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Chapter 7

St. Louis College.

Dance team members gathered in rehearsal hall, to discuss about surprise for Rey since it's his birthday today.

"Guys! Its Rey's birthday today. Do you guys have any plans?" Sharon asked them, they all look at each other then at her.

"A surprise birthday party at swayum's place." All the boys shouted in unison. 

"Great! So, all preparations are done?" Kriya asked them, since it was boys who planned the surprise, girl are aware of it.

"Almost! But we need someone who will go and bring Rey there, without letting him know about our plan." Nil told her, kriya nodded in return then she turned to sharon.

"Is that okay if i go to bring him?" Kriya asked her, sharon nodded in understanding. Knowing it will give her chance to spend some time with Rey and it will bring them close to each other again.

"So its done. Kriya will go and we will do all the other arrangements." Swayum announced, all nodded in agreement and left from there except sharon & kriya.

"Sharon! I'm so excited. Do you think its right time to confess my love?" Kriya asked her, she wanted to confess her love to him, in his birthday party, but she is unsure.

"Rey is tensed about something these days, so i think you should wait little more. But right now, you need to spend time with him, be with him in his bad time and win his trust again. Make him fall for you again." Sharon told her, they knew rey is going through rough phase but wasn't telling them. Kriya nodded in understanding, she had been noticing how tensed he stays these day, doesn't talk to anyone and even left dance team, which itself is a biggest thing to worry about since dance is his life.

"You are right, sharon. First i need to make him trust me first, after how our relationship ended 2 years back, it important to win him back before confessing my love to him." Kria replied to her, with a small smile. Sharon smiled, she gave her a quick hug before they both left for their class. 


Rey's Bedroom, Singhania Mansion.

"Taani! Are you sure, love, you don't want to come with me?" Rey asked her, again. He was going out for shopping to buy clothes for her and wanted her to accompany him but taani was scared to go out. She feels safe inside the four walls of their bedroom, with him beside.

"Why are you going out?" Taani asked him in low timid tone. 

"Because my princess needs some clothes & other girlie stuff." Rey answered her with a smile.

"But i have clothes. They are pretty-" Taani mumbled, showing him the big sweater she was wearing, that used to belong to him but now her property. Rey had an urge an to smile at her innocence. He was happy with the improvement she is making.

"They are pretty because you wear them. But i want my princess to have more pretty clothes, so can i go and bring them?" Rey spoke, stroking her hair lovingly. Taani nodded slightly. Rey smiled, he cupped her face in his palms and gently pressed his lips against her forehead, giving her a soothing kiss.

"I'll be back soon. You stay here and take rest, don't go out till i come back." Rey said to her, taani again nodded in return. She lay down on the bed and rey covered her with blanket. Rey smiled at her, and left from there.


After shopping for her stuff, which was quite awkward task, but he accomplished it, Rey entered his room. He kept the bags on couch and moved toward the bed, where she was sleeping peacefully, due to the medicines effect.

"My innocent angel." Rey thought to himself while adoring her angelic face. He was busy in adoring her when door bell ring broke his trance. He sighed in frustration, he wasn't really in mood to meet someone when he could spend time with his taani.

Nevertheless, he come out of the room and went to open the main door.

"Kriya? What are you doing here?" Rey asked kriya when he opened the door and found her standing at his door step.

"Hi, Rey! I came here to take you at swayum's place. Sharon & Swayum had a huge fight, so we were wondering if you could help us in helping them patch up-" Kriya started off while Rey narrowed his eyes, if it was any other time, he would have happily agreed to help his best friends in patching up, but at the moment, it was the last thing he wanted to do. Rey didn't wanted to go, leaving taani alone at home, knowing her condition.

"Kriya! I would have come but i have some urgent work. You know my dad, he had given me some office work since he is in london, And i can't avoid this work." Rey said to her, giving her apologetic look. Kriya's face fall, their plan failed now she had to think something else to take him at swayum's place for party.

"Rey, I understand, but if possible, please take out just an hour." Kriya told him politely, but he was getting frustrated.

"I really can't Kriya." Rey answered her in calm tone. Kriya sighed, but nodded in understanding.

"Okay, Rey. I'll leave now, Bye." She smiled at him and walked away from there, disappointed. She was thinking of something when an idea came in her mind.

"So what you can't come to the party? Party will come at your place-" Kriya thought to herself with smile, she caught an auto and left for swayum's place, to inform others about the sudden change in plan.


After Kriya left, Rey walked back in his room and sat beside her on the bed. He rested his back against the bedpost and closed him eyes to relax. But his eyes snapped open when he heard her voice after some time.

"Aap aa gaye?" He look beside him, where his angel was laying. His lips curved into a smile as he nodded.

"Yes. And you know, I have brought many dresses for you. You wanna see it?" Rey asked her, hoping for a positive reply. Taani look at him for a moment before she gave a small nod to him. His happiness knew no bound, as if he got best dancer award. He hurried got down from the bed and brought all the shopping bags from the couch.

And the next hour they spent in seeing all the stuff he had bought for her which brought them close to each, specially her. Unknown to herself, she was again getting attach to him, emotionally.


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Awesome update
Loved that how Rey is treating Taani like his own baby
He even forget his bday
Gang planned a surprise for Rey 
But he didn't agreed to come
Now kriya want to bring everyone on his place
What's going to happen next
Eager to read 
Update it asap
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loved it
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Posted: 2016-01-17T10:59:10Z
thanks for pm
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cant wait for next
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Posted: 2016-01-17T11:01:34Z
fab update rey shoping for taani awww nice gang surprised b'day party plan for rey but flop ho gaye nice
next update soon..
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Posted: 2016-01-17T11:02:07Z
Amazing update
Glad to see taani getting close to rey
Nd coming out of her shell
The gang is planning a party at rey's house
The secret will b out now
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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