SS 52 Gain & Loss--A Menopausal Sosy - Page 142

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Posted: 6 years ago
Nayantara & NathellaWink

He forced her to sleep even though she was WIDE awake after singing make three mistakes on the last song
She was toast if Amma had listened

Phew!!! Amma would never know  (ya right!!)

She watched Nayan's latest Tamil movie online, tried to tempt Ranjan to watch it with her, he told her off

"Strike khatm hoya puttar main tey ab jara araam karanga" he told her

"How come you watch movies when Sam asks you to" she argued
Ranjan looked at R&B

He had a "Dont look at ME. have I said a word since we began eating"

"Gal sun beta" Ranjan began

"He has to work, I am supposed to be pregnant and sick, there is nobody in this house that will watch a movie with me" she mumbled mock sadly

"Drama queen!!!" R&B thought...ROFL

"He probably thinks I am a drama queen" II nailed her husband

R&B looked at Ranjan... "How does she do that? Mind reading stuff?"

"Jo marjee sochan de, gudiya... tu dekh leen movie" he blew air kisses

"Theater mein dekhegi, pop corn ban waoon?'

"No I will watch on my couch" she said smugly

"D II se couch laayi?" Ranjan demanded

II blushed

"Woh kya hai... mainnu aadat nahi na hui abhi, tere mooh aisi gallan?" Ranjan teased

"Boy!! U are good at this!!" "i need some lessons from u old man!!" R&B looked at his creator in awe

"I sit on it all the time" she mumbled, pushing strawberries round and round on her fruit custard "He doesnt... umm.. not any more"




"Couch mein kyon nahi baithta tu?" Ranjan asked

"I do" he arched eyebrow

"Tera hoya aaj se woh couch, pasand nahi to mainnu das, nava couch vi aa jaayega" he smiled

"will u watch the movie with me?" SHE WENT RIGHT BACK TO HER TOPIC

R&B had a "I TOLD YA" look on his face  "She will listen to every goddamn explanation and then start crying again "why do u have to go to Paris"  "Why did u say that thing?"
"why didnt u pick me up"  "U dont care"

Ranjan started to laugh... "Tujhe kisi baat se hataana" "TAUBA" he held his ear lobes

She walked up to the couch and sat down, Ranjan wandered as she made herself comfy, wrapping herself in dude's navy and silver striped plush throws

"Dad, sit no" she begged

"Aingaran Video" (Ganpati's Tamil name) the image said

Ranjan yawned audibly

Patted her head  "Dekh beta dekh" he blew an air kiss and went down

He was half asleep, didnt care to deal with trying to learn a new language, he loved his gudiya, but didnt care to learn Tamil

She watched until 2... R&B turned it off when it was almost doneEmbarrassed, he found her asleepBig smile

He picked her up and went to bed

She went to work at 7, she was up at 6... she had slept so much on Thursday evening and night

She didnt throw her idli up, but threw up her morning coffee, well it was "morning" sickness

He texted her at 3 "Appt at 5:30"

"Am I getting that massage, like Akka?" she asked enviously

He sent a half smile "Dr Gupta" he said

"I feel fine" she texted

"Great" he responded

"we dont need weekly"

"She thinks we do" he said firmly

She drove to the clinic at 5:40, he drove up right behind her  "We charge a late fee u know dont u?" the front office girl winked

"Happy to contribute" he said like he "cared" for a fine.

"I am kidding" the girl smiled apologetically

He nodded, conciliatorily

Dr Gupta came in within two minutes of her changing into the "pretty purple designer" gown

She had gone to Akka's appointments and waited atleast an hour on some, with a dozen other pregnant women outside the shut office of the doctor
Waiting for their turn... II sighed turning sideways trying to kill those thoughts, the pillow was plush and she was tired, she was even getting a sull head ache

She didnt have to cook or clean or go to Rama store

She had spoken with Akka today, Vaishnavi instead of returning Sunday was only returning the following Wed on Sep 23rd
Akka was frustrated

"She can come stay in my house" II offered

"No... her mother will think I chased her out"

"But what is her opinion if she doesnt help out at home? Paati hit her knee on the washbasin, what if it had been shoulder or head?" Ii asked angrily

"Ask Bala that" Akka hissed  "I called the twit and told her "Amma taaye moonu naal anda aathla irukra varaikum DONT USE THE SHAMPOO" (Until u are at Munirka)

"But Mannneee (bhabhi in Iyers) I have dry scalp the docs want me to use that" whine pannina" Akka narrated

"Hmm" nodded II gritting her teeth

"I told her, I will write a special note to ur doctor, as long as u live in Munirka u cant use it. Bala doesnt know" Akka whispered

"Yayyy may be the shampoo will make or break the deal" II laughed hysterically

"Kozhuppa dee onakku?" (quit messing with me)

"I am sorry ka" Ii said  "Will u send Shravu and baldie home tonite?" II slid her application under the door crack "Those slim tubular cheeks CHOOO CHWEET"

"Podi... how will I nurse him?" Akka demanded

"Pump and give me no?" II offered

"Edu seruppa... (lagaoon ek?) how can I pump 15 bottles di? He doesnt even take a bottle" Akka spoke proudly

"How many months do u plan to nurse?" II asked

"9 months... enga mudiyum when I go there, I quit eating right... and then it all dries up in the 4th or 5th month" Akka sighed

"WHY KA" II shouted

" When I would occasionally  stop over on a Friday when Shravu was 5 months old
from college Amma (biological mother) would give me, a nice tiffin, mango shake, a banana, and then at 5 something else, and then at
8 a nice dinner and then horlicks" Akka sighed
"the next couple days Shravu would be overjoyed" Akka choked up  "Tiruppi Sunday night aathukku pona, bas " (go back to Munirka on sunday night, bas)

"stay in Munirka until baldie is 9 months no ka?" II begged

"Paavam di Bala" Akka sighed  "Onna R&B inga 9 months allow pannuvana?' (will he let u stay?)

