Crossed connection! ISHRA TS Part 3 updated on pg 5

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Hi friends

My brain has churned up a non sensical and random story. Please excuse any errors, mistakes and nonsense I have written and take as a fun story!

Warning!! Please do not expect any coherent or sensible writing below! Lol

Likes and comments welcome!

PART 1 below


Crossed connection Three Shot!

Mahika closed her phone and looked around her small office in frustration. Her PA Rita had just informed her that their 2 telephonists were sick today so now she had no one to man the phones for the next hour of the evening shift. Rita was across town in the warehouse and Mahika had a meeting with a buyer in 5 mins. Even though her company was only a small online business she didn't want to let her customers down if they called.

Just as Mahika was about to pull her hair out, she saw her beloved Akka walk through the door of the fifth floor office like an angel to help her.

"Oh Akka! You are a godsend"

Mahika ran and hugged her sister and handed her a file. Ishita looked at her confusedly and asked her if she'd like to go for dinner with her.

"No no Akka I can't, I have an important meeting with a client. But Akka please please can u do me a big favour? I need you to man my sales calls for the next hour! Pleeese"

Ishita had helped out in Mahikas small lingerie catalogue order company before and knew the drill. Plus she could never refuse her baby sister anything. She smiled.

"How long do you need me for? And where are the girls?"

"Just don't ask Akka! They are both down with food poisoning and Rita is stuck in traffic on her way back from the warehouse. She will be here to relieve you in about half an hour. I should be back by an hour too. If you need anything text me or Rita but everything is in the file, call structure, prompt questions, all stock details and item descriptions. Plus you can access the website too if you get really stuck"

"Item descriptions?"

"Yes a new client base Akka! Men and husbands ringing up to order items for their partners! Most of the time they don't know what the items are or how to use them, or what goes with what so we just advise and guide them ok?"

"Oh I see. ok"

"Don't worry you'll be fine! Phones are fairly quite at around 4-5. Ok?"


"You're a star!"

"See you later, drive safely Mahika"

Mahika grinned, hugging her sister again and grabbing her bag from the table, hurried out of the office.

Ishita took her coat off and hung it on the coat rack in the corner. Then walking over to one of the work stations, proceeded to text her Ama informing her that she would be late home today. She also told Ama that if Ruhi came over to ask for her to tell she would meet her later tonight on the terrace, before Ruhis father got home from work.

Ishita opened the website, logged onto the order line phone and put on the headset. Clicking open the payment taking system she waited for her first call...

In the old bhalla house...

"Romi get off the phone!" Simmi bellowed at the top of her voice, from her room. She urgently needed the phone to call a friend but for the past half hour Romi had been stuck to the home phone, busy chatting to his friends.

"Ok ok Simmi di! Tony yaar jaldi chat line ka number de!"

Romi searched around for a pen and finding a scrap of paper scribbled down a number quickly. Just as he finished writing the number someone grabbed him by the ear and pulled him backwards.


Romi screeched as his mother pulled him through the door and shouted at him.

"Oyay nikamay sabzi laanay ko kaha tha tu phone pay gapay maar raha hai? Chal hunay ja bazaar tay sabzi la!"

Saying this she pushed him out of the house and closed the door. As she did however a price of paper fell to the floor and landed at Toshis feet. Seeing it, Toshiji tutted and picking it up, placed it back next to the phone, on the sideboard.

Just as Toshi walked back to the kitchen, Simmi came out of her room and picking up the phone dialling her best friends number. Simmies mobile battery had died as she had been in the middle of some juicy gossip regarding a new underwear boutique. As she didn't want to miss any details she had rung her friend back and was now talking animatedly with her on the home phone!

"Haan haan yaar number de na! Yes website bhi! Main abhi check out karti hoon! Let me find some paper"

Looking frantically for something to write on, Simmie located the same piece of paper which Romi had used and wrote both the boutique telephone number and email address on the reverse blank side.

However as she put the phone down Toshiji grabbed Simmies arm and told her to come to the shops with her for some urgent supplies.

"But mummy I have college work to finish! Why don't you go!"

