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Celebrating Time
Congratulations for the Second thread .
Thank you so much for the Loyal readers and who is giving continuous support al the time .

While posting this story I had faced so many problems , so many accusions , so many said so many to me werevr possibleLOL, i want to tell you all the readers ,
first thing Ram is negative character here so the writer is hesitated to post , so i liked the story and posted behalf of the writer , and than the other writers also added to it ,
First we had a short story , but seeing your responce few things we need to explain detail why it happend lik that so we have changed the story so much as per readers feelings towards the connection of the story . so few rumours spread that i had full story if i had full story definately i could hav posted one by oneWinkdaily .
Than coming to NOTE , whenevr i have given note via pms , It was a request that "after reading the story just reply to it ,wether it is good or not , what there is in giving pms than , but people are taking it as THREATOuch i really don't understand what all meanings they got with one line . once you also do this than you will understand if you will giv pm to 100 persons only 60 will give reply and other 40 won't give reply neither like and they keep on pestering you for update,plz update , why you are not updating ,,, via PMs ..ConfusedConfused
and whenevr possible im trying togiv you replies , and my replies were according to your questions , if your question is rude my answer is in my own way how i felt , see the whole thing in positive mannerand i know few readers are not liking the story this way , priya is goin to Ram and staying with him , but this is fiction story we want it ti be happen like this . so until their meet few readers are read and posted comments for them also Thank you so much .Read and enjoy the story ,don't go in tooo personal ..Thank you so much for the support . God bless you all

Authour : AnonymousTongue

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1st Thread


PART-36 PAGE-26 
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Next morning,
Ram woke up from his sleep. He first looks at his son lying beside him. He touches his head and ruffles his hair slightly. He then got up and went to take shower. He quickly gets ready. He is very happy. Today he is going to take Pihu to school for admission. He came out and went to Priya's room. He knocks the door. But there is no response and he again knocks the door and second time too there is no answer he slowly opens the door and peep inside. Priya was not in room. He hears the shower sound and understood that she is in the wash room. He enters and looks at his angel PIHU. She is sleeping very peacefully. She looks very cute in her sleep. His face lit up with smile seeing her innocent face. He goes near her, caresses her face dearly, just when Priya came out from washroom drying her wet hair. She draped a simple aqua color saree.
She looks at Ram once then and stands in front of mirror. The view is most beautiful for him. Priya is drying her hair in front of mirror and the sound of her bangles is like he is hearing some melodious song.
While drying her hair Priya turns her body. Ram is totally lost in her beauty. He looks at her with a mouth wide open. He just forgets to blink his eyes. Her perfect body shape and her curves cover neatly by sari pallu. She looks like an angel to him. He swallows a lump in his throat. His body is heating up seeing her like this. She is looking damn beautiful in that saree and colour is perfectly matching her. He himself can felt his tighten erection. He struggles to controls his feeling.

Suddenly Priya turned to him and Ram change his gaze to Pihu.
Priya:- Aap rehne dijiye mein Pihu ko jaga dungi.
Ram:- Aaj Pihu ke admission ke liye school mein bulaya hai...hame wahi jana hai.
Priya(confusedly):- Admission!!!!
Ram:- Haan...admission ...Abb jab tak Pihu yahan rahegi meine socha hai ki Kush ke saat woh bhi school mein jaayegi.
Priya:- Aapko takleef karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Mein janti hoon muje kya karna hai.
Ram:- Priya mein nahi chahta ki hum dono ke differences ki wajah se Pihu suffer kare aur uski studies ka loss ho
Priya:- aapko kya lagta hai muje Pihu ki chintaa nahi hai. Mein bhi yeh baat janti hoon. Singapore mein Pihu school jaati thi aur abhi agar uska school miss ho raha hai toh uski wajah aap hai. Issliye aap rehne dijiye cheh mahine ke baad hum dono wapas jaa rahe hai mein tab Pihu ka admission kara dungi.
Ram goes and stands very close to Priya and said "Mein aaj Pihu ke admission ke liye jaa raha hoon. Abb yeh tumhe sochna hai ki tumhe saat mein chalna hai ya nahi. Jahan tak mein tumhe janta hoon tum Pihu ko akele mere saat nahi bhejne wali issliye mein neeche tumhara aur Pihu ka intezaar kar raha hoon. Saying this Ram came down and Priya fumes in anger.

