#1| TaaRey Drabble : Making Her Mine

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Ch 1 : End Of Loveless Marriage? {Scroll Down}
Ch 2 : Incomplete Without Her
Ch 3 : An Unwanted Visitor
Ch 4 : He Loves Only Her
Ch 5 : Beginning Of Something New
Ch 6 : Destined To Be Together
Ch 7 : Close Yet So Far
Ch 8 : Understanding Her Pain
Ch 9 : A Silent Promise
Ch 10 : Love In His Eyes
Ch 11 : His Angel Of Love
Ch 12 : Understanding Her Love
Ch 13 : Confrontation & Confession
Ch 14 : One Last Chance
Ch 15 : Brewing Desires
Ch 16 : Hold Me In Your Arms
Ch 17 : You Are My World
Ch 18 : Claiming Her Right

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Ch 1 : End Of Loveless Marriage?

"Rey..I need to talk to you about something" She said to him as she saw him entering the room after dinner. He closed the door behind him. He gave her small nod, giving her cue to continue what she wanted to say. She took a deep breath and stood before him.

"I can't do this anymore. I mean you..me, we both are not happy even after 3 years spending together. Its time i decide something, for us..for me."

"What?" His world fall apart hearing her, fear gripped his heart.

"I'm leaving this house.."

"No you can't.."

 "I need time. Don't know how much time but i need it. I can't live in this loveless marriage anymore. I will be away from you and if you find someone special, don't hesitate to move on and give your self a chance. I always want your happiness and i know your happiness don't lie in me." She said to him, tears streaming down her cheeks. He took a step forward to wipe her tears but she took a step back. A look of hurt cross through his hazel orbs.

"Taani do you even know what are you saying? What will mom & dad say." he panicked and didn't realized what he had said, he had shattered her hopes again.

"They will understand me. If i stay here in this house i might end up doing something to myself. I can't take this torture anymore rey. Its been three years, Rey, I'm trying to make this marriage work but we are still where we started, we are still strangers, rey. I cant stay in here rey, i feel suffocated here" She pleaded to him, after three years of emotional torture, after three years of seeing her husband ignoring her, she decided to end this, decided to end the silent torture. 

They both look into each others eyes, he didn't wanted her to leave but he knew he has to, she is human too after all, she too have feelings and dreams. All those years of his inhuman behavior toward her he don't have right over her. The broken girl stood before him had finally gave up when she couldn't handle the pain anymore, if someone else was there at her place, would have gave up on their relation long ago but she was taani, she had done everything to make their marriage work but his ignorance toward their relationship and his indifferent behavior didn't left any stone unturned to make her believe she is nothing to him nor ever will be.

That day, after 3 years of loveless marriage she gave up, she gave up on him, she gave up on their relationship, She gave up on everything that ever connected them with each other. She left him but not alone, she left taking a big part him with her, she took her heart away from him. She left him to regret, she left him to remorse. And he couldn't do anything but regret his behavior toward her all the years they were together. Since their wedding night, the day he told her about how much he love someone else not her and will never be able to love her, he had given her nothing but pain. And now she had enough. She had enough of all the sufferings he had put her through.

Now, He was alone, His heart burning in pain. Pain of losing her. 

Was it end of their loveless marriage?
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Hello Guys! 

Here with a Drabble Series again. And like 'His girl' This one will be updated daily. A story of a loveless marriage, I had written more than 10 chapters of this drabble but will only post if i get good response.

Hope you like it.

Enjoy Reading. And for PMs please add (-Cupcake.PM-) into your buddy list.

Please do leave your feedback :) 

 Banner Credits : Unitatoxo.

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Mine Cool
unreswa Silly

well damn read all the 18 chapters in one go... though i read first one lonf back...
what an awesom writer u r... kudos to u ClapClap
in this every emotion well written...

roller-coaster i can say but giving their own twists and turns awesome updatesss...

pain, love, realization, confession, hurt, anger, repentance, desire... every damn emotion well carried out...

thanks for giving all the readers here a chance to read this awesome piece of work...

thnk u again 

love yaah

keep writing

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I love this concept <3
Please update soon!
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Posted: 2015-09-15T08:33:05Z

nice concept
love it
omg taarey got sepreted
ab kya hoga
plz update soon
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Posted: 2015-09-15T08:35:28Z
Interesting concept...update soon 
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Posted: 2015-09-15T08:36:19Z
mind blowing concept
i love reading this type of stories
cant wait to read it more
update it asap
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Posted: 2015-09-15T08:40:03Z
it was nice dear..
will love to see how will rey make taani his
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