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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

A quiet Sunday it appears nothing ballistic being ton thread bare...As await the update:)

Nisha has to come to create the Hulchal...
Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats and thank Nisha !!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jasminechick

Congrats and thank Nisha !!!

Hi Jasmine...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Originally posted by jasminechick

Congrats and thank Nisha !!!

Hi Jasmine...

Hello dear. How was weekend ? Back to office tomorrow ?
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jasminechick

Originally posted by putti77

Originally posted by jasminechick

Congrats and thank Nisha !!!

Hi Jasmine...

Hello dear. How was weekend ? Back to office tomorrow ?

Weekend was good.. Rested well. Yep ready for office tomorrow...
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha hey!
Where are you woke up to check if there's a post. Waiting for teej and the rest as always Day Dreaming
Hello people Hug
Posted: 6 years ago
Teej ki teen khushiyan

Sam's house was decked up as if for a wedding, marigold flowers, yellow roses and sun flowers every where. Cars lined up the street almost to the end of the block

II walked hesitantly, recalling moments from Sam's baby shower, her own sangeet
Sam liked to throw parties, grand parties. That reeked of class and show.
Featured many times on HT's Page 3 supplement
Writers, artists and intellectuals stood side by side with celebrities

"I dont know if I will be able to change" she mumbled
He held her bags

"She has more than one room I think" he muttered

"We should have skipped the shopping" II was extremely nervous

"Nervous warrior? Doesnt even sound right" he teased

"I dont belong to, I have never been to too many of these... I havent ever been I should say" she mumbled

He held her hand dragging her to the top off the sidewalk

The gates were wide open, guards checked the credentials of the people walking in the drive way was packed with many cars

The oldest guard smiled at them "Kahin aur lagayi Sir gaadi?" he asked apologetically

He smiled disarmingly.

"Jab aap jaaogey, paas le aayenge" he promised

Her pregnancy news now publoc at Batras

"We didnt bring them anything" she paused outside the gate

"Really?" he was frustrated

"Her in laws are here, kya sochenge"
"I dont think they care" he said firmly

"Amma said we cant go empty handed on festival days"

"well an apology works well" he reminded pulling her

A group almost shoved them aside in a frenzy to get in

An oldish man paused an nodded at R&B,  the group rushed him, II realized he was here by himself

"R&B?" "I havent seen you in years"

R&B smiled extending a hand

"How are u Sir?" he enquired politely

"Oh! just great... heard u are married Iyer girl?" he chuckled

R&B nodded
The oldish guy looked at II

"U must be that Iyer girl" he smiled

"I am told" II smiled

"Oooh! shes pretty" he said scanning her face

"Not really" II mumbled

"Are u a singer?" he asked

"No... no... I am not"

"Shes a Public Accountant that sings sometimes" R&B informed

"Well hes done a good job of keeping u hidden, before and after marriage, I am Anil Nehwal" the man extended a hand

"Hi! Mr Gupta"

"Arey Uncle keh puttar" he reminded  "I was one of the first ones to go see him after he was born, so I have known Bhallas for 40 years" the man spoke proudly

"Was he a quiet baby?" II asked

"Baby yes toddler no, teenager, hell no!!" The man laughed hysterically

II looked at R&B

"I knew it!!! u cant run away from the past... I cant run away from ur past either... oh God!!! why does it hurt so much"

"that bad huh?" II smiled

"U got it puttar!!" he smiled

He had no idea about II's background... he assumed she was "one of them"

sam was talking not to far from them, to a couple, her front lawn was decked up in flowers and pale yellow canopies and young women and girls swayed in swings
Punjabi Teej songs played in the sound system

II knew exactly where she stood in the lawn when she came in for Sam's baby shower

"Badi jaldi aa gaye dono" Sam shrieked

walking towards then  "Nehwal Uncle pehle hi late hai dono" she scolded

"Well u can blame an hour of it on me" he spoke kindly, Tan waved to him from a crowd Mr Nehwal wandered

Sam hugged II tight and hard  "kaisi ho?"
II nodded
"so many people" she whispered

"OMG!!! II BEING SHY?" Sam looked at her face

"I am allowed to be whatever I please... woman power" II argued

Sam laughed "Naya definition?" she looked at R&B

"Kya laya mere liye" Sam grabbed the designer bags from her bro's hand

"Sarees" II said firmly

"OMG!!! OMG!!!" Sam was gushing peeking into the bags

"For her actually... u get nothing" R&B spoke firmly

"No no... we didnt bring anything... u must keep those" II argued feebly

"I KNEW it u dumbo" Sam hugged her  "isne mujhe kaha Emporio mein hai... why will I assume they are for me?"

Tan walked over  "Pregnant kya ho gaye dono, na behen yaad hai na jeeja... Saale" he back slapped R&B

He hugged his jeeja

Tan hugged II "Kaun sa jhoola favorite hai... dono baitho main koi romantic gaana lagaata hoon"


"NO NO I WONT... I want to be seen as a non singer" Ii was irritated

"I will see u as one... but AFTER u sing" Tan said devilishly

"I dont even know any body!!!"

"For that u have to go IN and mingle. Jao... change karo aur kuch khao... pehle"

Sofia brought Lasya

She was dressed in a yellow mirror work Jaipuri ghaghra choli with strings criss crossing her creamy fat back

Her belly spilled over over the lehanga
Her hair tied in a high pony with sparkling gold pins holding up a lil curls

she gave R&B a huge smile

He had to barely look at her, she flew from Sofia's arms to his

"Her dress is shooo cute" II wailed

"U like it? Meri MIL laayi I thought it was too blingy.. I told her and she is not talking to me for two days now" Sam mumbled

Tan and R&B talked about some guy's company

"I think she looks adorable in anything" II said enviously

"Tumhe beti chahiye ya tum uski tarah 9 months ki hona chahti ho? Sam giggled

"I want a boy" II said firmly

"ISKO Ladki chahiye... he wont stop until he gets one"

"Gee thanks!!! But I think I will get my tubes tied after the first"

"Tan wants me to get mine untied" Sam whispered

"U shud, and then u can have 3rd 4th and 5th" II smiled

Sam smacked her  "CHALO kuch khao"
She dragged her into the house, unwillingly

Women turned to look at who Sam was dragging

II had been catapulted from driving past such homes in Shanti Niketan to being dragged by the lady of the house into it

"Uve done so much. Kitna time laga"

"i will say to that "call the event planner" Sam said smugly  "i will know the hours when we get the bill after tear down"

"Oh! wow!!! " II said in shock

"I told Tan I am going all out... ghar par khushi ka mauka hai.. so many good things"

"what else?"

"Else? U know my brother is having a baby?" Sam winked

"I heard" II blushed

"Tan signed another big name client for BPO" she said vaguely "Wonder what that means, I am thinking a bigger call center and mor work"


"AND the biggest is Dad made a deal with the union" she whispered

"Its not public yet... R&B was there are Spectrum to sign portions of clause from the time he was a Director" Sam continued

"OH???!!!!" II turned stunned to try and locate her husband in the front lawn

Posted: 6 years ago
Bhagwan jab dete hain... chhappar phaadke dete hain... when it rains, it pours. And II is seen as the harbinger of this rain in the Bhalla and Batra house. Tongue

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