Priya woke up Pihu from sleep. Pihu open her eyes and gaze around the place. Suddenly she realizes yesterday she slept with her father.
Pihu:- Mumma hum kal papa ke room mein soye the na. Yahan kaise aaye. Priya looks for an answer. Haan Pihu aap papa ke saat hi soye the. Abhi subah ho gayi na issliye mumma aapko yahan lekar aayi hai. Chalo abb jaldi se utho hame school bhi jaana hai.
Priya couldn't help but to agree with ram's decision as priya also want pihu to join school. 
Pihu(excitedly):- School!!!!! Yayyy...
Priya:- Achha abb jaldi karo baby and she carry pihu to washroom gave her bath and took her to Kush room. Kush is getting ready to go to school.
Pihu:- Kush pata hai mein bhi aaj se tumhare saat school jaaungi.
Kush:- Sachhi Pihu.
Pihu:- Haan...bada maza aayega na. Pihu is very excited.

Priya helps Pihu to get ready and at the same time she is watching Kush. Slowly but nicely he is putting his clothes, comb his hair, put his tie, wear socks and put his school shoes. She noticed he is struggling to tie lace. He tries second time many times but every time he could able to do it but Kush not gave up and after trying for five to six times he finally managed to tie the lace. He collects the school book and put it in the bag. He puts bag on his shoulder and came out from the room.

Priya felt something for Kush. He is a small kid and doing all his work by himself without any complaints. She doesn't know what she is feeling for Kush but she is feeling bad for him and feel like protecting him.
Priya doesn't know anything about kush mother but still she feel connected to him. 
Pihu:- Mumma kya hua kya soch rahi ho. Priya came out from her trance and said kuch nahi Pihu. Aap chalo neeche mein abhi aayi.
Pihu:- Ok and she ran down.

After she has done Priya came out from the room.
Ram:- Kush aaj se Pihu bhi tumhare saat school jaayegi. Excited.
Kush:- haan bahut
Ram:- Good. Toh aaj pihu ka admission aur kal se tum dono school jaayenge.
KK:- Yeh tumne bahut achha kiya beta. Mein bhi tumse yahi kehne wali thi.
Priya is silent.
Amarnath:- Toh aaj ka kya plan hai.
Ram:- Admission hone ke baad mein seedhe office aa jaaunga.

At School,
Raya, Kush and Pihu reached. Pihu gaze around the place and becomes super excited to see the place and said "wow Papa mein iss school mein jaane wali hoon".
Ram:- aapko achha laga
Pihu:- Haan. Bahut achha laga
Ram:- Uske liye jab teachers aapse koi sawal kare na uska jawab aap confidently dena...OK!!!
Pihu:- haan papa
Ram:- Kush aap class mein jaavo. Pihu kal se aapke saat class mein aayegi.
Kush:- Bye papa...Bye Pihu...He then looks at Priya Bye.
Priya walks with them silently. Ram stops her and said "Ek minute Priya...Priya hum yahan Pihu ke admission ke liye aaye hai...issliye mein chahta hoon ki tum thoda smile karo aur thodi kushi dhikao. Tumhe dekhkar hi lagta hai ki tumhe Pihu ke admission mein koi interest nahi hai".
Priya:- Aapne bilkul sahi kaha. Muje koi interest nahi hai Pihu ko yahan join karne mein.
Ram:- Priya this is not the place to fight.
Priya:- ohh really ...yeh aap mujse bol rahe hai. Shayad aap bhool gaye honge mein kuch nahi bhooli hoon Ram.
Ram:- Priya please meine tumse pehle bhi kaha ki hamare beech mein jo bhi problems hai uski wajah se tum Pihu ke career ke saat matt khelo. Pihu par decision lene ka haq sirf tumhara hi nahi mera bhi hai.
Priya said nothing. Pihu is silently watching them and becomes upset seeing her parents fight. Raya and pihu are waiting outside the Principal room they see Principal is coming towards them. Ram greets her with a smile.
Principal:- Mr. Kapoor...Please aayiye and she enter into the room.

