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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

I know!! Some ppl I know are big time fans of the F&F series. I've watched most of the movies and another one with Paul Walker in it. That 'see you again' song has been playing on loop in my playlist for months now.


I guess I better sleep. This stupid internet isn't helping either to keep me calm.

Good day/ night ppl...

Yep I guess you posted that song months ago, so I thought there's some company here and truth be told I followed the series after he passed awayEdited by KjoinlovewithKP - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Currently our apartment Ganesha dancing for:
London Thumakada from Queen..
Oh oh
Now for Dance Basanti Sleepy
They are playing these songs for Lord ganesha Shocked
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Currently our apartment Ganesha dancing for:
London Thumakada from Queen..
Oh oh
Now for Dance Basanti Sleepy
Ii know how our movies ha-vr taken over our collective consciousness
Posted: 6 years ago

 Daughters & Damaads

Bala arrived not too long after, a bit startled to see his fave saali and her husband explaining something to her parents

The largest bouqet of roses hed ever seen sat on his FIL's coffee table, a loose red? pink? silk ribbon lay on the sofa by a glossy envelope and a letter
It had the Maurya, prayer logo

Shravu jumped up and tried to ambush him, he carried bags with him

R&B turned at the commotion and smiled

"Hey Bala"

"Hey man, kabhi aaya rey?" he asked

"Umm... an hour ago?" R&B looked at his wife

She nodded agreeing, one of the few times itll ever happen in Dude's life

"Nee eppo vandey kanna?" (when did u get here?) he smiled at II

"Oh I took the day off to be with your wife" II said smugly

Amma was pleased to see her "Whole" family assembled in the tiny living room

Akka peeked out with the baby
"Vandeya?" (so u are here? Dey did u get my orange blouse?) Akka yanked a jute Nalli Sarees bag from Athim's hand and sifted

"VANDU" amma scolded her for using "Da"

"ayyo Ma, its been 12 years, he doesnt care" Vandu was irritated

"Mami (Iyer son in laws address in laws at Mama and Mami) I dont get any respect" Bala mumbled and then smiled

"Come come sit" Appa urged his Iyer damaad  "Vandu, u shud respect your husband kanna" Appa ordered

"ayyo pa... this has nothing to do with respect" Akka went on the defensive

"Aaaja yaar" Bala urged R&B

"I am going to be with Akka da" II whispered

"ISHITA" Amma scolded her next

"Amma" II mumbled

"Da is a bad word?" R&B ASKED INNOCENTLY


(U are such a scum bag)

II smiled humorlessly...

"Its not an endearment" Amma explained

Appa shifted uncomfortably

He was thinking of things he could say to the dude.

Bala walked over purposefully and hugged II

"ENNA DA? CANT WAIT TO HAVE A LIL ONE LIKE HIM?" Bala laughed hysterically

II blushed
"Thanks Athim" "Ummm"

"SOLLU DA... I am listening" He bend down... erm... looked up I mean II was an inch taller :P

"Umm..." II mumbled

Appa was fidgety  "I hope they will let her take time off

R&B turned casually and chuckled  "I hope so too" he muttered

His tone... II was more familiar with was like "Mr Iyer do you SERIOUSLY think I care about the
fact that she can or cant get time off? I  want her to be safe and healthy"

"Party kab de raha hai saale" Bala back slapped R&B

"Tomm night? Tonight?" he asked

II glared  



"Bala u shud go tonight Ishita is staying the night"

Immediately II's husband looked at her "No you are NOT" look on his face


Amma: Why are u all hovering near the dining table, please go sit, neenga enna saapadrel? (What will u eat)
She directed a question at Bala

"Dinner Madhavi, what else" Appa supplied for his fave son in law

"U should stay too" bala coaxed

"Are u staying" II asked eagerly

Bala nodded smugly

"Umm... he has calls" II LIED, tilting her shoulder towards hubby like a agyakaari biwi

Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha I was actually waiting to read it before I sleep I just loved the way ii has made up a reason of his calls to escape with him loving it...
I just loved it when amma shouted at both her daughters for using da...

Hope you had an amazing ganesha Pooja 
Posted: 6 years ago
What do you think Bala's reaction to the spa day would be? As it is he hates being compared and now when he sees his wife going all gaga over the the spa coupons, I wonder whether he will see it as a gift from a youbger brother or take it completely otherwise? the aankhon ki bhaasha between II and Rb is now quite well defined. she knows excatly when he wants and what he thinks.. 
super Nisha!  
Posted: 6 years ago

Thaneye thanadaniye aval padi eri, moochu vangi thaay veedu vandaal
Pinne aval pinne...kelvi thangiya thoodhuvan oruvan avalai thedi vandhaan
Enna ? Yaar? endra kelvi ezhumbinaalum  Ishitha Bhalla naan enna thanai velipaduthinaal
poo avan mugam maraiya thaangi vandhadhai koduthuvittu avan sella
Pookal erupaduthiya thaakam theerum mun Akkavirkku vandhadhu aval parisu...inbuttru thilaithu avan Anbu patri aval sl*githu
unadhu letteril enna endru ketka poipesun Ishitha velipattal
Kudharka badhil aval koora...Ethannai pookal enna Amma silirka...yaar edharkku endra araichikku muttru pulliyai
Vandhaan avalin Avan vandhaan 

Thulli anaithaan Shravu...anbaai varavetra Amma Geli pesi Akka...mounamozhiyil nayaganum avannin pokishamum
Poipesa avan murai..poi nambi avanirkkum pennirkum vazhi erpaduthum Amma
Kadhavai saatri avalai vaari anathu avalai amaidhipaduthi
Niraivil mana niraivil irruvarum veli vara
Geeli seyya innumoru vaipu Akkavirku
Thuvangiyadhu vegamaga Animal Planetin Q&A neram
Vaipu nalla vaipu Paper plane vidu thoodhu
Kutaravaaliyai avanai riruthi kurukku visaaranay seyum Appa
Enna samaipadhu eppadi varaverpadhu endra enna otathil Amma
Avanudan en avanudan naan pogavedum enna adam pidilum manadhu aval manadhu
Samadhana muyarchiil rojavum avan odalum, paper plane thoodhugalum...avan avalai than vasam irthaan

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Posted: 6 years ago


Sugar & Spice



Kinds of fights...



One of many...



"Gee thanks!!"



Did my heart make it to you?



Blank card & Jake Gyllenhaal



Description on a Dornier



Daughters & Damaads



Can anyone check your index and tell me if my list is right index shows only till 723...

Edited by moonwearer - 6 years ago

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