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Posted: 6 years ago
"The driver was slll...oww and smooth, taking an extra 20 minutes getting her to work"

"Hey kid!!" he smiled
Ritu worked her muscles trying to do the same"

What joy Tongue . Indicators as to how much all of us hv missed you and reading this story in this break.
Thank you .

Your seven year old's excitement should be hitting the roof now.
Enjoy your wkend.
And I won't pester you for an update but will choose to shoot from
Noufi shoulders for updates india morning Wink LOL .

Hope you had a fulfilling start in your new role Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Pre and post natal stress

Around 12:45 she threw up the first time ever at work.
Mahavir was too cute, he had packed many "plastic disposable bins" if it was too late to run to the rest room
But thankfully she was already there. She had to go back to brush her teeth though
Ritu met her in the hallway, unwilling to comment on her puffy pink face and teary eyes and watery nose

II had texted the dude after getting to her cube

"I am at work now"

He was on a call and didnt respond until moments ago

"How are u feeling?'
"Everything at work smells JUST SO STRANGE" she texted
He sent a half smile

"I shud have brought a jar of ur shave cream" she texted


"I could come over" he texted

"U need to stay put where u are too many single women in KMPG for the clean shaven R&B" she said

"Say that to me at night" he challenged
She sent a blush

"Hey can we meet after lunch?" Ritu asked

"Sure I would love to" II smiled

"Is everyone at home happy?' Ritu asked with a faraway look
"DELIRIOUS" II said sheepishly

"U have turned quiet since u became pregnant" Ritu informed

"No no no...I am just trying to figure things out I guess. My husband would be very shocked to hear that" II laughed

"Is he in town?" she asked

"I thought... u knew?" II was confused

"I meant is he still here?" she asked

II nodded unable to say more

Like it suddenly reminded her, he might be gone soon

"Can I just come grab u when I have a few?" Ritu enquired

"Sounds like a good idea" II nodded

She had 100s of unread email from last week, whatever Bally hinted in the morning about Phoenix Dataware claiming fraud with the code was unsettling
As far as II knew the TransPro was a"acquired SW". "Much" of it was not written in house.

Based on the outcome they would either go after more aggressively at untapped markets or abandon the SW Sales effort altogether

She walked back to her desk and opened a can of coconut water... it tasted sugary sweet.. with chunks of coconut in it

Wed was Chef night according to Ranjan and he wanted her to pick out a menu

He appeared hopeful and happy

She had completed and sent the analysis over the weekend
The strike had to end to end so many weeks of productivityhad been lost already. Excelsior was not a
 huge multinational conglomerate to stay shut for months and still be able to sustain istelf
She worried for Ranjan'shealth more than she worried for Excelsior


Bala drank his chai quietly @ DII

"She has already booked her tickets kanna" he said softly

"You never asked me da" Akka was unhappy

"I am sorry... she is coming only for three days, for orientation" "If she finds someone
she gets along with she may not need our help" he said arrogantly about Vaishnavi

"GOOD because, I cant be pampering her instead of my newborn" Akka said remorselessly

"I never say anything like that about your parents or sisters" Bala hissed softly

"You dont LIVE with them" Akka whispered

"I visit them, take care of them... and am always nice to them he claimed

The door was tightly shut, Amma was making Shravu do home work, Appa had gone to get Periappa's meds

"Excuse me but I LIVE with your parents and Athai" Akka spat back

Bala was quiet for a while

"Appa Athai they all are going to think I am not doing enough" Bala finally admitted he wasnt too happy about the Vaishnavi situation either

"LET THEM BALA. We have TWO now. Shravu's grades are barely hanging for life.
He cries so much in the evening I feel he might have colic. LET people think what they want" Akka said between gritted teeth

Bala grunted... "there is no way to get out of her three day visit"

Akka didnt say a word. "
"If she stays there she cooks cleans, and takes care of all three, Appa Amma and NOIDA Athai" Akka said mercilessly

"She is only 21 or 22," he mumbled

"Well too bad I married at 25 and did the same"

"Solli paakaren naan" (I will try)

"They are even willing to pay us Rs. 15,000 a month, even though we are family" Bala unwittingly displayed the subtle joy at the monetary reward

"Enna velaydereya? WHO cares for the money Bala. Where will she sleep? There are only three bedrooms.
I want a 4th bedroom for the baby too. Or I want Ambala Anna to get off his lazy ass and come get Amma Appa for a year, so Shubhang can have his own room"

"If they go for 6 months or three months how can we take Amma Appa's room Vandu?" Bala was deeply hurt and offended

Akka was OK
She finally said what was bothering her

"I am not saying I want their room, I just want the kids to have their own room each" Akka mumbled, a lil ashamed

"So my parents are hampering your fantasy about a ideal Delhi life?' Bala hammered

Akka glared

Baldies stirred and began to cry loudly

Akka reached up and grabbed him

Shravu stormed through the door, hoping to give up home work and watch his bro

His parents continued to glare at each other

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Yaaay I m first to like nd reply...
Wht a contrast Nisha of two siblings. And u know its a realty it happens in real world also so I m not going to beleive that sosy is imaginary!! It has to be true Clap
Gr8 writing Nisha missed and craved for updates like hell.
Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha I just loved loved the ii r&b conversation the way she told him to stay where he is coz she did not want any single girl ogle on her man.. 

Vandita is someone I am actually feeling bad for she has some basic desires which almost everyone will have and still has to face her husbands rejection of it.. 

Bala in my eyes is a spineless Jerk who cannot prioritise his wife and childrens req over some random outsider 
Posted: 6 years ago
I want to kill balaAngry
Posted: 6 years ago
Great ! Congrats again :)
Posted: 6 years ago
I am wondering, what's with the far away look in Ritu's eyes when she checks on II's family's happiness. Is she yearning,may be missing the boat while pursuing her career interests and envy popping up or is it just her mind being elsewhere mouthing the rhetoric.

The SW not being in house completely and the legality of it ,sure is interesting. It's fascinating to observe you moving / weaving the plots with angles such as this.

How thoughtful of minion to pack disposable bin for II. His loyalty and charm is endearing .

Once bitten twice shy, already having a heart burn cos of one Milkmaid at the ice team parlor, she did not loose much time guarding her territory warding off possible ' milkmaids'with regards to her clean shaven husband asking him to stay put and not come to her office. She doesn't need this heartburn now. She anyway will have to maybe face a real heart burn few months down the line as her tummy grows big.
Big smile .

Yet again the title pre and post natal stress Embarrassed

Emotionally charged situation between Bala and Vandu. The extra 15000 is a carrot that is dangling big time in front of Bala.
And a tired vandu is ready to explode.Carrot and stick principle. It's only that Bala is dangling the carrot and vandu is showing him the stick Big smile . Hmmm... Tough !

Sooper as alwaje Embarrassed Nisha Edited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Baby steps at week...giant strides in IF...congratulations Nisha you are back with a bang...

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