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Hi to all 

Here i am back with another story this time it's two shot on RaYa written by my friend. The story contain two parts i am posting first part. So enjoy reading the story below 

Endless love

Part 1

Priya was typing on her laptop, her hands moving hastily on the keyboard when she heard a knock on the door. She stopped and looked at her cabin's door. Ram was standing half inside and half out of the cabin holding the door opened mid-way. Priya it's late why you still here' he asked with concern...'oh Mr.Kapoor...eerr Sir' Ram gave a c'mon women look I am your HUSBAND...leave this Sir business... couple of audit and reconciliation were left to be updated so I was just finishing them' he flashed his Rolex at her Its all most 8:30 you can finish the work tomorrow come I will drop you at your place' as usual Ram's request was denied by his hitler wife.. but inside Priya longed to go with him, to spend the most of the time with her loving husband...and prayed Mr.Kapoor please ask me once again please.' Ram sighed and leaving a heavy breath Priya please let me drop you...it's quite late you may not get an rickshaw at this hour of night from here.' Priya did a jingle dance inside but still had the long face she thanked all the Gods that she could remember then for granting her wish.

She was back to her hitler avatar Mr.Kapoor if you are insisting so much then ok I will come with you...but only this time and don't get any ideas ok...' She took the file and turned around to hid her smile and excitement for Ram. Ram gave a small nod of his head and muttered Yeh aurat kabhi nahi sudhrege' kya kuch kaha aap ne' instantly she turned' Irritated Ram spoke nahi yaar ab chalo bhi' ha ha ek min' she turned off the laptop, grabbed her purse and followed Ram upto to the lift and into the parking area.

They had silent rid to Priya's house. Priya was glancing at her Man every now and then thinking how time always plays game with them.. they are separated for no reason.. how she misses him..longed to be with him...in his arms resting her head in his broad chest forgetting all worries...the feel of being safe everytime he encircled her in his arms...she missed those husband-wife talk late at night and his very attempt to do anything for her...HIS LOVE...HIS PASSION for her that got her back from death...why why it is always they who have to pay for the faults of others.

Priya came back to herself with the screech of the car.. Priya your home is here...' Her eyes were in pool of tears a lone tear trickled from the side.. it was noticed by her husband.. Priya what happened why are you crying..' without saying a word she opened the door and walked off. Ram was baffled had no idea what just happened.. he ignited the engine and drove to the other direction. His eyes caught the retreating figure of Priya in the rearview mirror, he eyes were intensely shut, tears flowing down her pink cheeks and sorrow playing on her face. I know Priya what were you thinking, the reason of those tears...I to am suffering for no reason but I promise I will put all things right we will never have to be separated ever again.'

Priya walked slowing inside and was intervened by Kush Priya angel who dropped you here your new Boss?' ha...how...how ...do you knw did you see him..?' Priya was perplexed caught in the act' No no I just saw a Black Audi pass by so asked' Priya left a sigh of relief oh ok...I will go change nad will have dinner together'. The three had their mean in peace while Ram had his meal alone in his room.

Next Day

Ram called Priya in his cabin we have to leave for Agra in three hours...there is some site visit that we have to see...' before Ram could complete WE ka matlab...you have made it YOU and ME and not WE..' and I cant come with you at short notice' O hello its not some personal trip ok it's a business trip and YOU being the Project Manager have to accompany ME your boss so go and get you packing started...' Priya left the office in huff and puff adjusting her saree pallu.

She was excited to go on this trip...she would get to spend some time with her husband all alone.. Kush was helping her pack and could see the excitement Priya angel you are very excited for this trip right?' No no its not like day I was not at all ready but being the Project manager I have to go with my kharoos boss' she replied placing her dress in the bag..kush came with a shawl and something else. Priya looked at the thing and straight at kush...opening it she asked what is this kush?' but was left speechless when she learned what was it. It was a birthday card Happy Birthday to the Greatest Dad' written on it... I saw Ram dad yesterday in the car. I just wish all gets ok between you two. Priya hugged him and the both shared an emotional time.

