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This is interesting..
Update soon

Pleased it made you laugh! It was my intention to tickle you all and have some laughs at Ramans expense!! Wink poor guy and his predicament! Wink

I am actually curious to know what will happen next
Update soon

Will update soon!
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Hey update fast...

Will update tonight Hun Smile
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Crossed connection part 2


"Hiii sexy"

Raman was taken aback by the greeting. Had he heard right or was he losing his mind, he wondered. He tried again.


"Hiii jaan aagay bhi to bolo"

"Hello who is this?"

"I'm your date for tonight sexy! Tumharay khabon ki rani, tumharay jazbaton ki malika! Tell me, what would you like me to do for you?"

"Huh? W...what?"

"Oh don't be shy, jaanu! Tell me what you like and see how I can make you reach the heights of ecstasy!"

"Wha...? Listen madam I..I need to place an order, I'm looking for a gift"

"Well let me give it to you na, naughty boy! Shall I rub you down with oil or do you want to ride me first? Hmm babes? Or shall we talk about something more risqu? What do you say tiger?"


Raman couldn't believe what he was hearing? Had he got the number wrong? He looked at the screen of his mobile and then at the number on the paper. They were the same.

Then another horrifying thought occurred to him! Holy shit! Had Ruhi called this number too? Raman shivered at the thought of his daughter listening to this vulgarity. But then he realised that there was another number on the back of the paper.

Oh! thank god!

He sighed with relief but then remembered he was still connected on the phone.

"...then I'll slide my wet, slick hands around your..." Disgusted Raman cut the call as the women continued cooing on the other side of the line.

What was that?? Phew!

Raman wiped his brow as he realised he had broken out in a slight sweat. Now why had that been, he wondered. He had a niggling feeling that the seductive words of the women had somehow lead his mind elsewhere, to maybe a different women.

Raman stop! You're doing it again!

He sternly brought his thoughts to a halt and got back to the task at hand.

Now what had Ruhi said? A website, shop telephone number and item no? Yes! Looking at the paper in his hand he read

"www.Pretty little"

Ah that must be it! He thought.

The name sounded harmless enough. Must be jewellery he though. If only Ruhi had told him what it was that he was supposed to be buying, things would have been easier Raman mused. But then he remembered that she had mentioned an item number or code.

Then it clicked! The number which he had assumed to be a telephone number must have been the item code!

Having cleared the doubts in his muddled mind somewhat he decided to call the number above the website address as he preferred to deal with a person rather than a computer.

Raman sat down on his bed and dialled the number. It was answered on the forth ring.

"Hello you are through to Pretty Little Things. A must for every women's wardrobe! Please select one of the following options

To place an order please press 1
To track an order please press 2
To return an item please press 3
Alternatively to speak to an operator or for advice regarding a purchase please press 4

Thank you."

Right now we're getting somewhere! Raman thought and pressed 4 on the keypad of his phone.

"You have selected option 4. Please hold while we try to connect you to the next available operator"

Raman lay down on the bed as some instrumental music played on the line while he waited. He didn't have to wait long as soon he heard someone speak.

"Good evening. You are through to Pretty Little Things. My name is Ish, would you like to place an order?"

"Oh erm hello, erm I'm wanting to buy a gift for a lady friend and was wondering if you could help me.

"Yes certainly sir. May I ask did you have a particular item in mind or would you like me to suggest something?"

"Erm I...a... no if you could suggest what items ladies like nowadays that would be great! Yes that's it."

Raman smiled smugly, pleased with himself as he thought how cleverly he had handled that question. But his smug grin was soon replaced by panic when the operator asked another question.

"Ok so I'll begin by taking her size then I'll suggest some designs and you can pick the one you prefer. Is that ok?"

Raman was stunned into silence. Size? Size of what?

The operator mistook the silence for confusion so she clarified.

"What size is your lady friend sir?"


"Size? I mean in clothes?"

What did she need that for? Had Ruhi wanted to order a saree? Or suit? Is that why a size was needed? Maybe.

But he didn't know what size she was. Well not exactly. Although, Raman reflected, he had often made calculated guesses regarding the dimensions of her lithe body, sadly he had yet to find out how accurate they were!

