RAYA OS : My Beautiful Disaster

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My Beautiful Disaster

Ram stood at the wide window nd stared thoughtfully at the dark dimly streets a sound of light footsteps appeared in the room he's lips stretched into a satisfied smile Ram turned slowly nd saw his charming wifey in the center of the room she was dressed in a gorgeous red saree adorned diamond ear rings nd necklace which effectively opened the matchless beauty of her shoulders all the qualitys of her body were blindingly nd beautifully with this expensive saree her slim waist was lovely Ram looked at his beautiful wife as if he was spellbound he forgot how to breathe Ram got speechless by such unearthly beauty before marriage Priya Sharma was the most desirable bride in mumbai crowds of wealthy men asked for her hand but Ram Kapoor became the only man whom this Priya said yes to the offer of marriage nd with indescribable joy he married his beloved bride in the main cathedral in Mumbai

Priya walked over to Ram as gracefully nd smiled softly then the Ram held out her hands to his throat in order to fix the knot on his tie Ram stood nd waited patiently while her deft long fingers would do the job

When she put her Ram in the proper form she looked up at him with her bottomless from emotions eyes nd looked in his face thoughtfully

Ram suddenly felt that he began to lose control she was driving him crazy with her light touches to his skin her enigmatic smile n soft glare of her black eyes

She could not get enough of her dear husband's appearance he had not been home for two long weeks Priya yearned for him badly especially during the endless cold nights that she spent in absolute solitude lying on their bed she was desperately lacking her caring husband's warmth nd affection she was freezing without him

Today's evening she wanted to spend alone with Ram but Vikram n Neha was invited them to there home nd they had to go Ram was very upset Priya wanted to share these brief moments in Ram's company as long as possible she approached him so close that she felt the unique warmth that emanated from his manly body with her trembling one she gently touched his lips with her warm nd slightly wet from the lipstick lips in a slow nd sweet kiss

Ram responded her playful kiss sensually expertly deepening it nd making it more intense n hot

Priya seductively bit Ram's lower lip during their fabulous kiss she deliberately seduced Ram expressly showing him how crazy she yearned for their intimacy

But this happy moment could not last forever they had to go to the Vikam's home Priya summoned all her willpower to break this sweetest romantic moment between her nd her love she suddenly left Ram's lips alone he moan in disappointment nd his manly face showed a surprised expression

Ma will look after Peehu while we're not at home I'm ready we can safely go Priya whispered quietly with a hint of sadness in her voice she gently pulled away from Ram nd turned her back to him heading to the door of the room suddenly she jumped in surprise when she felt his strong nd confident hands at her waist Ram masterfully pulled her slender body to him nd put his arm around Priya's waist Ram's hot breath seared the sensitive skin on her chiseled shoulder nicely he began to kiss every inch of her slim neck very gently

My love today we are not going anywhere you just cannot imagine how desperately I've missed you I want you madly my princess Ram whispered in a gentle nd seductive voice into the creamy skin of her neck nd shoulder Priya froze in his powerful arms she was pleasantly surprised by the sudden change in Ram's mood

Are you sure about your decision ? Priya breathe out doubtfully

She moaned quietly biting her lower lip she had no strength to endure his sweet torments anymore

In response to her question Ram picked up his adored wifey in his arms like a feather nd eagerly carried his treasure to a large luxurious bed he carefully lowered his beauty on soft pillows

Ram lowered his head and began to cover the delicate skin of her with hungry nd passionate kisses

The room was dark but soft the light of the room was dimmed muted colors emanated from the bright fun dancing in the room creating an intimate nd romantic atmosphere for the couple in love

Carefully removing all the pins from Priya's hair nd dissolving her luxurious curls on her shoulders lord gently took a long dark strand nd wrapped it on his index finger then bringing that finger to his lips he kissed her silky hair his eyes shone with a special mysterious glow Priya knew what exactly this promising glint in his eyes meant she knew what a special nd romantic mood her loved was creating right now

Tonight I compensate you everything you've been deprived of these long weeks In the half light of this room I have so much I can do for your happiness this moonlit night I'll be at your feet my venus because my unbearable thirst can be soothed only by you alone my precious wife your true love your unique charm your uniqueness nd tenderness have become more important to me than the air the Ram breathed out in a deep voice spiced with a storm of emotions

