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Posted: 6 years ago
Hello Vikas corrected are you?
heat of Chennai keeping indoors most of the time.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Hello Vikas corrected are you?
heat of Chennai keeping indoors most of the time.
yup always before a fan and with a cold water bottle.
How are you dee
Posted: 6 years ago
Hungry, Shameless & Greedy

He dropped Amma off right outside the building, unlike his "drop offs" during courtship... for II, which would be at the end pf the block

Amma insisted hego up and have coffee and meet baldie, he promised to stop by definitely "soon"
He was not too eager to meet Mr Iyer.

"You need to come hang with II" he said softly "she will be happy if there is one more person that can listen to her" his lips twitched

Amma burst out laughing... "She doesnt have enough people?"

R&B shook his head

Amma stopped and began to smile again

"She would wait for her Appa to come from office and tell him every word of her college day,
she would have already told Selvi, Anna (Periappa) and I, even before that she would have called Vandu from the DTC bus" Amma laughed uncontrollably

He smiled genuinely

"She has no reservations in talking to people, wake her up in the middle of the night and ask her about something,
 she will forget she has to sleep and will begin talking"

Amma wiped off laugh tears and sniffled

He looked at Amma intensely

"Do u worry the baby is going to be like her?" Amma asked startled, after sharing so much dirt

"I hope (the baby is)" he said sincerely

Amma nodded, grunted and nodded... "Hmm... well thank you very much" she smiled

He smiled, getting off, opening Amma's door as Amma hung her purse on her shoulder and, carried her lunch sack,  he opened the trunk and handed her the "to go" bag

"Maharaj? Mahavir he has packed so many things" Amma opened and looked into the neatly stacked glass containers

"I didnt make appam, u know... its the jaggery and rice flour dumplings, deep fried. I forgot to go to Rama Stores in Munirka, I only had jaggery for modak" Amma explained

He crossed his arms across his chest and listened

"Any way only family no? Janaki Akka (Appa's older sister) was going to visit from Janakpuri,
but she couldnt I already must have too much left overs now this!!!" she smiled

Amma didnt know Akka had packed away most of the stuff

He waved and watched Amma knock on the door, or began to and stopped and quickly sprinted down to the landing and waved to him, he paused
 "Will u please ask Ishita, II for u to sing a few Ganesh kritis in the evening after she lights the diya?
 Its important to sing on holy days, the prayers are sent directly" Amma said with a sincerity his atheist mind couldnt snark about

He nodded instead, and smiled

She walked up slowly this time...

 and Appa struggled with the grill door bolt,

Walking back to his seat behind the wheel, the engine roared, as he slid out...

Drove home around 7 ish... Ranjan was watching TV in the kitchen with a glass of what looked like orange juice.

"Oops!" he cursed himself, hed had a beer before Mrs Iyer's visit, upstairs
The bottle sat on his desk, he wondered if she saw it..

"where was she?" he wondered

He opened all the frigs, almost an entire wall of them custom made, one all glass doors holding just wine and beer

"Mahavir ne garam garam vadey banaye," Ranjan said looking at the TV

He wandered to the tall kitchen table and looked at em

There was an array of chutneys now

Iyers ate vada with a rice and sambar at lunch, he didnt care for it

Now Mahavir's version had curry leaves and red chillies, and three chutneys

He served himself some,  and muttered a "Thanks"

"soyi hai?' Ranjan used the gratitude to kick start a conversation

"I havent seen her" trying not to let the longing escape his throat  "Mrs Iyer was here" he said

"Unke ghar se kya aaya?" Ranjan asked shamelessly causing his estranged son to smile fully

"she took a bus from school she said... so I gave her a ride home" R&B explained

"achha?" Ranjan looked surprised  "Bus mein kyon aayin?" he sighed...

R&B didnt have an answer

"She is a very hard working lady" Ranjan let a twinge of envy escape his throat

R&B nodded...

"A baby,  brother in law, a job, writing a text book, both daughters in same town" Ranjan listed somberly

R&B began eating quietly

"Manya se baat hui?" he asked

R&B shook his head...

