FF: Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara (Part 33 Updated On Page 102. 14/03/2016)

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This is a very unique concept that has been running in my mind for a long time.

Ram and Priya were colleagues once, and slowly the two became extremely good friends, and were very very close.

Ram had to go to the US for 6 years, losing contact with Priya and keeping minimal contact with his family as well.

In these 6 years, thousands of things have changed. Ram comes back to Mumbai after 6 years, and realizes that every single thing from 6 years ago had changed.

Eventually as the story goes by, everyone will figure out everything

The first chapter will be posted shortly! Hope you guys like it and please comment :)


P.S. I'm really sorry but I won't be able to send PMs since I am updating through my phone. The title will be updated with the part number and date to help you out.


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PART~33: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4471975&TPN=102&#p132137342Edited by SanjanaS. - 2016-03-13T23:42:58Z
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Posted: 2015-09-19T21:31:13Z
Nice concept...
Pls continue soon...
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Posted: 2015-09-19T22:26:53Z
Interesting concept..
Waiting for update...
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Posted: 2015-09-19T22:42:16Z
Nice concept.
Waiting for 1st part.

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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:15:56Z
Nice start
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:24:01Z
Interesting concept
Waiting for update
Plz update soon
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Posted: 2015-09-19T23:28:37Z

So here goes the first part :) Hope all of you like it, and please do leave comments since that always always always helps me be a better writer! Would absolutely love to read your suggestions and feedback so this can be a better story :) Sorry for any grammatical mistakes!

In Sharma House:

Everyday was the same in Sharma House for a long time. There was hardly any conversation, or any discussion, events, activities, nothing in this house. Many people called it the lifeless house.

Today...was different. Today brought out hope, joy, positivity. And there could only be one reason why..

'Arre aa raha hoon'. Sudhir irritatedly muttered to himself, the doorbell constantly ringing again and again.

He opened the door, ready to lecture the milkman, only to find Ram in front of him.

'Ram!' Sudhir gasped in shock.

'Hello uncle'. Ram grinned broadly. 'Andar toh aane dijiye!'

'Oh my god! I can't believe this! Ram!' Sudhir opened the gate and hugged Ram.

After a while:

Sudhir calmed down a bit. Ram felt happy that he was still as loved as he was six years ago. The two men sat down on the couch, each eagerly listening to everything that happened in these six years.

'Itne saalon ke baad aaye ho tum! Kya kar kya rahe the tum? Aur ek phone call bhi nahi, no email, no message, kuch bhi nahi? Wahan jaakar sab ko bhul gaye kya?' Sudhir blasted at Ram with questions.

'Arre wapas aa gaya mein uncle, ab fikar karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Aur aap sabko kaise bhul saktha hoon mein, what nonsense? Aur ab mein kahin nahi jaaunga, yahin Mumbai mein rahunga, aap sabke saath'. Ram assured him.

'Yeh toh tumne bohot bura kiya Ram. Inn che saalon mein sab kuch khaali khaali sa lag raha hai tumhare beghair'. Sudhir sighed.

'Haan woh toh dikh raha hai'. Ram scanned the house quickly. 'Sab log hain kahan? Aunty, Ayesha, aur sabse important, Priya? Arre seedhe airport se ghar gaya mein, aur phir aadhe ghante ke baad yahan aa gaya mein sirf aur sirf Priya se milne ke liye'.

'Accha? Ab mein samjha. Sirf Priya se milne aaye ho? Uncle ko nahi?' Sudhir teased.

'Arre kaise baatein kar rahe hain aap?' Ram blushed. 'Waise kahan hai Priya?'

'Priya toh market chali gayi beta'. Sudhir replied.

'Accha? Waapas kab aayegi?' Ram asked, clearly disappointed.

'Der lagega beta. Ghar mein koi sabziyan nahi hai, toh usse jaana hi pada'.

'Chalo koi baat nahi, ab se toh mein yahin rehnewaala. Bohot wakt milega usse milne ke liye. Mein kal waapas aaunga phir se, Priya se milne. Kuch boliye mat usse, I want it to be a surprise for her'. Ram smiled, excitedly.

'Haan haan, kuch bhi nahi bolunga'. Sudhir promised.

'Waise baaki sab log kahan hai?' Ram asked.