Aloud Raman said

"Erm I don't know"

Now it was the operators turn to be silenced.

Ishita looked at the screen incredulously! Was this guy for real? He had phoned to order lingerie yet didn't know what size to order? Idiot! She rolled her eyes in exasperation but then remembered Mahikas news "New client base. Men and husbands ringing up to order items for their partners! Most of the time they don't know what the items are or how to use them, or what goes with what so we just advise and guide them".

"Ok sir do you know her dress size? I mean is she fat? Thin? Tall? Maybe you know her saree blouse size?"

"Erm. Hang on" Raman had just recalled the item no.

"I have an item number here maybe that will help. Give you more of an idea. It's 012345678910"

Oh thank god for that! Ishita thanked her stars as she keyed in the number and the item page flashed open on the screen.

"Than you sir. I'm just waiting for the page to load"

As the page opened a picture of a model appeared. She was wearing a beautiful and sensuous baby pink coloured push up bra and lace panties set with matching suspenders and garter.

Wow this man has good taste she thought. The woman he seemed to be buying for was surely a lucky lady! Ishita wondered if it was a wife or girlfriend he was buying for? It was not professional to ask but she wondered!

Although going by the lack of knowledge regarding her size it was probably a new girlfriend whom he was trying to impress.

I wish I had someone trying to impress me, she mused. All muragan had seemed to appoint her was that callus Punjabi neighbour of hers, who only knew how to condescend her and shout at her!

Although he always seems to be angry about something, Ishita had caught him smiling a few times while playing with Ruhi. His smile had been the most perfect smile, both sweet and sexy with a hypnotic charm which had caught Ishita off guard. Reminiscing about it now the memory sent goosebumps all over her body and she felt a strange ache in the pit of her stomach.

Gosh he was so handsome!

Her Appa had chosen well for her but his attitude was formidable! He seemed to save his harshest words for her, nothing else!

Stop it Ishita!! She chided herself for the line of thought her mind seemed to be taking and pulled herself together.

She still needed the size of this woman so that she could complete the order. Taking a deep breath she changed her tactic.

"Sir that is a superb choice. I'm sure your lady friend will be very pleased. Now if you can find out what size she takes I can process your order. If it's a surprise maybe you can ask a female friend of hers or if there's someone of a similar size in your family?" Ishita hoped her ideas would gently prompt the guy towards the size guidance.

Raman thought for a while then remembered the green dress Ruhi had bought for Ishita in the early days of their acquaintance. He vaguely remembered Ishita resenting the fact that he had suggested to Ruhi that she was too fat for a small size hense Ruhi had bought a size medium dress for her instead.

The memory bought a grin to his face!

"She is a medium size, in dresses I mean. And she's tall not fat but well built. Does that give you an idea?"

"Yes thank you sir, I'll just consult the measurement chart and then complete your order. Please hold"

Ishita converted the measurements into the appropriate size and completed the order form. She hoped the items would fit or else they were easily exchangeable within 14 days. She informed the customer accordingly.

"Would you like your item to be gift wrapped sir?"

"Yes that would be great"

"Ok sir I'll take your credit card details now. The long card no and the expiry date please"

Raman reeled off the details and once the order was placed and assured it would be delivered within the hour he closed the call to lay back on the bed, smiled and waited.

I have one more part coming to this three shot. Which I will try to post as soon as I get the time!
Thanks for reading! Wink
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Very inerestingBig smile loving it so far..Big smileHeart
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Originally posted by aishu_divan

Very inerestingBig smileloving it so far..Big smileHeart
Thank you Wink
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Originally posted by usaonly

Devani what a start dear i think Raman wild imagination will get the bang one day.He saw every women face to be Ishu faceEmbarrassedAnd i think he will end up calling Ishu to ask about the item number and order through her to get it for Rui.the fun will be when Ishu receive the presentLOLLOLPlease continue and thank you for the new storyHugHug

Thank you sweetie for your comments! I have updated if you want to read more Wink
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Hahahahaha I just hope Wo gift ishita k ilawa or koi na dekhe. 
Hahahahahahaha brillianttt yAAR
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