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Hi to all 

Here i am back again with one more story. This one shot on RaYa written by my friend. So enjoy reading the story below.

Ek Lamha 

They are the oddest couple among the lot. Not believing in the concept of love or marriage lived life for their families. They got married only because of the happiness of their family, a compromised marriage. It lacked love compatibility and understanding. But love finds it way as flowing water makes its own way cutting past all the hurdles in its way. Their journey started with the feel of friendship and understanding which blossomed with time into love witnessing all the ups and downs. The ups they cherished but the downs pricked both their hearts.

Priya was sitting on the couch admiring her and Ram live size picture hanging over the bed which was the witness of their friendship. Her silliest wishes he had fulfilled, a smile crept on the side of her face lips. Priya was brought back from her pensive mood by the buzz of her phone.

The name flashed of her man RAM, she slide the green button and answered the call. On the other end of the phone Ram spoke "Priya suno please pack my bag for two days mujhe abhi Jaipur jana hai important meeting hai. Send the bag straight to the office as I will leave from here itself may not get time to come home..." Listening to the last words that she will not be able to see Ram for two days and moreover she will not be able to bid farewell to him was heart breaking for her. She dejected but did not want to sound sad on the phone and ruin Ram's business trip she brushed of the tears that started to emerge in her eyes "Ok Mr.Kapoor I will send your bags within half an hour " she spoke faking a smile and  with a cheery voice.

Priya got busy in packing bag for Ram. She was again taking back to the initial days of marriage. He never liked her interference in any work he did especially packing his bag for travelling. He had a set pattern for packing and only Gopal Kaka assisted him, but now things have really changed. They have found the three pillars of marriage understanding, compatibility and moreover love. Though she was working with her mind but her heart and soul were lost into the thoughts of her RAM.

Priya packed the bag as asked by Ram and send it to the office through the driver. Ram sms-ed her that he received the luggage and will call her as soon as he will be leaving the office.  After an hour again Priya's phone ranged "Darling..." hearing to the voice of her loving husband Priya could not stop blushing Ram continued "I am leaving for the airport will call you after I reach Jaipur love you darling" "Mr.Kapoor have a safe fight aur main wait karugi aap ke call ka bye love you too". Both of them smile looking at the phone.

After couple of hours Ram touched-down at the Jaipur airport and instantly called Priya. On the other hand Priya was impatiently pacing in their room waiting for his call with the phone in her hand. As soon as it rang she received it and breathed a sigh of relief listening to the sweetest voice on the planet. They headed his way to the hotel still talking to her on the phone. They talked for some time about his journey about her day at Kapoor Mansion and both asked each other to take care.

At Kapoor Mansion Priya and the rest of the Kapoor clan were busing having dinner. She was feeding pihu when again her phone resounded. The call was of her husband, Priya was blushing hard but she tried to cover it up as she knew if somya caught her there will be a train of nagging and teasing awaiting her. She clasped the phone between her ears and shoulder, resumed feeding peehu, "Ha Mr.Kapoor kahaye??" on the other hand Ram sounded a little disturbed "Priya suno..." listening to her husband's voice filled with panic she stopped and took the phone in her hand walked to the other corner of the hall indicating Somya to feed Peehu. "Is very thing ok Mr.Kapoor?" she asked Ram her voice filled with concern. "Ha everything is just fine, only that the Project needs your signature to be proceeded further. The meeting has been fixed tomorrow first thing so you need to fly down to Jaipur immediately..." Priya was listening to Ram with full concentration, she did not want that just because of her signature his project be delayed. Ram continued "Don't worry about the ticket I have arranged all, someone with the ticket will reach home any minute you just be ready and fly down as soon as possible." "Ok Mr.Kapoor I will be there" she nodded in affirmation said goodbye and disconnected the call.

She informed others her immediate need in Jaipur and walked up the fleets of stairs reaching her room. Within 15min Priya was ready and the car from office also arrived with her flight ticket. She peaked a kiss on Peehu's cheek, creased her hair and asked her to be a good girl, hugging Somya and talking blessings from the elders she made her way towards the main entrance.

