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Posted: 6 years ago
Ok guys will stop by soon. Byeee Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Bye dee enjoy your day or evening or whatever .
Have a good time
Posted: 6 years ago
Asma it was indeed beautiful with a wedding on the beach at back yesterday...
Posted: 6 years ago
Hirsute and Heartburn

"Vandu what will u eat kanna, if u dont want take out?" Amma asked

"ask her she is the guest ma" Vandu winked

II made a face

R&B was wandering to the balcony with Bala, nodding to his questions
He rarely spoke, loved to listen mostly

II took baldie from Akka's arms and cuddled

Periappa was asleep
Appa watched his son in laws being friendly  "If he has calls cant u stay kanna?" Appa plotted


"I will make jeera rice and baingan bharta for u?" Amma asked

"No ma, the charred smell I dont like" II mumbled

Amma sighed worriedly

"Nobody has had this much nausea

"She runs around for everybody's sake the baby could have waited" Appa sulked

Akka cackled "I cant believe u are saying that,"

Appa looked displeased  "Kozhandai dee aval" (she is a baby)

"Appa" Akka admonished  "I cant even begin explaining, its wrong to talk this way to a parent. But she is married to him"

Amma got up uncomfortably

"U know Appa" Amma whispered  "Bala had her pregnant in 10 months she was younger too"

Appa glared at Amma

The men wandered back  "Shall we?" R&B asked II

"Let her eat. You should eat too" Amma smiled

Bala walked over to the couch and found the letter. "Vandu?" he read aloud

And turned to his wife "Cho chweeet no?"  "He is too cute" Akka sighed

Appa looked at Akka like "What are u smoking

R&B bend down and grabbed the baby from II's arms, as he sat down on a dining table chair by her

"looks like he might get hair soon" he rubbed his index finger gently on the bald head

II laughed, she took her index finger and rubbed it on his head and rubbed the baby's head afterwards

"I am bringing him hair luck" she smiled

"CHAAR SPA?" Bala enquired loudly

"she can split it over 4 if she wants" R&B informed

"Arey wah I need to have a baby too" Bala sighed. He hadnt seen the insides of any spa, he belonged to Appa's world

"They charge too much money for things one can easily do at home" Appa reminded

"there are no hot muscular men at home Appa" Akka chuckled winking at II

"VANDITA" Appa scolded

Bala looked a lil miffed

"Not to mention sexy hands" II whispered

R&B turned to his wife and arched his eyebrows

Amma walked out of the kitchen, "OK  a quick dinner of pulao and raita" she smiled

II got up and pulled veggies out of the frig  "U owe me 5 turns for letting u hold the dude" she warned her husband

He looked like he wanted to go, he was distinctly uncomfortable with Appa around

Shravu came out "Paatti what can I have to eat"

"Vandu u stay... I mean u have fun I will take him home da" Bala said abruptly

"YOU WERE STAYING NOW?" Akka shrieked

Amma peeked out of the kitchen again  II peeled carrots on the dining table she shifted anxiously

"enna avasaram irungo" (stay) Appa ordered

"No Mama, Vaishnavi is coming tomorrow at 4, I have to take the afternoon off. Kaarthala seekrama polame nenaichen" (I want to get to work early)

Appa was not prepared for the public announcement of a Munirka guest

"she is a very accomplished girl" Appa went on the defensive
As if thats all it took... a person had to be accomplished and Akka would take on being a slave for them

Akka was visibly sulking

"U never told me the tickets were booked Bala" Akka accused, unmindful of R&B

"Uh" "Umm" II attempted to talk

R&B turned to wards her, his phone rang as if on cue... he watched his wife's face relax visibly

He gently gathered the baby protectively and fished the phone out of his pocket, standing up, towering over everyone

Answering in French...

Wandering into the bedroom

"Vandu its only for 3 days, she will return on Saturday, u are here, so why worry?"