Priya held her breath in the rising excitement she began to tremble with memorable nd unique feelings that were evoked in her by Ram he had the talent to kindle a flame of intense love in her with just one word

Ram slowly with indescribable passion unlaced her pallu on expensive red saree then his long nimble fingers had deprived Ram of the rest of clothing Ram could not take his eyes off his beautiful wife he looked at her with bleary dark black eyes full of adoration and painful desire

After the birth of our precious daughter you've become more beautiful nd charming my angel you just do not know what you're doing to me you're driving me crazy Priya I've missed you so much the said his confession in infinite love

He's cheeks were flushed from his courageous nd sincere compliments

Ram gently took her hand nd kissed each finger on her petite hand

He did not dare to break their eye contact even for a second In response Priya smiled sweetly and charmingly

I was born to love you nd you Ram were born to love me back he purred seductively her warm thin fingers slipped down his broad chest she playfully began to untie the knot of his tie her hands eagerly unbuttoned buttons on his white shirt she gently slid her hands over his bare chest Priya was teasing her loved purposely with her gentle touches nd strokes It deprived him of his last senses Ram did not have the strength to wait any longer she was yearning for intimacy with her beloved husband badly Ram wholeheartedly wanted to become a single whole with Ram she refused to ever separate with him for a long period of time even for several hours but he had had to leave mumbai for a few weeks because of work all she had left to do in that sad situation was just patiently waiting for his return she threw back sad memories away and concentration on her current position

I'm all yours my dear Plzz I have no more strength to wait Priya asked in a languishing voice Ram saw a hurricane of unspeakable words and emotions in her black bottomless eyes that caused his mouth went dry In one swift motion he took off his unbuttoned shirt and lay down next to Priya he began his unhurried nd sensual attacks he voraciously kissed her pink lips and gently stroked the adorable body of his beloved woman In response she softly whispered his name

That cold night the lovebird was making love with indescribable tenderness Priya gave herself to Ram all without a trace In response Ram loved her all night insatiably with enthusiasm they couldn't get enough of each other his long trips only strengthened their sincere love making it stronger nd more perfect

Early in the morning a couple in love was lying in each other's arms after a truly fabulous intimacy they were very tired but infinitely happy but Priya was warm nd comfortable in Ram's cozy embrace their bodies warmed each other Ram's head rested on the most beautiful nd comfortable pillow in the world soft her  chest of his loved his strong hands were possessively hugging Priya by her slender waist Ram was lying with his eyes closed nd eagerly enjoyed the warm nd gentle floral aroma of his precious Priya's body she tenderly stroked his dark hair experiencing a pleasant sensation on her skin from its incomparable silkiness

I love you immensely Ram Priya whispered emotionally in the silence of the room she didn't expect any response from his side because she thought that Ram was sleeping peacefully on her chest after a sleepless night filled with love

He slowly raised his head from his perfect pillow nd looked at Priya's pale face with foggy from unexpressed feelings eyes Priya froze when she saw with what infinite love nd adoration he looked at her

Then Ram tenderly kissed her on the spot where her heart was pounding under a thin creamy skin

I am extremely happy to know that your love nd your heart belong to me alone my Priya Ram purred with a broad smile on his face he gently took his beautiful wife's chin nd approached dangerously close to her halfopen mouth before taking her in a trap of his masculine charm nd giving her an unforgettable nd sensual kiss Ram continued in a confidence n velvety voice

I promise that all my love nd my heart forever belong to you my princess

n after that sincere declaration he captured Priya's lips in the dominant nd ardent kiss that made her dizzy her eyes shone like bright multicolored stars she responded to persistent n intense kiss Ram was giving her with all her passion nd sensuality she was created just for him nd he was created just for her their love for each other was genuine nd infinitely strong truly love was a pure feeling nd rare treasure which the lovebird would cherish all their life

The End

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Awesome romantic plss keep writing
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Romantic Embarrassed nice one

thx For d pm
Keep writing dear
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Romantic oneWink
thanks for PM
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ful of raya rmnce...lvly... Smile
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thanks for pm.
do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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thanks for pm.
do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Beautiful update...Clap
full of raya romance..
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