Yu Hota to Kya hota #DAY Priya's WISHLIST Part 2 on page 1

Posted: 2015-09-10T11:37:57Z
after so many days i m posting here missed so much

So 7 day 7 wishes Of priya but i converted it in MY view and give name 
Yu Hota to Kya hota

So Ram goes to Priya's coaching wore a Black tee and faded Denim Jeans Armani specs ...he takes permission same as he took in show May i come in ma'am 
Priya without lokking at Door And person yes come In
then she looks at him with complitly awww expression 
The Ram Kapoor looking 10years younger With A charming smile on his face

her hands automatically travels to her mouth her eyes becomes  big Saucers 
She is searching for word before She could say something Ram leand down towards her  and give a pack on her cheeks She turns to beetrot red but quickly covers her blush and shock at same time and says 

What was that Mr.kapoor...
He holds her hands and looks directly in her eyes anyone can melt in dark black eyes he thinks and says...Priya let me clear from Myside this is not sympathy or pity this is not need of situation I am so honest with My intenstion but never able to express that how much i feel for you when we were on honeymoon i want to move ahead with you that time but fate played thier game and we ended up here in india with NO TALKING terms with each other And when i thought to share what i feel for you again here fate played again And After 7 days i dont know what is waiting for us but i know that if today i wont say u what i feel then dont know how and when will i told you tha How Much
(he goes on his knees) " I love you "

Next Update with Next wishday 
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Posted: 2015-09-10T11:43:17Z
wow aman gud to c u here after so many days. superbly written.

pl continue.

pl update ur other stories also
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-09-10T11:59:55Z
Hayeee Aman kya post start kara hai Clap
Very beautiful and unique way of Ram to propose Priya 
And I am sure this coming seven days will be memorable for RaYa.
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Posted: 2015-09-10T12:25:36Z
tooo gud
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2015-09-10T13:21:11Z
SuperbEmbarrassed. Waiting for next wishes n how Raya express their way of love hope aman u bring the unique way which we wish in the show...  Dancing
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Posted: 2015-09-10T23:10:43Z
super,aman ji pls aapke aur bhi story haina vo sab complete kariye pls,,,,
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Posted: 2015-09-11T04:34:10Z
Love it!!!
Continue soon!!!
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Posted: 2015-09-12T01:13:09Z
I love priya ...

priya who is urge of crying stops herself to break down in front of her Husband with whom she fall in love Dont know when but Never realize  a Inner voice comes from inside No priya Dont accept what ll happen if Your Report ll come as positive who ll give support to Mr.kapoor if something bad happens to you...this person Deserve love And If u accept him right Now and something happens to you...He ll breakdown completly think before Accept..

Priya in dilemma and Ram who is on his knees watching her without blinking eyes...
and then she speaks...

Mr.kapoor I...I know you love me...but how can i accept the way you are If you ll in bad mood You will forget all this and also shout on me...so before prove your love prove yourself like qualify yourself...

"what is this all crap priya" the only words comes out from his mouth...

Arey qualify yourself before say u loves me...Priya blurted what she even dnt know...

and what i have to do for qualifing myself Ram says in irritatted tone...

"Surprise me" Priya blurted again without think for a second...

"What" he standup on his feets infront of priya...

Yes surprise me i mean If you loves your wife aka Me then Surprise your wife aka me...i love surprise She says with twinkle in her eyes...

ohh So Mrs priya Ram kapoor...he comes near Her takes out A Red Rose from b**st pocket of his coat and Gives her...

she accepts in lil hestation (from inside she is in shocks completly suprised but As vikram says any lady cant accept that easily)

So Are you surprised?????? Ram ask with his one eyebrows Up...

No she says (liar)

Hmmm he sratches His tample and comes near her leans down and give a peck on her cheeks...and whispers I know this come a Thunder shock for you and you wont accept but i will think some super duper surprise for 
"Till then byee JAAN come soon home"he pecks again and leave her in One of the biggest surprise of her entire life she carresses her cheeks where he kissed her and blushes hard...The Word Jaan ringing in her head Now what Comes next we will see tommrow...

Hope this is Good Sorry for mistakes i write this is phone...
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