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Posted: 6 years ago
Sri, try the ice cream At IBACO , if you are anywhere near Annanagar or Habibhulla road around Tnagar.
There all flavors are to die for but people who are not specifically too fond of ice creams will also like
Their musk melon and jack fruit ones.
Some respite from the heat.
My personal favourite is muskmelon.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Oh what a morning...
Swara and O are here... Smile Smile
O very happy to see you Smile

GM Putti.One of those days, woke up in brahmamuhurtam and can't sleep again. So, next best thing is visit SoSyland. Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Will catch up again guys. See you later.
Posted: 6 years ago
Swaram i wake up in brahmamuhurtam and find it the most productive time to work. I catch up reading and write then...My visit  to SoSyland is to me as filter coffee is to a tam bram. Big smileMy morning Raga i awaitSmile...I guess change is inevitable but the pace at which it is happening i can't connect to Chennai...bangalore any more...The cultural identity and simplicity is making way for changes to suit 21st centure pace and taste...i am looking for my cherished  memories... of an era gone by...
Kalpana icecreams are hard to resist...Jaffers i made it a ritual to take my HUBS and later my son...My son took me to try Jiggirthanda... will try your suggestions if not in Chennai...theres a IBACO IN BTM where i live.
Posted: 6 years ago
brahmamuhurtham comment reminded me of vani!
kuch tho bolo vani!!!Unhappy
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Sri, try the ice cream At IBACO , if you are anywhere near Annanagar or Habibhulla road around Tnagar.
There all flavors are to die for but people who are not specifically too fond of ice creams will also like
Their musk melon and jack fruit ones.
Some respite from the heat.
My personal favourite is muskmelon.

Amadro @ Nungbakkam if u r an ice cream fan
Posted: 6 years ago
To bequeath time

He was on calls mostly all morning, she worked for a couple hours until Sitaram called her on the intercom asking her to help her make modak
She had helped Amma out frequently so it wasnt a big deal for her, she went down to help after a shower,
she wore a Kanjeevaram in mango yellow with a parrot green border with gold parrot motifs all over.

She set everything up, after making a trip to Malai Mandir to get a clay Ganpati and flowers and garlands
Played hymns in the ground floor surround sound, which promptly brought Ranjan and R&B down

"I am not really sure how to do this, please dont laugh" she ordered

R&B, well... he just ogled... it was his day job, if he was in town... when he was done with his day job
She wore a ton of flowers in her hair.

"It doesnt feel like a Punjabi house any more puttar" Ranjan inhaled audibly  "I love the scent of jasmine"

"Umm well u are not alone" II mumbled
She knew of ONE MORE person that loved it

"Kulicheya?" she ordered hubby (did u take a shower)

He nodded...

He wore random clothes, never "dressing" up
He wore coffee colored cargos and a curling on the edges cotton tee from BR

"Veshti kattiko" she whispered

He half smiled

"really?" he asked helping her string jasmine around the wall by the idols
Ranjan sat in a corner looking up Ganpati pooja rituals "Iyer style"

The pandit looked at R&B curiously

"Ivara kalyanam pannindela?" (did u marry him?)

II nodded sheepishly

"UP karala, Punjabi ya?" (Up ites or Punjabis?) the pandit was curious

"Punjabi" Ii whispered

"Viswanatha Iyer ponna? Ooore pesithe Februrary la kalyanam, adu neenge daana?"
(Oh u are son and so's daughter? The whole Iyer community talked (oor means TOWN which was clearly an exaggeration on part of the pandit)
about ur wedding" the pandit swallowed as if he just saw a boa constrictor

II didnt respond, just handed him the "silver pooja stuff" Amma had given her during wedding

"College aa office aa?" (was it a college romance or office)

MIND UR OWN BEEZ WAX MAMA (Iyer girls address any adult male as Mama)

"Paiyan jora irukan, pesuvaano?" (boy looks handsome, but does he talk?)

