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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sarsyed

I want to kill balaAngry

He has been a selfish stereotypical man...he is self centred now 15000 tempt him
Posted: 6 years ago
Sales offsites are always interesting. Its a group of people that are REALLY GOOD at what they do. There were 90 men and 5 women!!!!!!!
Sales is a testosterone laden biz it seemed like. The women bragged about staying up until 3 AM 4 AM and in some cases
 NOT going to bed, smoking cigars and downing martinis at the bar.

But as people they are wary, nervous and insecure. I notice rare friendships, but mostly a lot of focus on appearance and "projecting a certain persona"
People openly declare they are "competitive and LOVE to "win" as if its a badge of honor.
But are not very "receptive" when they hear the same thing
I discovered I am not  a hiker like R&B. I hiked 3.5 miles on a rocky mountain behind the resort/hotel two mornings in a row, at 5 AM
I also found "fit people" are snobs mostly. Ive met hundreds over the last 3 years of going to the Y
Drinking a glass of water from some fancy drinking apparatus (I will never understand goras obsession with water anyway)
I hiked with a woman in a group of 6 I will admit I was the slowest, though not the fattest or with the least energy.
The gal asking me after every yard "Are u doing OK?" which irritated the crap out of me
Like I was dying and she had somehow scaled Mt Everest in an hour.
I gave up after the 3rd mile and asked her to go on with the group
She lingered and acted like she was going to stay back "for my sake"
I told her "I am not hiker" there!!! "Hope u are happy tone"

She was overjoyed!!

I am not in Sales (ermmm I mean I DONT sell, so I have no shame in admitting my limitationsLOL)

The hikers that walked up or down acted like they were guarding Hungary's border. Nasty and rude
Most of them almost naked showing off every shiny muscle in the body
(afterall even for "seasoned hikers" its about showing your body and not about enjoying the hike itself". Such phonies!!)

I wanted to tap them on the shoulder and whisper in their ear "You can be nice you know. In the BIGGG picture of life HOW MANY muscles you have doesnt matter one bit. You could hike from Alaska to California all in ONE day. And then could be gone before I snap my fingers. Remember to be NICE. You dont wnat to be known as a "she was a great hiker but a bitch" do ya?"AngryCry
I know Envee and many others are serious hikers. none of what I said apply to themClap
This whole "fit snob" thing is a gora phenomenon I feel.

Its like the arrogance college educated display when they are around high school drop outsLOL

Incidentally PWC and KPMG had a Risk Assessment seminar two days at the very hotel.
No II anywhere in sightWink

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sarsyed

I want to kill balaAngry
Can u kill ritu too pls or send her to mars

Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Nisha welcome back!!
The 2 sisters are back in focus. BalaAngry. I can see despite his failings his need to worry about family , extended family etc. But the money talk was really disrespectful. Won't protective Appa ever pick up this quid pro quo he seems to be laying with Vandu ?!

Posted: 6 years ago
Are Wah, hiking and all Han! Super. I guess most of those you met were the arrogant kinds, who carry their hiking boots on their heads...koi Rb types Nahi  mila???  And  I guess you met a lot of subbus-  sales types though. . I can't hike to  save my life so I am glad you got to be a part of the select group of hikers.
Where were these mountains though  which you climbed? 

Posted: 6 years ago
Hiking and fitness have become the fetish of the cool or elitist class of today...yes there seems to be no effort to stay in commune with nature or with the folks you are hiking appears to be a bid to prove a point as you rightly put a projection of mountaineering instructor used to say Vidya watch people when you are in the mountains you will learn a great deal about yourself and others.
Great to see you in your elements hope you rested well and made up for lost time with the guys at home...your lil one in particular 
Posted: 6 years ago
Have a wonderful Sunday people. 
Looks like it has to be another indoor day..may be the mall. There are forest fires raging in Indonesia and a health advisory for people to stay indoors because of the smoke and the haze the wind carries over to the region. What would people here not give to breathe freshCry

Hiking to show off Broken Heart

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