Ram before entering "Priya Pihu ka admission ke liye mein kuch bhi kar sakta hoon. Kuch der ke liye hame ek achhe parents ki tarah behave karna hai...Please"
Raya along with Pihu entered into the cabin.
Principal:- Please have a seat...Mr. Kapoor yeh midterm admission hai Right. Mein iski wajah jaan sakti hoon
Ram:- haan meri wife aur beti Singapore mein rehte hai. Wahan unka business hai. Abhi yahan aaye hai.
Principal:- ohh Good. Mr. Kapoor if Im not wrong aapka ek beta bhi hai. Issi school mein hai.
Ram:- Yes maa'm. Kush Kapoor. Issi school mein hai 1st A mein.
Principal:- Ok..Toh mein Pihu se kuch sawal karna chahungi and she asked few questions to Pihu which she answers it very confidently. Principal was impressed with Pihu and she got admission in the school. Ram becomes happy where Priya only smile which was not unnoticed by Pihu.

Raya and Pihu came out from the school. Pihu looks sad with no excitement on her face. Raya noticed this.
Priya bend down to her level and asked "Pihu kya hua aap kush nahi hai"
Pihu:- Mumma hum wapas Singapore kab jaayenge.
Ram:- Kya hua Rockstar...He also bend down on his knees then looks at Priya and said "tumne hi sikaya na sab kuch...tumne hi Pihu se kehne ko bola na"
Priya:- Pihu kya hua baby aap toh bahut happy thi na mumma se bolo kya hua kisi ne kuch kaha kya
Ram:- kisi ne nahi tumne hi Pihu se kaha hoga yeh sab karne ko aur abb mere saamne masoom banne ka natak kar rahi ho.
Priya:- Aap ek minute chup rahenge...mein Pihu se yeh sab kyun kahungi
Ram:- Taaki tum muje aur Pihu ko alag kar sako
Priya:- Meine Pihu se kuch nahi kaha...Pihu bachhe bolo na kya baat hai
Pihu:- Jab se mumma aap yahan aayi hai hamesha sad sad rehti hai. Aur aap aur papa bhi jab dekho ladte rehte hai. Pihu ko achha nahi lagta. Muje yahan nahi rehna mumma. Muje kady didi ke saat wapas jana hai.


Priya looks down. Ram looks at Priya and again looks at Pihu and said "Pihu Papa promise karte hai aaj ke baad papa kabhi bhi gussa nahi karenge aur kabhi bhi mumma se fight nahi karenge"

Priya:- Haan princess aaj ke baad mumma bhi kabhi sad nahi rahegi

Pihu:- Promise

Raya together:- haan pakka wala promise.

Pihu smiles and said "teek hai phir aap dono dosti karo aur handshake karo"

Priya:- Pihu yeh kya hai baby.

Pihu:- Nahi aap dono ko handshake karna padega.

Raya looks into each other. Ram slowly forwards his hand and with little hesitation Priya also gave her hand to Ram. Both lightly shake their hand and Priya take out her hand from him. Pihu becomes happy.

Ram:- Pihu aap gaadi mein baitho papa ko mumma se kuch baat karna hai

Ram:- Priya Please mein Pihu ko sad nahi dekh sakta issliye hum pihu ke saamne ek achhe friends ki tarah rahenge.

Priya said nothing


Ram:- Tum office chal rahi ho.

Priya:- Aap jaayiye office muje Rajat Sir se milne jana hai.

Hearing his name Ram fisted his hand in anger but he stayed calm and said "Teek hai mein tumhe Guest house hi chod deta hoon"

Priya:- Nahi mein aur Pihu khud hi chale jaayenge.

Ram:- Tumne suna nahi Pihu ne abhi kya kaha. Hame Pihu ke saamne ek hone ka natak karna hoga.

Ram drop Priya and Pihu in the guest house and left. Pihu quickly ran inside to play with kady.

Jyothi:- Kaisi ho Priya..

Priya smiles and said "teek hoon"

Jyothi:- Priya hum sab sham ki flight se wapas jaa rahe hai.

Priya keep silent.


Jyothi:- Sach kahu toh tumhe eise akele chodkar jaane ka mann nahi kar raha hai.

