for her husband to take her to the another world of bliss.

Rey smirked as he quickly undressed her then himself. Leaning forward he pulled her into a passionate kiss and a quickie followed by..


Random one-shot. 

Do leave your feedback :)

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Posted: 2015-09-19T22:45:56Z
Res.   Tongue
I read ur warning.. !!!

I'm still small to read such stuff..so I had to skip the middle para.. LOL
the screen is burning LOL
Amzing di.. !!!!
The possession
And the way he teases her.. Embarrassed
Keep writing such stuff..
And yeah I'm first Dancing !! :DEdited by ndcdance - 2015-09-19T23:31:22Z
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:01:20Z
omg!!!!!too hawtt to handle, very breathtaking,
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:10:06Z
awesome one shot
passionate one loved it
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:23:43Z
 What a Hot Punishment ?
   Your warning is scary ...
      Mind Blowing OS
      Thanks for the PM
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:27:25Z
That was damn hot :)
Too passionate :)
Awesome OS :)
Loved it :)
Thanks for the PM :)
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:30:37Z
Such a hot update
Their teacher student relationship is so cool
Loved rey's dominating and possessive nature
Such an awesome puinishment
It was a wonderful one shot
Keep writing such erotic nd great one shots
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:33:27Z
Aage ka to likho. ..
Beech me rokh q diya 
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