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Chapter One

"So Rey, Truth or Dare?" His friend, Sharon asked him as bottle stopped at his direction. They all were sitting in garden outside the farm house. They all had taken out time from their busy schedules and had come on a small vacation, in Goa.

"Truth." Rey replied confidently. He looked around, his friends were looking at him. 

"You lost your virginity when & to whom.." Sharon was ready with her question, she smirked at her best friend. She looked around and spotted a pair of eyes who were shooting dragger at her. It was Kria, sister of swayum who also happens to have feelings for Rey.

"Well, in 12th standard and i lost it to my first girlfriend.." Rey answered smartly keeping out the name of the girl. He laughed when he saw his friends shocked faces, he was sure they hadn't expected that.

"What? Are you serious dude? You never told us.." Nil complained, vicky agreed with him as both the boys started glaring at him, in anger.

"Is it a thing to announce publicly?" Rey smacked their head. 

"But atleast tell us the name of the lucky girl who got 'The Reyaansh Singhania." Simmi said to him, Rey narrowed his eyes at his over curious friends. But kept mum, not giving away anything about his past. And today's little mention of it, had again awoke all the buried emotions in him.

"Can we drop this topic, Please, and start the game again." Rey suggested, and much to his relief his friends agreed seeing he really didn't want to talk over this topic so they let it go. They again started the game which went till late night with drinks & music.


It was past midnight, he was standing in balcony of his room, thinking over his past that has his life's most beautiful moment. When he had the love of his life in his arms. When everything was perfect. When she was there in his life..


St.louis School, Delhi.

He was walking in corridor with gang of his friends, the famous group of school.

"Rey, Your girl is coming." Ankit, his friend told him, pointing at the other direction where he saw the girl of his dream walking in other side corridor, she was with her friend, Amaya.

"Taani-" Rey called out for her, Leaving his friends behind he ran toward her, taking big steps. Taani & Amaya stopped and look at him as he stood before them, he breathed unevenly due to the

"Hello, Reyaansh." She greeted with her lips curved into a generous smile. He return the smile and look at amaya, waiting for her to leave so that he could talk to taani alone. Amaya got the signal, mumbling a quick bye, she left from there.

"Taani, we haven't completed the project, can we meet after school to complete it?" Rey asked her, looking hopeful. Taani looked thoughtful then she gave him slight nod. he ruffled his hairs. His lips pressed tightly, trying hard not to smile while his eyes were shining in happiness.

"Okay, I'll meet you outside the school premises, after school." Rey suggested, His eyes traveled over her tiny figure, clad in school dress yet manage to look hot & tempting. He gulped the emotion to pushed her against the wall and kiss her hard. He touched her with his eyes burning in passion.

"Bye." She waved at him as she walked away toward her classroom. While he stood there, staring at her retreating figure. His day couldn't have been better. He was finally going to spend some alone time with her.

"When will you stop running behind her? She is not your type of girl, dude." His friend Nimit's voice broke his trance, he avert his gaze from her and look at his friends, who were staring at her.

"I know. She is different." Rey answered him. She wasn't like most of the girl's in school, she is shy & reserved type yet nobody messes with her because she can be feisty as well if someone mess with her, she can show anyone living hell on earth if a person dare to mess with her and thats what make her special from others. He loves to be around her, he wants to know her. He is attracted to her like a moth to fire.

"So stop acting like a majnu and confess it to her." Ankit said to him, his friends agreed with him, Rey nodded and walked away from there.


He was waiting for her outside the school. Suddenly, there was a change in wind, he knew she was here, near him. Controlling his ragging heart beats, he turned around and saw her walking toward him with her school bag on her right shoulder, her fingers were playing with the strap of her beg. 

"Hi" She greeted him, in her low soft tone. He greeted her back just then his car arrived there, Rey opened the back side door for her, taani passed him a small smile as she sat inside the car, he followed her move and sat beside her, and closed the car door. Getting his nod, His driver drove away to the singhania mansion.