Priya:- Akele kahan hoon mein. Pihu mere saat hai, maa hai dadi hai papa hai. Tumhe meri chintaa karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Waise bhi tum dono ne mere liye bahut kuch kiya hai.

Jyothi(hesitantly):- Priyaaa...kahi Ram ne tere saat...

Priya:- Nahi kuch nahi kiya Ram ne... Achha yeh sab chod aur bata packing sab ho gaya kya. Mein koi madat karu

Jyothi:- Haan ho gaya hai

Priya:- Rajat sir kahan hai..kahi dhik nahi rahe.

Rajat:- Priyaa...Mein yahan hoon. Yeh batao kaisa raha interview..pihu ko admission mila ki nahi.

Priya nodded and said "Haan Pihu ko admission mill gaya hai".


Rajat:- chalo Ram ne yeh bahut achha kiya. Priya smirk at Rajat.

Rajat:- achha woh sab chodo...yeh rahi files isme agreement se lekar abhi tak ke work se related sabhi documents isme hai.

Priya took the file... flips some pages and asked "Meine aapse office dekhne ki bhi baat ki thi uska kuch hua".

Rajat:- Haan meine ek do office dekhkar rakka hai. Rent thoda jyada hai phir bhi achha hai. Ek baar dekh lo office pasand aata hai ki nahi. Iss file mein unke saare detail aur numbers bhi hai...and he gave another file to Priya. Aur koi baat hai toh mein wahan hoon hi. 

Priya:- Thanks Rajat Sir. Sirf cheh(six) mahine ki baat hai uske baad mein koi bhi Indian projects mein kaam nahi karungi.

Rajat:- Priya muje phir bhi eisa lagta hai ki  tumhe ek baar Amarnath uncle se baat kar leni chahiye office ke maamle mein

Priya:- Nahi Sir papa se kahungi toh woh muje Kapoor Industries mein rehkar hi kaam karne bolenge aur mein yeh nahi chahti. Ek baar office mill jaaye phir mein papa ko samja dungi.

Jyothi:- Achha agar aap dono ki business ki baate ho gayi ho toh kya mein apni dosth ke saat kuch der baat kar sakti hoon.

Priya spend some more time with jyothi. She helped jyothi in packing and all. Pihu also enjoyed a lot with kady. In the evening Rajat and Jyothi are ready to leave. Priya becomes emotional. She had tears in her eyes. She hugs Jyothi tightly and finally Rajat and Jyothi left.


In the evening Priya reached home. She went to her room freshen up and gave bath to pihu and give her food.

Priya:- Pihu aaj aap apne room mein soyengi. Ok.

Pihu:- Aur aap kahan soyegi mumma.

Priya:- Mumma apne room mein soyegi.

Pihu:- Mumma aap papa ke room mein kyun nahi sote. Mumma aapne phir se papa se jagda kiya...aapne promise kiya tha na ki aap papa se fight nahi karogi.

Priya remain silent. Pihu aapko mumma ke saat sona hai toh so sakti hai.

Pihu:- Nahi muje apne room mein hi sona hai.

Priya:- Toh chalo raat bahut ho gayi hai kal aapko school bhi jaana hai.


 Priya enter in Kush and Pihu's bedroom. She saw Kush is sleeping peacefully on his bed.

Priya:- Pihu dekho Kush so gaya hai. Abb aap bhi jaldi se so jaavo.

Pihu:- Mumma papa kahan hai.

Priya:- Pihu papa nahi aaye hai beta. Aap so jaavo. Kal subah baat kar lena and she put Pihu to sleep. After she slept she kisses her forehead and covers her with duvet. Then Priya turns towards Kush goes near him cover him with quilt. She looks at him for some time and touches his forehead lightly. Krishna watches her from outside and smile appears on her face.


Priya came back to room and locked the door.

Priya:- Nahi agar Pihu ko meri zaroorat padi aur agar raat mein Pihu darr gayi toh. Pihu kabhi bhi akele nahi soyi hai. Muje darwaza lock nahi karna chahiye. Door lock kar diya toh muje uski awaz bhi nahi sunayi dega. She turns back and unlocks the door and opens the door half. She lay on bed.