'Kartik aur Natasha Pune mein hi rehte hain, yeh toh tumhe pata hoga. Ayesha aur aunty dono shopping ke liye gaye hue hain aur Priya market gayi hai'. Sudhir said.

'Galat wakt pe aa gaya. Lekin koi baat nahi, aapse toh mil paaya mein'. Ram grinned.

'Chalo Ram, tum ghar jaao beta. Tumhe aaram ki zaroorat hai. Iss wakt tumhe jet lag ki effect lagi hui hogi, toh tum ghar jaao. So jaao thodi der ke liye, aur phir kal aana Priya se milne ke liye'.

'Theek hai uncle. Aap Priya se kuch bhi mat kahiyega'. Ram requested.

'Arre nahi bolunga, relax'. Sudhir chuckled.

'Okay uncle mein chalta hoon'. Ram did his goodbyes and headed out.

In Kapoor Mansion:

'Mil li tune Priya se?' Krishna asked, as Ram stepped inside the house, seeming like she was waiting for him.

'Nahi maa woh Priya market gayi thi toh mil nahi paaya. Actually uncle se hi mulaakat hui meri. Ayesha aur aunty shopping karne gaye and obviously Nutz Kartik toh Pune mein hai'. Ram sighed in disappointment.

'Yeh...yeh Sudhir ne bataaya tujhe? Ki Priya market gayi hai aur...aur Shipra aur Ayesha shopping karne gaye hain?' Krishna cautiously asked.

'Haan..kyun?' Ram asked, confused. 'Aap aise kyun pooch rahe ho?'

'Nahi bas aise hi mein pooch rahi thi'. Krishna replied.

'Maa aap aise ghabraayi hui kyun lag rahi hain? Kuch bolna hai aapko?' Ram asked.

'Nahi beta, aisa kuch nahi hai. Arre mein toh sirf pooch rahi thi, out of curiousity. Tu jaa, jaakar aaram kar le thodi der ke liye. Mein yahan ki kaam kar leti hoon'. Krishna gave him a reassuring smile.

In Sharma House:

Sudhir knocked before he entered her bedroom. He heard a muttered 'come in', and opened the door. He found her sitting on the bed, hugging her knees, and it seemed like she was crying.

'Beta, aaj Ram aaya tha'. Sudhir sat beside her.

'Kaun Ram?' Priya muttered, not even looking at Sudhir.

'Tujhe yaad nahi hai beta? Tera sabse accha dost, che saalon pehle? US gaya tha na, ab waapas aa gaya hai'. Sudhir explained.

Priya didn't respond, she still didn't even glance at Sudhir. But he knew that she was listening to every word he uttered, and he very well knew that she was aware of which Ram he was talking to her about.

'Aaj woh tere baare mein pooch raha tha'. Sudhir continued. 'Mujhe jhut bolna pada ki tu market gayi hai, kyunki...kyunki mujhe pata nahi tha ki tu usse milna chaahegi ki nahi uss wakt. Woh kal phir se aa raha hai tujhse milne ke liye, tu milegi na kal usse?'

'Nahi'. Priya muttered.

'Priya, beta aisa nahi karte. Tu Ram pe bharosa kar sakthi hai, woh tera madad karega. Beta, tujhe iss wakt ek dost ki zaroorat hai. Ram tera sabse accha dost tha aur wahi rahega. Ek baar baat toh karke dekh na beta'. Sudhir suggested.

'Meine kaha na papa ek baar, mujhe kissi se nahi milna'. Priya firmly repeated.

'Woh kal aa raha hai Priya, tujhse milne ke liye. Kal mein ek aur jhut nahi bol saktha, tu samajhti kyun nahi? Agar kal tu usse milne nahi aayi baahar toh mujhe usse sab kuch saaf-saaf bataana hi hoga. Seedhe airport se yahan aa gaya woh, uske apne hi ghar mein, apne hi parivaar waalon ke saath theek se baat nahi ki iss khushi mein ki woh finally tujhse mil saktha hai'.

'Aap unse kuch nahi bolenge'. Priya quietly ordered.

'Agar tu baahar nahi aayi apne kamre se Ram se milne ke liye, toh mujhe sab kuch saaf-saaf bataana hi padega Ram ko. Baaki teri marzi beta'.

With that, Sudhir left Priya's bedroom, closing the door behind him, leaving her to choose the right decision.
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Posted: 2015-09-20T00:24:49Z
Lovely update...
Waiting for the next...
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