"PROBABLY" II lied smugly

"Amma said when she went over yesterday and gently raised the topic, he smiled and changed it. I suspect u are going right back to MM from the boutique hospital" Akka smirked

"thats what HE thinks" II sharpened her claws

"Enna bet katre?"  (Lagaati shart?) Akka challenged

II nodded "A new purse and a suit?"

"PODI... I want a beautiful Tanishq pendant I saw on Nathella ad in Sun and then in Kumudam" Akka sighed

"Send me a picture no" II begged

"Iru di... " Akka walked to D II living room found the ad, and sent II the picture

"Diamond mela di" Akka mimicked the incorrect sound of "mela" with the deep "LL" sound

"Wow" II gasped...  "Its lovely"

"It has two sparkling diamond studded roses my two angels" Akka said smugly

"DONE... I am going to D II with my baby" II said smugly "so I dont care it costs  so much coz YOU WILL BE PAYING" "I WILL WEAR IT IN D II"

"Podi!!" Akka hung up dismissively

"Everything looks great!! Dr Gupta cheered

"How do u feel?"

"I didnt throw up 4 meals in the last 4 days" Ii said

She chuckled...  "Umm any discomfort during intercourse?"

"If I say yes, does that mean we shouldnt?" II lied


R&B chuckled

"Depends" said Dr Gupta silkily  "Are u?... experiencing discomfort I mean?" she stressed

II looked at R&B...  "I dare u to lie" his eyes told her

"Umm no" she whispered

"Then we dont have to worry about it then" Evil Smilethe Doc prepped her for ultrasound

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Good morning and good evening All,
NeelAsma, hope you get a clean atmosphere without any pollution soon.
SVM, loved each word of this one. She will miss Dude and throw a tantrum so that he returns. Just hope she doesn't stops talking to him.
Maa would definitely ensure Ii's well being like no other.
Hindi mein ek kahavaat hai "asal se pyara sut hotta hai."
Each part when Nisha writes I feel this will be most cherished part. And I end up reading randomly all parts again and again.
Thank you for SoSy Nisha.

Smile thanks Pritee every time I tear up or cough getting ready to curse I try to think of people who actually live through this destruction. All this hullabaloo  here is for a PSi ( pollutant standard  Index)of 350 and (indonesia) in the islands where it is happening the PSI is pushing to 2000. cant wait for the rains!Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
II reacted mature enough this time coz deep down she knows that he won't be gone long this time, even though he is gone a part of him would be right here, coz once he said I want to see you pregnant II , of course he doesn't want to miss period for anything in the world but then he has work commitments... And this time he was apologetic that he has to go, so deep down II is sure that he would be back sooner than later... If he wanted to see her pregnant by that definitely he meant to share each and evry waking moment with her, to notice every slightest of bulge in her belly and to go to each n every doc appointments and most importantly be right their with her...
Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha 
Akka is going to get the pendant for sure... 

Poor ii this was the first time she cld not completely the dare
Posted: 6 years ago
Awww cute update.
SIsters chatting. Love that chat Nisha

RnB is just about becoming dad and he's already appreciating our Old man's wisdom. Ranjan joins the official ' people I can BUG' list that II has in her head. I'm guessing DII folks are slowly falling behind that we know1-10 on the list is RnB Ranjan is a close12??

By some quirk of fate let's presume RnB lets her go to DII after the baby what will she do there...may be come back to MM saying ' he has calls' Embarrassed

Rock on lady!Star

Thanks for letting me know about your job!Smile

Posted: 6 years ago
First ek exclusive post for that admiration for his creator
Matlab for dude and dad.

Kya understanding hai bhaisab
Matkab akkon mein sari batein.
Nisha that's an awesome trick tight here...u have used on us.
U dint change the protocol of the mute man and make him speak more but at the same time you feed us hungry souls waiting to hear him speak through the expressions and eye  to eye.
Kutch tho asar huwa the talkeyive expressive drama queen ka on the dude
He spoke so much yet he Dint Clap
Review up next 
Posted: 6 years ago
Loved it Nisha ,, it is cute how she throw tantrums with Ranjan and he responds to them..
He is gr8 FIL!
I also think Alka is gonna win,,,
Well let's think if she goes to dII then how the whole Bhalla clan will accommodate there ...
Becoz as far as I can see Ranjan, Sam ,dude even Mahavir will there all the time Wink

II u can't lie to the doc ...
Nisha can we anoter one with ultrasound update... Please LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
I know R&B is possessive of her and it feels good to know that someone cares for you and wants you so much. Not because they're having a hard time at home taking care of parents and doing housework but just to see you sleeping on the bed. Still I feel he should let her go to her amma's house after delivery. He understands how much a mother's care and affection matters and should let his wife bask in that attention in her post partum state. Maybe malcha marg folks and staff will be able to take better care but nothing and nobody can replace your mother. Sam should also be in favour of that. Maybe we can have a flashback of lasya's birth when she missed her mother sorely. Also, rnb will be so happy at the birth of his daughter that he will give vandita two necklaces for vouching for him.   Edited by modernfamily - 6 years ago

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