Priya(thinking):- Kush kon hai...Kush ki maa kaha hai. Woh kahi dhikayi kyun nahi deti. Kush apni hi banayi hui chotti si duniya mein bahut kush hai. Kya Ram ne bhi Kush ki maa ke wahi kiya jo...she stops. Kya Ram ne Kush ko uski maa se alag kiya aur abb mujse bhi Pihu ko alag kar denge. Nahi nahi mein eisa hone nahi dungi. Mein Pihu ko Ram ke hawale nahi karungi. Mein nahi janti jo mein soch rahi hoon woh sahi hai ya nahi yaa phir iske peeche kuch alag ki raaz hai. Thinking all this she turn into deep slumber.

Ram came back home very late. He freshens up and changes into night dress. Bansi kaka brought him food.

Ram:- Sabne khaa liya hai kya.

BK:- Haan saab sabka khana ho chukka hai. He finishes his food and went to see his daughter. He enters in kid's room, kisses both of them and came out. He looks at Priya room.


Ram(thinking):- Shayad Priya so gayi hai. He moves towards her room and slowly opens the door. He saw Priya is sleeping. He goes near her and looks at her for some time. She is looking lovely in dim light. Priya sense his presence but pretended to sleep. Her heart is pumping fast. She was not sure what he is upto. Is he trying to take advantage and repeat the past or something else? She shut her eyes tightly and held the linen very tightly when she feel a touch on her feet.

First she thought Ram will take advantage of her but then he started in low voice which is slighty audible to priya. 

Ram: Priya I m sorry for whatever I did in past. I m feeling so guilt about my past behaviour but i have changed now. still I m hurting u with this custody case I know I m doing wrong and again hurting u... but I want to spend some time with my daughter atleast for 6 months. 

I know tum mere beti se itni aasani se milne nahi dogi isliye ye custody case ke sahaare mai tum dono ko ghar leka aya hu...

Sorry Priya ,, I m really Sorry for hurting you again and again. Please forgive me what I have done... but mujhe ek ache papa ke tarah meri beti ko pita ke pyaar dena chahta hu bas.. mai koi tumhari advantage nahi lena chahta hu .. trust me..!! mai apni galti sudaarna chahta hu... joh maine tumhe takleef dia tha .. maafi ke layak nahi I know but I am still waiting for your forgiveness. 

ye sab mai tumhare aage keh nahi paa rha tha... infact tum mujhe ek mauka bhi nahi derhi thi ... saying this he wipes his tears kneel down near her feet and kept his forehead near her head. Priya stiffen her bodAy but it gets unnoticed by ram. He sat there for some time and then he got up and wipes his tears and left.


After he left Priya got up. She has a puzzle look on her face. She does not figure out what just happened and what Ram is trying to do. What he wanted to prove?.

Priya(thinking):- Ram yahan...Kya karne aaye the. Kya yeh wahi Ram hai jise mein janti hoon. Nahi yeh Ram bahut alag hai. Mein jiss Ram ko janti hoon woh kisi ki izzat nahi karta hai toh phir yeh Ram kon hai.

With so many thoughts in her mind she drifted into deep slumber after some time.

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Superb part waiting for next part wishing ki priya feels something for ram n forgive him
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Posted: 2015-09-12T23:49:49Z
Woowww second thread..!!
Congrats. ..!

Coming to ur note...
I agree with u... ppl should comment on story here in this forum too..Tongue

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Superb update...!! Loved it...

Pihu was upset that her parents were fighting with each other...
Ya it will have a impact on kids in this situation. ..
I hope ram n priya will handle these situations nicely so that pihu couldnt enter into such situations...
Ram is changed... but he is still hurting priya by this custody case... he has his own reasons for it..
Ram feeling guilty remembering past... what he did .. how was his behavior with priya...
Still priya need time to trust him...
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-09-13T01:08:14Z
nyc part...ram cnfsd his flngz 2wrds slpng priya...bt priya wz ptndng to slp...she hrd him wl...nw she z shckd n cnfsd...i hope ds confsn wl brng some chngs in priya.hpng fr bst...continue soon.
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Posted: 2015-09-13T01:14:14Z
wow second thread..!!
Congrats. ..!

Superb update. Loved it!!!
Waiting for the next ...

Update soon.
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