Their arms bushed against each other, they both look at each other, staring deep into the eyes.

"Innocent!" He thought as he gazed down at her, with swirling emotions running in his mind. Her breath hitched feeling his hand on her hand, her skin was warm & welcoming, having him want to feel her under his finger tips. His thumb was caressing the back of her hand, her fingers clutching the sides of her skirt. She lifted her gaze up, her soft gaze met with his heated one.

"Sir, we have reached the home." Driver's voice broke their reverie, they straighten their postures, Unwillingly, he removed his hand away from hers, opening the door of his side, he stepped out of car then held his hand out for her. Nervously, she placed her hand in his and stepped out. 

They went inside the house, Rey led her to his room. 

"Nice room, Reyaansh." Taani praised, she dropped her bag on couch and sat on it, he followed her move and slumped on couch beside her. 

"Should we start?" Taani asked him. She opened the zip of her bag and started taking out the book and other stuff. Rey nodded, his face fell. He didn't brought her here to do this damn project. It was just a excuse but how to tell her this?

"Taani, I'll be back in 5 minutes. I need to change my clothes." Rey excused himself, taking his clothes from closet he went inside the washroom.

"Dude, go & tell her about your feelings. This is the last chance." Rey told himself, staring at his reflection. He took a deep breath, calming his nerves. He stripped off his clothes and get ready wearing new pair of clothes, he was wearing a black T & blue denims. He glance at himself before he exit the washroom. 

Rey smiled to himself as he stare at her, she was lost in reading something in her book. His eyes darkened, emoting pure desire. Unconsciously, he started walking toward her. She looked up from her book and stare at him as he stood before her. Her heart raced as she sensed his eyes grazing over body.

"Reyaansh, You need something-" Taani asked him, stuttering while talking. Rey nodded, he held his hand out for her, she grasp it, confusingly. Rey pulled her up, making her stand on her feet, they were standing very close to each other, heat radiating their bodies had the room burn in passion.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Taani asked him innocently, his intensified gaze roam over face face then bore into her eyes, her eyes had the soft look that could melt even a stone then what his heart is. 

"Only you can help, Taani.."


She was staring at him confusingly, Rey stepped close to her, he grasped her thin waist, he pulled her in to him, her chest crashed against his hard one, sending chills along with the length of his spine. Her warm breath hit his neck, he shivered as her soft palms collapsed against his biceps. Rey leaned forward making her stomach churned with the anticipation. 

"Give your heart to me, Be mine. I love you, Taani." Rey whispered in her ear. A tear trickled down her cheek causing a gush of pain ran through his veins. He panicked, thinking, may be he had hurt her. He was about about to whispered apologizes but she silenced him.

"I love you too, Reyaansh." She whispered back, blush formed up her cheeks making her look more adorable. He wiped the tear drop away and hugged her tightly, hiding her in his chest. His heart swell with happiness as her confessing registered in.

And that was the official entry of her in his life. The day they confessed, in most innocent way.

The ring of his cell phone brought him back into reality. He looked around, and smiled sheepishly realizing he was lost, again in those beautiful memories of past.


Hello Guys! Hope you liked the first chapter. Flashback is in silver font color and If any one is not able to read it then please do tell me, I'll change it. For school dresses of taani & rey, you guys can imagine the same school dress they showed in the buddy project. 

Banner : -Koeli_Appy-

Do leave your feedback. :)

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Yepeee I'm 1stDancing LOL

Another story

Awsome concept

Hayeee!!! Taani is Rey's first love

I so love the FB

Itz so damn cute

Love it

ANd plzzz nxt updt jaldi
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Amazing amazing amazing
Conpect dear
Super update
Very nice

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another story
i really loved it
jst sprb
mindblowing yr
taarey school lovers
update soon yr
cant wait to read
plz plz
update soon
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Super update
Very nice
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Amazing concept loved it...
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Awesome concept
Update soon
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