"Khotti! Chal meray saath! Kabhi maa ki bhi koi help kar diya kar! Chup chaap chal. Phir Ruhi ko bhi pick karna hai!"

Dejected Simmi left the piece of paper on the sideboard and followed her mother out of the house. She would have to look at the website later tonight, she thought!


Raman had left the office early, unable to concentrate on any work.

These days his heart and mind were occupied with something else entirely!

His brain had taken to daydreaming about her at random intervals during the day and his heart started having palpations every time he thought about her.

And the person who was responsible for reducing Raman to this condition was no other than his quarrelsome, nosy and irritating neighbour! The busybody Madrasan who had stolen his sweet little daughter, Ruhis heart, had somehow also cast her evil spell on him! So much so that he couldn't stop thinking about her!

He had taken to imagining her face in every female he saw, ending up smiling like an idiot and getting shouted at by random women!

When his colleagues asked him work related questions he only heard the sound of her sweet voice echoing like the sweet song of the nightingale.

How could he explain the mirage of deliciously scandalous activities his mind conjured up every time he glimpsed her full voluminous figure!

And how she sent his heart beat racing and made parts of his body erect with attention wherever he was!

Raman was shocked and embarrassed at the realisation of his indecent thoughts towards the Madrasan, Ishita. He was surely losing his mind to be lusting after her like this!

The woman was unbearable, he thought in frustration. She had somehow penetrated his system and now refused to budge from there. The only coherent thought he had at the moment was what she would feel like in his arms, under him...


Stop Raman!!!

Raman made a futile attempt to sway his mind away from the illicit scene which had just crossed his mind.

Thinking, that a few tablets and a nap might lift his mood, Raman parked his car and entered his house.

Once in the flat, he found no one around so went straight to his room to change out of his suit. As he got to the room however his phoned began ringing.


"Hello Papa aap kaisy ho? Are you home yet?"

"I'm fine beta, yes I'm home. Have you finished school?"

"Yes papa. Dadi and Simmi bua have come to pick me up but now they are going to Pammi aunties house so I need you to do something important for me, please?"

"Anything for you my sweet Ruhi!" Raman replied without hesitation, amused at his daughters "grown up" antics.

"Good. I need you to phone the shop number I have left for you and order a gift from me for Ishita auntie. I couldn't do it because they need a payment by credit card, and Dadi is going to take sooo long chatting here! So can you please order it for me?They do an hourly courier service so the gift should be with you in an hour. I will give it to her tomorrow on her birthday. Can you please do that for me? Please?"

"I...erm how can I? Erm what is it?"

"Uff ho! You don't need to know that papa! It's a girly present! I have left the item no with the phone number near the home telephone, just ask the phone operator for advice and she will help you. Please order it for me, so I can surprise Ishita auntie tomorrow. Ok see you later bye!"

Before Raman could protest further the line went dead. He looked at the phone bemused. What was he to do? It felt that even the universe was conspiring to push him towards Ishita! Now he even had to select a gift for her never mind taking a nap to try to forget her!

Dejected he walked over to the lounge, where surly there was a piece of paper with a website and some numbers on. Grabbing the paper Raman went to his room.

"Might as well order the damn present and get it over with" he though.

What had his daughter set him up for?

Please like and comment if you want me to continue!

And what do YOU think will happen??

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NYC START !!! continue soon !!! Thumbs Up
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice start
One question though are they or are they not married in your story? 

Looks like they are not married and if he buys lingerie for her then that would demean his character
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Posted: 4 years ago
Devani what a start dear i think Raman wild imagination will get the bang one day.He saw every women face  to be Ishu faceEmbarrassed And i think he will end up calling Ishu to ask about the item number and order through her to get it for Rui.the fun  will be when Ishu receive the presentLOLLOL Please continue and thank you for the new storyHugHugEdited by usaonly - 4 years ago
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Lovely introduction. Mixed numbers and Ishra on call. Waiting to read ahead!
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this should be interesting LOL
continue soon
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Originally posted by swatica.arora

NYC START !!! continue soon !!!Thumbs Up

Thanks! Wink
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Posted: 4 years ago
This is interesting..
Update soon
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