"No" said II smugly

"Hmmm" Pandit sighed

They were asked to sit down, R&B wasnt around... he returned in a veshti and a pearl dress button down shirt

Ranjan was quite taken aback

"Good good" he mumbled satisfied, as if his son had asked for his opinion

He himself wore a crimson kurta a pearl color chudidar in silk

He looked tall and aristocratic, like the millionaire that he was

They sat down for the mantras and chantings
It went on for an hour, the whole time the pandit assuming R&B cant speak

When it was time to accept the holy water, he gesticulated to cup his palm
"Just mine or hers too" R&B asked

The pandit dropped the spoon with a clatter in the silver tumbler
Staring at II, terrified "Pesarare?" (he talks?)

"Aama, neenga enna nenaichel?" ( what did u think) II chuckled mischievously


R&B and Ranjan both reached into their pocket when it was time to pay, the pandit was over joyed.
The pandit asked R&B and II to obtain Ranjan's blessings.

Ii did her Iyer namaskaram, R&B bend down politely, and momentarily, his finger tips from his right hand grazed Ranjan's toes.
He felt a rustle, he pulled out what was a Rs.1000 bill thinking there were two, he handed the one to II, she reluctantly unfurled her closed hand.
There was only one... Ranjan looked around, the moment was precious... he couldnt let them get away
His darling adorable son stood inches away from him, their skin had touched for a fleeting second
Ranjan would pat both his pockets..
"Na betaji na..." he had whispered unable to bring himself to say anything else when his son bowed

Ranjan felt his left wrist, unlatched his 50 year old limited edition gold Rolex, and placed it on the back of his son's hand

R&B immediately took his hand down... as the cold metal touched him  "Umm... I dont think" he mumbled

"AREY!! NA NAHI KEHTE PUTTARJI" Ranjan gushed blowing air kisses...
II stood frozen, thinking it was all a dream
Ranjan held his son's right wrist turned his hand over, and placed it on R&B's palm and shut his fingers over it protectively.

What could Ranjan give R&B... he didn't want Ranjan's wealth...

Ranjan cleared his throat multiple times, stepping back from the altar.

The pandit... walked away with thousands for a hour long prayer ceremony.

Wonder how much Sam agreed to pay him, over and above

Sitaraman fed them on a banana leaf, took pictures of them at the shrine and while eating

"Iyer ponnu jaam jaam nu kondadina teriya vendaamo" (Iyer girl rocked it!!, people should know)

II smiled shyly  "My first Mama" she mumbled

"Kozhandaya?' (is it a baby?) Sitaraman asked as if he was clairvoyant

II blushed... nodded, shook her head... nodded... and said "Aduvum when it happens it will be the first" she somehow lied to get out of it

Ranjan and R&B exchanged a "lying comes so easily to her. What happened now?" look

"Padinaarum pethu peru vazhvu vazha porey" (May u have 16 and may you live the long great life) he blessed

II translated

Ranjan nodded choked up

"yes yes" he said hoarsely

They all ate with their fingers, Iyer style... Amma came  after she returned from school and II returned from work at 7
She went into work wearing the grand saree, ditching the flowers

Amma was very impressed when she offered her the traditional dal kheer

"DID U MAKE IT?" Amma's jaw dropped II began to nod but stopped as R&B walked out to the lounge carrying water bottles to take upstairs

"Umm... no ma, Sitaraman" II shared pictures from the morning

"She looks like an Iyer girl" Amma smiled overawed

R&B nodded, gently...

"Her father will be very happy" Amma was moved

"I bet he will be" R&B thought

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Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Nisha looks like work is keeping you busyHeart.

And SoSy land had an unusual sighting - O- lots to read enjoy!

Sri enjoy your Icecreams and buy some silk and cotton wear? Any recommendations ladies? Send some fresh air to Singapore the forest fire continues to rage. Today we can feel the smoke in the air. Cry

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