Priya was ready and waiting for Ram's car as instructed... She saw the same Black Audi coming her way a smile crept on her lips and it came and stopped right infront of her. Ram was in his Brown suit with white shirt..hair well brushed and looking as handsome as always. Priya could not take her eyes off him. The same condition prevailed with Ram, Priya was looking fresh and beautiful in her red saree, minimum make-up deer like eyes neatly koled and yes her black hair flowing down on one side of shoulder added to her beauty. Ram helped her keep the bags in the car and they drove towards the airport.

Reaching the airport they were informed that the flight is one and a half hour late. The attendant headed the two to the luxury lounge pushing the trolley. Ram and Priya settled on the couch. Ram was all grumpy with the delay in the flight. He thought of having a coffee and moved to the caf section. He was back with his hot coffee but to Priya's surprise he also got her adrak tea.'Here you go Priya' his mood was light now and all smiling Thankyou' she replied taking the cup with a puzzled look.

Ram placed his coffee on the table and started working on his Tab... Mr.kapoor ko bus kaam ke pari hai biwi ke saat hai itne din baad trip pe ja rahahe hai hum do no aleke...but no kaam he karna hai inko..GOLU.' She was sulking and took out her book and started flipping through the pages. Ram observed her from the corner of his eyes Hitler Pati ke istne din baad mile hai do tee pyar ke baat karne ke vajaye book padhna hai madam ko..bhar me gao.' He too was sulking. Keeping his Tap aside Ram rested his hand on the couch supporting his head and drifted to sleep. Priya was admiring her sleeping Husband how irrestiable he looked when he was sleeping. She wanted to pull his golu cheeks and kiss them. She left her book and admired him drifting to the good old days spend with him, the way he loved her, made her feel like the queen of his life, the faith he had on their love, promise to be with her always in good or... Just then the announcement happened that the passengers had to get ready for check-in. she tried to wake him up Mr.Kapoor check-in ka announcement hogaya hai' Kya yaar priya let me sleep' Let me sleep...Mr.Kapoor yeh airport hai hamara bedroom nahi!' Ram realized he was in the lounge and woke up, they had an eyelock remembering their kingdom the Green Room which had lot of memrories. Ram was the one to broke the silence Oh I m sorry I was in deep sleep' She rolled her eyes Its ok'

After 2hours of flight the plane touched down at Agra airport. Hotel car was waiting for them. Another jolt awaited Priya.. As they stood at the reception for registration She was informed that only one room had been booked assumed them to be married as Mr.& Mrs.Kapoor. she loved the thought of it but still wrapped in their clash she put up faade that she was really offended and will not spend the day with Ram in the same room Mr.Kapoor agar aap duniya ke aakhri insan bhi hoge na to I will not spend the time with you. Wo to business trip hai to I had to come otherwise I was not interested' how these words pricked her heart while saying Muhje bhi koi shook nahi hai to say with you ok...' I know all this is all you plan...but let me tell you I will not fall for it ok.' And she moved towards the room followed by the bell boy Ram was smiling his heart out I am also you husband Mrs.Kapoor will make you fall in love with me again just wait and watch...Time to execute the next half of my plan.' Ram spoke rubbing his palm.

Ram and Priya were in the room, Priya took her seat on the couch sulking but was utterly happy inside. She was admiring Ram who was on the bed pretending to go through some files. Their eyes meet What' trying to avert her gaze and being caught she indicated an imaginary boundary Ha ha I know that is your part and this is mine...Hitler.' He left the file and got his suit out We have to go to the site in an hour so I will get ready and you also ok..' Yes BOSS' she replied she spoke irritated giving emphasis on the word BOSS. 

By Anonymous 

Will post second part soon. Hit the like button and looking forward for your comments 

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Superb update...
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Superb update
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Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Lovely update!!
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Lovely update!!
Please continue soon!!
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