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A car stopped in front of Rey's house at odd late hour of night. The owner of the car stepped out of the car and walked over the backseat and opened the door. He smirk when he saw her limp body on back seat, blood was coming out of the cut on her forehead, her arms had marks. She looked vulnerable and broken, some one had beaten her badly. 

"Vi..Vishesh." With great difficulty, she spoke but vishesh laughed seeing her state. It satisfied his bruised ego. Vishesh picked her up and throw her outside at Rey's door step. She screamed in agony as pain hit her, But the person standing wasn't affected seeing her in pain. He just laughed evilly. 

"This is what you get when you cheat someone, Taani. You deserve worst than this. You should be thankful that I'm living you alive." Vishesh spat angrily, giving her looks of disgust. Taani cringed away and weeped silently. Her body was paining badly but the pain she was feeling at heart was worst than the physical pain. Nothing could describe the state she was in. she was weak, both physically & mentally.

"Your lover boy will be happy to see you, I hope." Vishesh spoke in venom dripping tone. He stepped forward and pressed the door bell continuously then took step back. He walked over the driver seat, he turned and gave sly smile to taani, who was on verge of falling unconscious. He smirked, satisfied with himself. He got the revenge from her, for betraying him.

He sat in car & drove away from there leaving a broken soul behind, who had lost her everything just in a day. Who become orphan again. Who lost the last ray of hope of getting happiness. The person she trust had burned the little paradise, the person she called her best friend is the reason of her destruction. Darkness clouded her mind and she fell unconscious as she couldn't take the pain anymore. Fate had again betrayed her, snatched away her everything.


"Rey Baba." Kaka shouted in horror when he opened the door and found unconscious body of a girl at their doorstep. Rey come out of his room, hearing kaka's loud voice.

"What happened, Kaka?" Rey asked him, walking toward him while rubbing his eyes with back of his hand. Rey come out of the house and saw kaka kneeling down on ground. His eyes widen when he saw a girl's unconscious body. Her face was covered with her long hair, and he could see the blood coming out of her wounds. He was confused seeing her outside his house in this condition. He felt pain in his heart seeing the girl. He knelt down and with shivering hands he removed her hair from her body to see her face.

"Taani" Rey gasped in horror seeing her face. It was the girl he love. Tears brimmed in his eyes seeing her condition, she had marks & cuts on her face, on her arms she had blue marks like someone had beaten her. He felt someone had ripped his heart away, pain was unbearable for him to see her in this state. She looked pale. Her whitish skin had turned almost white.Without wasting a moment, he scooped her in his arms and took her inside his heart. He had so many questions in his mind but at first, she was important.

"Beta, aap inhe jaante hai?" Kaka who followed him inside, asked him. Rey hurried inside his room and gently placed her on his bed. He was confused, wondering what she was doing here in mumbai when she was suppose to be in jodhpur with her family and vishesh. At the mention of vishesh, his heart cringed. Not wanting to believe she is not his anymore. Brushing his thoughts aside, he saw her with his heart bleeding and eyes crying after seeing his love in this state. He needs to control himself, his first priority is taani.

"Yes, Kaka. She is taani." Rey answered him shortly. He took out his cell phone and dialed his family doctor's number. After informing his doctor to come to his house, rey sat beside her.

"Taani, how did this happen? Who did this to you, sweetheart." Rey whispered, he gently held her hand, not wanting to hurt her. She looked broken, he felt anger toward the person who had done this to her. And the pain in his heart didn't subsided, it was getting worst after seeing all the marks & cuts on her body. It made his blood boiled with anger running through his vein. He prayed to god to keep his taani safe. His heart clenched with a deep sense of sorrow realizing he wasn't there to save his taani from the torture she had gone through. 



Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
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Hello Guys!

I'm here with a new FF. Few of my short stories will be ending in 3 more parts and this concept was roaming in my mind from so long. This Fic will be little different from my other works. It will be little emotional one but i assure you, you will get happy TR ending. I can never write sad ending types of stories on my TaaRey.

It starts 2 weeks after Taani's engagement. Kria has return back and sharon is helping her to woo back Rey. It will be an intense & emotional Fic. This story would deal how the re-entry of Taani effects all lives and most importantly Rey's Life, who is still trying to forget her.

Hope you enjoy this one too. For PMs, Please add my PM account (-Cupcake.PM-) into your buddy list.

Do leave your feedback :)

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hey go on ... amazing... concept...

waiting for first part

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Shocked Shocked Shocked
How can any one do this
Urghh!!! Vishes AngryAngryAngry
He is monster
Rey can feel her pain
I'm sure Rey will not leave that Vishes
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Posted: 4 years ago
awesome prologue
it was painful to read 
something like this
eager to read next part
update it asap
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oops douple posted Edited by princess_tara - 4 years ago
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taani usseh betray kiyaConfused
interesting concept..!!
update soon
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Superb prologue
Update soon
Thanks for PMSmile
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