Maaneet OS : Mill Gaya Saath Tera (My 1st story on maaneet) Last Part

Posted: 4 years ago
Hello guys...I m a silent reader...I just click the buttons...and I think this is the first time I m gonna write.

I've read so many WONDERFUL stories of maaneet...there are so many talented writers...I knw my writing won't be nothing near to them but I want to write this story & share it with you guys. So please forgive me for any kind of mistake and share your views on this story Smile

Maaneet is my most & only fav couple so I'm writing this story on them.

Part 1

Maan Singh Khurana is the most successful businessman in Delhi. Khurana Company is the No.1 company in the town and the whole credit goes this 25 years old man Maan Singh Khurana. He is the most eligible bachelor of Delhi, girls die to see just one glimpse of MSK. Maan is a rich boy by birth, he got whatever he wanted in life BUT he got his own share of struggle & pain.

Geet Handa is the most beautiful girl you will ever see. She is a very talented girl, belongs to upper middle class family. She dreams a lot and can do anything to make them come true. She's a very straight forward and practical girl and that's where ppl took her wrong & think that she's selfish BUT she got her own share of sacrifice & reality.

Maan was a very happy & naughty child but when he was 9 yrs old his parents died in an accident & from then he became very serious & silent. His only family was his Dadima. She took care of him & brought him up. Though Maan has Chacha-Chachi but they are not fond of him because after Maan's fathers death Maan was the Real owner of Khurana company and his chacha was just the care taker of the company until Maan turned into 18. But that's what Maan think...the real reason of Chacha-Chachi's hatred towards maan was still unknown to him.

Geet is very talkative & mischief girl but only to her family. Outside she's very mature & serious lady. Though she's just 24 years old girl but she think like a 40 year old woman. She's very much practical, she always had to wait to get what she wants because sometimes it would be money problem or the bad situation or it would be out of reach. She knows reality is not so smooth but it doesn't restricted her to Dream.She's a dreamer & she got a Dream...a dream on which her life deepends. Though she's ready to do anything or say everything to fulfil her dream but that's what she think...she doesn't even know how big sacrifice one has to give to live her dream.

Talking about Dream...Maan's Dadima, Savitri Devi also got a dream...A dream to see her elder grandchild Maan to get married. Well, for past two years she's trying & still trying to fulfil her dream but Maan got no time for marriage or say he doesn't wanna give time to even think of marriage. He's very much happy being single & doesn't feel the need to share his life with anyone. Girls die to see his one glimpse but poor girls don't even know that Maan is not even.001% interested on them. He's a workaholic person & very much reserved that's why he got no time to marriage But that's what Dadima think...she got no clue why Maan runs away on the topic of marriage.

Geet is the younger daughter of her house. Her elder sister got married two years ago & now mother of one child & a happy housewife. Well Geet's parents want the exact same future for Geet. They wanted her to get married last year but she wanted to finish her study & coz she's a good student they had to listen to her. But now her study is over & they don't wanna waste a single second to search a perfect man for their daughter.Though they knw abt Geet's lala dreamland but they think it's just her childishness, with time she will understand the difference between dream & reality. Geet loves her parents a lot & she's will do whatever they want as she has been doing it all these years for their happiness...But that's what they think...they've no idea how much Geet is serious about her Dream & how much she loves her dream.

That's all
Pls temme what you guys think about this story. My hands are literary shaking while writing this story.
I don't want ur likes I just want ur honest opinion on this OS. So pls reply. I'll update part 2 Soon Smile

Part 2 on Page 2

Part 3 on Page 4

Part 4 on Page 10

Last Part on Page 14
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Posted: 4 years ago
Congratulations On Your Story Its Concept Is Different
And Very Interesting

Daadima wants Maan to marry while Geet's parents wants her to marry also but both Maan and Geet are not interested in marriage
lets see now what will happen

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Posted: 4 years ago
Congress dear Smile
Nice story line .waiting for next plzz update soon Smile
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Posted: 4 years ago
congrats on ur first OS! superb update! well written! Maan n Geet nt interested in getting married! Geet has her dreams! Maan busy with wrk! dadi wants him 2 get married! and Geet's parents also want her 2 get married! update soon
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Posted: 4 years ago
Congos 4 ur first story..
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Posted: 4 years ago
Interesting concept :) :)
do cont Soon
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice concept
Please update part 2 soon

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Posted: 4 years ago
Congratzzz for your first story ...
Its a nice concept...
Waiting to read more... Continue soon...
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