SS 52 Gain & Loss--A Menopausal Sosy - Page 135

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Originally posted by blue5sky

Originally posted by Errantnomad

Noufi and to all our mates who are celebrating EId, Eid Moubarak.
Hv a great year ahead folks.
Good day and good evening all.

Love your birds ER they look so bright and colourful!

Thanks Asma. Birds of a flock/ us mates ..of varying kinds and colours bright and beautiful , chirping away , taking shade under this SoSy tree. That's the symbolism for me and made me choose this for my DP. Happy you liked it.
Have a good evening. And wake up to a fresh morning minus the nagging headache.
that's a beautiful thought kalpana...the reason behind your DP Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning, greetings from Beautiful British Columbia. 
Posted: 6 years ago
BTW just had a crazy thought. Since Nisha has promised that SOSY will NEVERRR ENDWink, why not have RB and II and the Bhalla IYER, Batra clan at various times in the story travel all the places us fans live in. 
Had this thought when I just sent my greetingS over from Vancouver. And since RB's is so big on the outdoors the whistler mountains would be perfect for him to bring the kids to. They are a dream for every skier and our very own mountains held the Winter Olympics not too long ago! Wow Bc's tourism ministry will be super pleased with this sales pitch! Ha ha ha.

But for now I guess we are all waiting for them to go to chennai. Since the duDe is  getting used to South Indian customs and rituals with veshti, vada etc,   he might as well be fully immersed int he culture. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Being told what to do

He literally had to shake her around 10 so she could eat dinner
"I am not really hungry"  "I ate sooo much" she whispered, lying

"I shouldnt eat so much, you dont want a fat baby no?" she nodded peering through half shut eyes

He was foggy, in her vision but he chuckled  "I dont think thats going to be a problem"

"Akka ate so much when she was pregnant, Amma wouldnt feed her on the dining table she will say
 "nazar lag jaayegi" "She would feed her in Periappa's room, criss cross on the floor. When Akka came over for having Shravu, it was the best time of my life"

She sighed, curling up laying back down  "Every evening I would return home from my CPA clsses to check if
lights were on, I would pray the lights should be out and Akka should be in the hospital"  "But dino I was disappointed, and then SHE WOKE ME ONE NIGHT, "dee ezhundukko" (wake up II)

I shouted and woke Amma and Appa, and told Periappa, the nurse almost attacked me because I was so loud"

She shut her eyes

"So ya... I am not hungry" with her monolog over she started to snooze

"Nice story, but u need to eat" he whispered, rubbing his chin on her cheek

"Its not a story. How much will u charge for leaving me alone?" she asked seriously

"Umm.. now? or all the time?" he asked

"ALL THE TIME DA" she was irritated

"Umm... that depends on, if u are wanting alone time for naps or alone time avoiding sex" he said thoughtfully

"I dont want anything... I just want... this half... or 2/3rd of the bed... and the whole blanket and to be left alone" she repeated

"We could do a nightly plan or weekly... or trimester plans" he responded

"U are a dog... its like asking the fox to guard the goats" she cried

He gently climbed over her not resting his lower body on hers

"Animals much?" he asked hugging her

"Toongave maateya?" she asked lovingly, cupping his face and kissing his forehead (dont u ever sleep?)

He lay down on her chest and sighed...

"Have u eaten?" she asked

"Nope" he said

"Whats for dinner?" she asked

"Not sure... vegetarian probably" he mumbled

It was Ganesh Chaturthi, it cant be lamb biryani

"U rarely eat vegetarian?" she asked somberly

He wanted to say "never eat"

"U should eat what u want" she acquiesced

He raised himself up  " I dont mind vegetarian" he said

"I dont want u to give up everything you love" she noticed how he watched her lips form the word "love"

"Some things... I must?" "give up I mean?" he asked carefully

UMM... NO!!!

He slid a lil to the side so he wont stress her lower belly.

"When I drove an hour and half to come check on you because ur guard told me in the elevator u were sick"  "u said I could have called" she was still hurt by that

He half smiled leaning

"And hour and a half" she whispered, waving her index finger

"I made up to u if I recall" he whispered, his right hand straying between her legs

"Only after I pitched a fight" she groaned, parting, turning towards him, snuggling

"And u came to pick Shravu up when it rained one Sunday afternoon remember?" he asked

"I dont think so" she lied, he pressed down hard smothering the lie in?