Priya reached Jaipur at the stipulated time. Coming out of the terminal rolling her trolley she saw Ram standing against the car with his hand tugged inside his trousers pocket. As soon as they saw each other a bubble of joy erupted resulting to an ear to ear smile. Priya reached where Ram was standing and was greeted with a warm and lovely hug. Keeping the bag on the back seat Ram opened the front door for his lady love, managing her saree and throwing a killer smile at Ram Priya settled into the car. Moving to the other side Ram settled and took the wheels driving towards the hotel. Priya spoke "Aap kyu aaye car bhaj de hoti..." Cutting her short " Arrey meri biwi ho koi aur kyu tum her receive karega mera haq hai yeah" Priya again smiled listening to how much Ram loved her she again spoke "par kaam ?" "Wo to kal subha ka hai na why you taking tension now. Let go to the hotel and..." Ram paused "And..." Priya asked with a question mark on her face "..and wait for tomorrow's meeting" "Hmmm..." Priya nodded her head.

They reached the hotel the attender came forward taking the bag from Ram's hand and they walked upto the lift reaching the top most suites which usually Ram booked. Reaching the room Ram handed the keys to Priya asking her to carry-on, at the door Ram tipped the attender and they had a secret talk "Everything is ready Sir as requested" "GOOD GOOD thank you" Ram patted the attender and moved inside the room.

Priya was sitting on the couch with her phone stuck to her ears. Ram assumed may be calling back home to inform the others that she reached safely. Ram came sat beside her throwing his arms around her shoulder. "Bol dia sub ko?" Priya just nodded in affirmation. "It late we should sleep now but before that we will have dinner" "Mr.Kapoor aap ne dinner nahi kia??" Priya asked in amazement "No I was waiting to have dinner with my lovely wife" and he held Priya's hand and kissed them. "Oh ho getting to romantic Mr.Kapoor kya baat hai" Priya asked teasing Ram. "I am always romantic Mrs.Kapoor" Ram replied and winked. "Ok I will get fresh you please order dinner" Ram stood and waked towards the inner room, he turned "Please no ghas phus" he mocked to be angry and frowned.

Priya smiled and shook her head as she say her husband's retreating figure. She took the intercom and was about to dial the restaurant number but stopped midway hearing Ram voice... "Priya..." she looked at the closed door "May be Ram needs something..." she kept the phone aside and walked upto the door. Turned the knob and the door opened with a click, but the room was dark and sudden change of coming from a fully illuminated room to a dimly light room blurred Priya's vision. Taking baby steps she moved into the room, her vision was clear now. She was in the room was fully dark with candles flame flickering in the air which were places on the floor, shelf and table. White curtains adorned the French Glass window swaying in the mild breeze and the full moon shining at its best showering its snowy light into the room. Moving towards the table she saw a cake placed with small candles around it. She read the words written on it with vanilla flavor cream Thank you' and was puzzled. She did not get time to understand when Ram hugged her from behind prisoning in his arms and rested his head over her shoulder.

"What is all this Mr.Kapoor" Priya asked with a confused tone. "Mrs.Kapoor this is a small surprise from your Mr.Kapoor for always being there with me." Priya was still confused and turned to face Ram. She was still confused and asked gesturing through her eyes I still don't get it' Ram who still had his hands around her waist pulled her closed to him "This day we started our new journey in the city and you were always by my side as my support , my inspiration" and creased her cheeks with his thumb.

She met his eyes, lifted her hand timidly to his face, stood on her toes  with her arms wound around his neck and bent her head brushing a gentle kiss on his rough cheeks. The slight brush of her soft skin on his rugged skin burned hotter than the flame. They send a jolt of electricity down his body, he even closed his eyes and brushed the part of the cheek she kissed confirming it was reality and not dream. Priya clasped his jacket and buried her face in his broad chest.

Ram held her by the shoulder and lifted her face placing his hand under her chin. Their eyes did most of the talking. Ram drew her closer. Slipped one hand down her back supporting her and lifted her to reach his towering height while he cupped her face with his other hand. He studied her beautiful face the deer eyes that shined with love, the rosy cheeks which blushed each time he looked at her, her lips how he wanted to just take them and kiss them away. Ram could not stop himself from tasting the sweet taste of her mouth, the irresistible scent and feel of her skin against him. Her heart had a thump she could feel the gust of heat in her abdomen. She spread her hands across his chest felt the strong beat of his heart , the most melodious music of all.

The two stood in each other's arms, under the roof of candle and moonlight room, heat of their body radiated with the heat of their love filling the atmosphere around them. The intimacy between them was at its peak. Ram was too much engrossed in the moment he, told himself Ram concentrate on the lady in your arms she is the world your world'.

