SS 52 Gain & Loss--A Menopausal Sosy - Page 131

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by shidin0117

Good Morning, Good Evening,
Putti enjoy the long weekend, but for us it will more work, plus making the kids sit and take out their books...

Sri...have a safe journey back home. 

Sonal...super cute next she will tie up your hands...LOL

Noufi... Eid MubarakHug

Nams...hello...what are ur plans for the long weekend...?Smile

no long weekend shilpa
Infact the shortest
shortest I had taken an off after ganeha so I could stay back at home last weekend I'm working this Saturday 
And we don't have a holiday for EID

Swathi oh he will remind her Wink how can he miss chances to hear her sing? But after the task at hand is accomplished.

And hey...dude worried about the beer because it was a festival...I'm sure he wouldn't bother if it was any other day
And kids always have a special corner for Mom's no. Wink

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by KjoinlovewithKP

ROFL   ROFL little one mane arishka rite. She is so cute Embarrassed

Ya Arishka !!
Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely to see more bonding between Amma and Dude...II's talkativeness brings a smile automatically to anyone I think...I am actually missing her notes...but anyways there are 3 persons in her head guess that is enough.
Ranjan envying Mrs cute at the time I feel bad for him. How much he wishes for all his loved ones to be around him. Feeling happy with lil tit bits of happiness, So he is all for Manny and Makarand's relationship. Ek aur chinta khatam ho jayega once his younger daughter settles down in her life. 

How will Dude stay if he has to go to Paris? He misses her so much if he is apart for a couple of hours, her chatter, her smile, her fights, tantrums. Dude Amma asked you to remind her to sing and you are busy making worried whether she saw the beer bottle...u want her happy and forgot to tell ur wife what her mother told. Priorities, prioritiesLOL 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Ya Arishka !!

Plz post her pictures whenever you feel like coz she is so cute her cheeks n her eyes Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago


Admiration for a multitasker caring middle aged amma

Deftly balancing between her inadequacies and the opulence of her daughter

A son seeing in her what he missed most inviting her to spend more time at his home

A mother finding in him a confidant listening to her travails

He scurried to his II with a song from his heart before relaying the message from her mother

A father pondering over the peace he experienced and concern regarding settling the unsettled one

A kitchen and home transformed for the day a restraint he wishes he exercised

A longing for her that overpowered his consciousness

A kitchen parceled to another replenished by another

A memory of home rekindled in her a warmth for the mother revived in him

Hopes of marriage, settling down to new routines and ties and interactions revived in a father

A musical evening with daughter and family hosted by his Gudiya and her dude

A blissful state for the patriarch.

Posted: 6 years ago
Even after six months or more it's "his" bed and not their bed
Posted: 6 years ago
He scurried to his II with a song
from his heart before relaying
the message from her mother"
"A kitchen parceled to another
replenished by another"
"A memory of home rekindled in
her a warmth for the mother
revived in him"
-nice lines sri!!!
Posted: 6 years ago

I posted a review yesterday. But it didn't get posted.

Loved Amma, Dude bonding. R&B's concern for Amma is symbolic of his love for Maa.

Knowingly / Unknowingly, he will see Maa in Mrs. Iyer. He otherwise is also very sensitive person. Unlike Appa, R&B knows Amma has accepted him wholeheartedly and is satisfied that II got R&B. Although Dude might shrug it off that Appa's taunts doesn't matter to him but down the line he won't be comfortable around Appa coz of his behavior.

 I hope R&B and Amma share the relationship as Ranjan and II shares.  Ranjan jatao's haq on II. I hope Amma does the same someday and does not hesitate to express herself to Dude.

Loved it Nisha. Absolutely. Thank you. 

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