"On the first floor lounge day bed" he whispered "Ur bra didnt match I think" he said firmly

"rakshasaney!!" she was offended, kiccking and pummeling him "U remember when I dont follow fashion?"

"II" he whispered

"enna" she hissed on his chest

"I have to head back out" he said softly

The tears were ready, the sadness was around the corner, came rushing in
She didnt respond for the longest time

"will u be here for the birth of the baby?" she asked mercilessly

"Dont" he ordered

"Bata do mujhe... I will go to D II" " I dont want boutique doctors" she said bitterly

"Speaking of which we have an appointment tomorrow" he gently caressed her lower belly

"I hope he blackmails you into wrapping up and returning to India" she whispered

"I suspect its a she" he whispered... all knowingly  "A brat like u" "But a she"

"Nope, a guy... and an angel like me" she whispered , moaning longingly.

"Go with me" he urged

"How can I.. I have a job" she asked

"If u didnt would you?" he asked

"If I didnt would I have even met u?" she asked him

They looked into each others' eyes
They both realized what a utter complete impossibility that would have been
They did not have one common hobby or friend
"If I hiked the Carpathian" she whispered

"Or if I showed up at one of ur Pongal concerts"

"speaking of which Amma said u must practice today" he ordered

"Its too late to sing hymns now" she groaned

"No its not, lets grab something to eat... first"

"i havent even gone to my paattu class in three years" she protested as he slid off the bed, stood and pulled her hand

"Well we need to fix that too" he said

She grabbed a sheet for "modest" Pfftt!!
Took for ever to find a pink Old Navy track pant and a tee and a hoodie SHE WAS COLD
She wore the exact combination she wore to his house that Sunday afternoon, she "didnt recall" even going

When she was dressed he arched his eyebrow

"I am not wearing this because u think I wore it that day" she hissed

He shook his head



"When are u going?" she went on the offensive

"I dont have tickets yet" he was apologetic

She sulked

They walked down the stairs fighting
"I dont force you to go on a trek, or scuba diving" she demanded loudly.
"U shud" he muttered

"I am going to... I will not be told I need to attend paattu class, I will give it up when ever I please" she said smugly throwing a fit
"I am the boss of my class NOT YOU" she yelled

Ranjan was at the kitchen table

"Ab kis baat par lad rahi hai gudiya?" he asked

He loved her proprietorial fights

"I am telling him I dont want dinner, but no I must eat" "I am telling him I cant sing tonight, no Amma asked you two" she mimicked his husky voice

"I am telling him I dont want to go to paatu class, lets fix that" she was frustrated she sat down by Ranjan

"Kya khaana hai?" she asked

Sitaraman jee idli baater bheja kahin se, to woh hai puttar"

Her face broke into a happy smile

"IDLI?" she smiled

Mahavir served spongy discs...

"To gaayegi na, khaakar?"

II looked at Ranjan like  "I dont want to"

"Na beta na... aisa nahi kehte beta... tujhe to badi hokar singer ban na hai" he blew air kisses

She looked at Ranjan strangely

"I hate singing everyday" she cried

"I hear you... I hate answerinng voice mail too, Id rather be golfing" he chuckled

R&B ate three idlis quietly, they had already drowned in a bowl of sambar...

She sang three kritis after dinner... R&B recorded them and shared the files with Amma

Posted: 6 years ago
I always thought dude gonna lock ii in a room.

But now I doubt ii gonna do this in few days.

Reality coming now.
Dude can't be in India for ever.
So either they have to miss other or one to compromise.

Dude sent record to amma so cute.

Posted: 6 years ago
Imagining II mimicking R&b LOL
II throwing a fit is so cuteee Smile
He wants a girl like her Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Aina91

Imagining II mimicking R&b LOL
II throwing a fit is so cuteee Smile
He wants a girl like her Embarrassed
Number is three

He want girls like her.
Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha I just loved the way he shared the files with amma... 

But I am feeling really bad tat the dude has to go back giving appa a chance to him again... 

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