Ram started exploring her crafty chiseled form, as Ram touched her , a strong desire run through her body she sighed and caught Ram coat tightly. He was enjoying this he was passionately waiting all day to have her. His arms slide from her waist to her upper-body up to her neck, he slowly nuzzled her increasing her breath with each touch. Ram bend to kiss her neck. Priya could smell the masculine scent of his colon as he came forward and Ram was drenched with her sweet scent of her skin. They were inches apart her lips were warm and silken. But as Ram was about to make them his Priya wrestled out of Ram's firm grip and moved towards the open window. Ram shook his head in pessimism and a smile crept on his lips. Ram removed his coat and kept it on the chair. Walked up to his lady love. She stood facing the window admiring the moon and the starts.

Ram brushed is fingers on her bare back. This sent jolt of shiver in her body she closed her eyes feeling each of his touch which were as hot as molten lava. She arched her body each time Ram planted soft kiss on her bare back,  but Ram caught her by her shoulder and brought her close to himself. Their bodies were stuck to each other leaving no gap in between. Ram caged her in his arms. Priya still had her eyes closed ,Ram slowly turned her towards himself. As she turned a strong breeze spun her charcoal black hair brushing them on his face. The sweet aroma of her hair smelled like strawberries, he removed them slowly and tugged them behind her years. Priya slowly opened her eyes to see the murky eyes of her husband filled with desire  looking at her. She raised her hand up to his cheeks , he turned his head and captured her hand kissing them.

Ram threw his hands around her and lifted her in his strong masculine arms, Priya encircled her arms around his neck to support him carry her. Their eyes were still fixed on each other as he moved towards their king sized bed. Priya felt herself flying with him into the moment feeling the soft moonlight covering them. He placed her softly on the bed, everything around them faded it was just two of them lying beside each other wanting to know their better half.

Slowly Ram began to kiss Priya on her forehead moving down to her eyes, nose and brushed his lips on her. Moved to the side kissing her ear lobes and down her neck. He continued his act travelling down leaving Priya to sigh in ecstasy to each touch of his tough lips on her silken body. He began to unclothe rifling, drawing out the fold and caress oh her dress, nuzzling aside her hair, kissing her down her spine. Priya clasped her dress as it was about to slip but his arms caught hold around hers. He cupped the soft swell of her bare bosom, Priya breathed heavily he could feel her as his touch went through her. He kissed them and held them until she moaned his name. Ram slid his hand to her side creasing her ribs kissing them moved up to the nape of her neck and kissed her delicate skin. Stroked her back and heard her slowing hiss his name under her breath. It filled him with pleasure. Ram ripped off his attire which displayed his broad masculine chest.

Ram lifted to see her and smiled like a Cheshire cat she was perfect than he imagined. She was his, he made love to her slowly. She was in desire of his tough touch, his love filled eyes, wanting him as he wanted her. Ram lifter her to his level and kissed her slowing but the kiss became wild as the two lovers were famished of this taste of love, droplet of sweat formed on their bare skin. Both breathed for air after the wild kiss.

It was a sweet torture. Priya sighed his name again and again as Ram resumed to worship her figure. The surrounding burned with desired even the cool soothing moonlight was not enough to turn down the flames. Ram again lifted his head to see if he had be rough on her but Priya still hand her eyes closed Ram crawled up to her kissed on her forehead she kissed him back on his temple and drew closer to him felt his breath fanning her. Ram encircled her in his arms moving her closer to him feeling her body warm, pulled the duvet over them.

The moonlight from the French window bathed the room as the two love birds found love once again drifting to a slumber after a sweet prizefight exploring each other and finding peace into each other arms after a long time. 

The End

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sooo romantic.

love it loved it loved it.

pl do write more.Edited by iluvusakshi - 2015-09-08T05:21:20Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Very beautiful update...
Pls do write more...
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cute os..
ram planned to spend time alone with priyaWink
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Sweet surprises..
Superb OS..
Please do write more..TongueTongue
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Originally posted by iluvusakshi

sooo romantic.

love it loved it loved it.

pl do write more.
Thank u for liking it
Will convey the message who has written this Os
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Originally posted by mayanandan

Very beautiful update...
Pls do write more...
Thank for liking it
Will post more stories 
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Originally posted by youandme272000

Its awesome...
I am glad you find it good
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