"I worry because idaye oru saaka solli aval permanent aa inga varuvo" (she will use this as an excuse and will show up permanently)

Bala HATED being taken to task in front of II like that

He placed the spa letter no to gently on the coffee table it hit the roses and fell down "THIS is also for you?" he asked glumly

"WHY will he send me flowers? Its for his wife"

II had fled to the kitchen with the chopped shimla mirch and carrots "Amma where are the Mother Dairy frozen peas?" she lied, she hadnt even opened the freezer

Amma looked at her meaningfully eye signalled  "where is ur husband"

"Call" II mumbled

"Flowers are excessive. Oru limit vendaama?" (I mean how can any one spend thousands on FLOWERS?) Appa demanded

Bala stared at them unable to speak he had never sent anything like that to Vandu EVER
Shravu walked out again with a empty cup

"Has Uncle R left?" he demanded worried

"No raja he is n the phone" Akka smiled

"Inga edukku anupichan flowers, avala romba anba paathukaran kamikavo?" (why did he have to send flowers here? He wants me to believe he loves my daughter?) Appa asked

"Convincing you is impossible so  I dont think he would do that if he had the intelligence of a 5 year old" Akka slammed Appa

Bala was a lil jealous Akka would pick up weapons on behalf of his co brother in law, and he was a lil upset his wife was willing to vouch for dude's character

appa was unhappy. period. He got up and switched on the TV

akka read her Tamil periodical quietly

Bala shifted, and sighed  "I cant ask her to cancel her plans now kanna" he mumbled

"Its fine" Akka sulked "Just make sure she doesnt show up with three suitcases when I return in the next couple months" Akka mumbled

"Couple of months aa?" "I thought u were returning before Navaratri, Amma says she is already missing Shubhang" Bala informed

Akka did not respond

II stepped out of the kitchen and walked to the frig and opened the freezer Appa had played Sun News loudly

"Paatti I am hungry" Shravu yelled

Amma smiled and brought out dosa for him

"enna ma, he will wait... he cant have whatever he wants" Akka ordered

"VANDU" amma shushed her  realizing Vandu was redirecting her annoyance

"U spoil him here when I go back he wont eat what I make for dinner" Akka spat at Amma

"Shravu paati is making pulao kanna" suddenly on his wife's side

"Appa I AM HUNGRY... amma made me do math questions from three chapters" he whined loudly

"If u dont care for get then get 25/25 on ur next unit test" Vandu mocked the child

"I didnt fail, I GOT EIGHTEEN" he yelled

"VANDITA" amma hissed

II was heared tossing veggies in a saute pan
Amma had changed her mind and was smaking fried rice since it would be quicker

The baby had slept, R&B set him in the center of the bed and barricaded him with pillows (CUTE!!!) like he would crawl off at two months?

Shutting the windows, pulling the curtains, and hitting the lil orange bulb II turned on at nights

He lay by the sleeping baby talking on the phone, gently placing his index finger in his tiny fist

II walked over to her room and peeked through the open half door. He did his email on the phone

she had a look of " middle class woes"

He extended his arm as if saying "come here"

She didnt go

Suddenly deflated and dejected

She leaned on the shut half of the door on the inside

"We can go if u dont wnat to eat" she whispered

dreading what the dining table was going to bring

He looked at her and said frimly

"we can go after dinner" he said in his firm, yet husky voice

Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely response from all...each dealing with different worries and complexes...II dreading what her Appa would tell her Dude...Akka defending him and annoyed at Vaishnavis visit...targeting Shravvu and Bala instead...Appa venting on the dude he hated for the inability of his chella maapillai
Posted: 6 years ago
Middle class definitely woes"
Cry Cry

Thanks for the knock on head Nisha..
Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update nisha I really loved the way u have described the difficulties II faces I just hate the way appa over supports bala in a way he is responsible for Vandus misery and also the fact that he wants to always try to find faults with the dude to show him down ..  I just love the way r&b and shubang were together in the room... 

Amazing update nisha the difference between the lives of two sisters is so beautifully described 
Posted: 6 years ago
Ok that girl is accomplished. For getting a engg seat in Mumbai.
Then what tge hell is dude who did both his masters on his own merit with scholarship in CMU and summa cum laude.

He did sent to his wife what he can't do that obviously he know she is going there .

Appa and his logics.

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