"Makarand Rao to Army mein hai pachaas clearance legi Govt of India, active duty military personnel se, before giving them a clearance to go overseas, kaise hoga?"
Ranjan expressed worry over his daughter's love life

"He trains (cadets) now, he might get deployed it looks like" R&B interjected

Ranjan looked up from his vada plate... anxious

"Aa rahi hai? (Manya?)" he asked his son

"Not that I know of" R&B said

Ranjan wanted to ask "Are u going to be here the next 8 months?" "I would really love for u to"  "I like this new MM... poojas and in laws visit, and seeing u like this after work"

"Life is not so bad afterall"

But decided against asking him, worried if his son would think he was missing his "privileges" of Manya topic by getting too personal

"Is she asleep?" R&B accidentally asked Ranjan

Ranjan smiled

R&B went up with his plate, she was curled up in the parrot motif saree, sound asleep on his couch, a hand under her cheek

He set his plate on the coffee table and kneeled by her and felt everything he could with the tip of his index finger
Tracing as if he was sketching, the simple no nonsense braid, the long curled eye lashes, the visible oval reddish bindi, perfectly shaped eyebrows, the pearl jhumkas, and the pearl nose ring

She woke before he could get to her lips

"Nee enge ellam thotte enakku teriyum" (I knew where all u touched) she whispered, her eyes red

"I havent even "begun"" he whispered, indicating he hadnt touched her lips or her curves

She reached with a sleepy index finger and touched him on his ear and cheek and collar bone and nose

"All these places no?" she asked confidently

"Sure!" he half smiled, when she got it all wrong

"U smell like my house" she said, and became extremely self conscious in declaring DII was "her house"

"Since I live here" he silkily corrected her without a smile

They looked at each other without a smile... "I"

"No" he said, bending down kissing her... punishingly... if she was going to say sorry he didnt want it.
She kissed hungrily.

"Yes" "Thats right!!" he thought... giving her what she wanted, she fell back exhausted, and embarrassed

"What took u so long?" she whispered gently letting him lay by her on the couch

"I was scavenging for food" he whispered on her lips

"I ate all the vada, and kheer" she said... he gathered her closely... "U are becoming a drain on my wealth" he teased, hissed on her neck, poking his needles

"U make ur money by showing people how to" she said sarcastically "So watch some self help videos" she mumbled... he had pushed her pallu aside and was scavenging on her body

"Vendaam da" she begged sleepily
He picked her up and took her to his bed

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
"Oops!" he cursed himself, hed had a
beer before Mrs Iyer's visit, upstairs
The bottle sat on his desk, he
wondered if she saw it.."

paavam appa!!ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Very pleasant update Nisha...
Dude care for Amma
Amma taking about II
Ranjan appreciating Amma
Ranjan worrying for Manny n wishing son to stay back...
Finally Dude's romance with wife..
Posted: 6 years ago
Great to see amma laugh and smile and tall a little more than she usually does to Dude.
And ofcourse the discussion about how much II talks can put anyone out of thier bad moods LOL

How dude wanted run before appa caught a glimpse of him is funny but it also is something that must be worried about.
These men will hate each other forever... Yeah...but how much is the thing that is scary...not even a hello and bye is quite a thing.

So makarand is planning to move ahead with manya? With ranjan mentioning about the travel for army personnel thing...I wounder if its so.  Makarand seems like a nice guy 

The envy in ranjan's voice was for the life that amma has is the evidence about how things aren't perfect in his.
He wonders how woman in his society don't work as hard as amma
And ofcourse that she has her kids in the same city and can visit them when she seems fit 

Dude and his desperation to be with II will never be less LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
It nice how two men of the house r longing for her!!
She indeed is their bridge... R&B avoiding seeing appa, I think appa should reconsider his thinking bout dude or else he will lose his baby also... On the lighter note R&B don't get along with almost all the men in sosy be it Ranjan, appa, Bala is also jealous of him
But he is so adored and loved by all the femails here outside sosy also Embarrassed Wink

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