RAYA OS : Meri Jaan Ho Tum

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Meri Jaan Ho Tum

Is it true? she asked softly watching the sunset in the large balcony she could feel his presence in the room she was a nervous wreck

What Priya? even in this moment she loved his husky voice

She forced herself to turn around n face those intense brown eyes they were her weakness above all once there eyes met his showed a glint of concern

Is true... Priya summoned up all the courage she had her voice was trembling t that you married me without loving me? Ram's eyes widened

Why do you think? Priya stopped him raising her hand she smiled bitterly so... he didnt deny it
I heard your conversation with Vikram she was about to cry

All the moments were lies all the caresses all the hugs all the kisses were completely fake all the nights all the nights that we... god I have been living in a f**king lie for a year how intensive could I be how couldnt I notice this before? to think that you could love me... Ram could be really manipulative if he wanted

Her eyes wondered around the room wanting nothing more than be away from her husband everything was falling apart around her

Priya...It seemed like he was panicking inside It was for the sake of Dadi nd my family but...

Before she knew it her hand slap his face as hard as she could she felt so humiliated... but above all heartbroken Ram looked at her as if he didnt believe what Priya just did

She didnt have to play with her feelings like that she remarked almost crying do you even imagine how I feel? to realise that your spouse has been faking loving you all your marriage...she held his eyes with the courage I had did you have fun? her tears began to flow she breathed deeply trying to control herself she had only one more thing to say I want the divorce

Priya walked to the door even with her vision blurred by tears nd being a sobbing mess but he didnt even try to stop her not calling her neither chasing her even after year... It was true that he didnt even care for her

Its been two months since that day Priya come back to Mumbai she didnt want to be in KM there were so many memories nd they were too painful now no one asked any question at her arrival her family guessed something has happened with Ram

Priya was in the palaces garden walking through the plants It was relaxing nd it helped her to almost forget why she was here...


She was so busy admiring the beautiful flowers that she hardly heard the soft footsteps behind her
Priya her eyes widened that voice... It cannot be...

Priya turn around as fast as she could just to meet piercing brown eyes he was even more handsome than she remember she almost forgot how to breathe nd her heart started racing wildly she think why did he have such an effect on me?

You...Priya didnt know what to say although she still loved him she was mad at him what are you doing here?

To talk to my wife Ram seemed so full of confident Priya didnt like that she want to explain herself

Too bad she doesnt want to talk to you If he really believed that I was dumb enough to fall for his charms once again he was very wrong. 

Priya started leaving the place when a hand grasped her wrist It pulled her to his strong nd tall figure Priya disliked this disliked the way her heart beats just because he is near her she disliked the fact that his smell was intoxicating her senses nd she absolutely hated her desire of kissing him till their lips hurt despite knowing that he didnt love her

Hear me out nd Ram spoke so quietly so softly that her tears began to flow

I cant she sobbed Ram's eyes widened as they saw her tears Priya looked away knowing that you dont return my feelings is one thing but hearing you say it... Is too much for me to...

I love you Priya lift her head when she heard him saying those word her eyes were like plates Ram had never said those words to her I do love you Priya

Stop playing games Mr.Kapoor Priya trying to escape from his firm grip but Ram pulled her nearer to him

Im not playing his face was so serious It is true that when I married you I didnt love you but as time passed as we shared more nd more moments I could help but fall in love with you I love you the way you changed me I really really love you you are my life Priya Im sorry I had never told you I need you would you need me too I loved you I can't live without you I wouldn't even wanna try breathe without you I would surely die without you In my arms you are my world Priya your the one for me you are the one the one of my dreams you are the world I stand on the smile upon my face you are the peace that fills me with a sense of grace you are my life Priya you are the person that I turn to you are the vision of beauty I see when I'm awake nd to you I will hold on no matter what it takes you are the truth inside me no matter how much I deny you always stand to guide me no matter how far I run to hide you are my heart nd my soul I don't want to let go Priya you are the future staring me right in the face after so long with you old memories have been replaced with the happiness you bring you have made my heart beats everything that is within many times I try to look back but I can't tell how long it's been you take away my pain you have changed my fate I LOve you Priya Plz dont leave me again tear filled in her eyes 

Mr.Kapoor It was the only thing Priya could whisper

 You mean the world to me you're the only one I see in my dreams me n you are meant to be whenever I see you all I can do is scream I can't stop thinking about you I admire everything you do I want to see you night nd day understand each other you're always on my mind I thank you for coming into my life for making me smile nd stand up you've understood me more than all the others there is nothing in the world I rather do
then stay right next to you I love talking to you you make me realize there's a reason to live

Plz  Priya Ram said caressing her cheek nd wiping her tears believe me Priya they both looking deeply into each others eyes filled with honesty nd love

I need you Priya If you left I wouldn't cry Jaan I would die nd I don't like you I love you Priya I want to hold you forever in my warm embrace hearing your heartbeat as we both stay in place I will cherish every second I spend with you Jaan for I will always love you I love you Priya I can't live without you Plz don't lave me

Priya nodded nd said I love you too Mr.Kapoor I can't live without you n she hug him tightly I will never leave you Ram smiled at her gently nd then he pressed his lips with her god how I missed him her hands travel to his hair while his went to Priya's hair nd waist his tongue forced his way into her mouth not wasting time nor asking permission they didnt konw how long they stood there making out but when they parted she could feel it her breath was taken away by the moment he broke the kiss.to the breath Ram look at Priya with such an intensity she thought she could melt there nd Ram took her bride style nd started walking

Where are we going? Priya asked her heart was going to explode Ram only gave her another passionate nd breath taking kiss that blew her mind away then Ram whispered huskily in Priya's ear somewhere where we can catch up properly

The End

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Posted: 2015-09-17T08:29:50Z
lovely os fresh story , love raya an most ram confession of his love too good do more writing an ha plzz give update of ur old stories thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-09-17T08:47:38Z
lv it...hrt tchng os...
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Posted: 2015-09-17T09:13:14Z
Beautiful OS...
Thanks for the pm...
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Posted: 2015-09-17T11:19:28Z
wow..its tooo gud. lovely. superb concept. nicely written.
thanks for pm.
do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-09-17T12:05:30Z
Beautiful OS...
Thanks for the pm...
Keep writing...
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Posted: 2015-09-17T21:16:54Z
Very very beautiful os!
Loved it a lot...
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-09-17T22:39:40Z
It's beautiful,
raya ek dusre ke bina adhure hai, n har rishtein me pyar aur care , ek viswhwas ki lehar hona bahot zaroori hai, well depicted.

Thx for the pm
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