Ram Priya goes to clinic for test 'episode 139'

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Posted: 2015-09-05T11:50:20Z
Ram getting ready to office calls out Priya she comes and Ram tells that he is hungry and where she had been. Priya tells she was busy with packing breakfast as they have to go for the tests. Ram says what stubbornness is this and Priya tells that Ram is being stubborn and not her and Ram in turn tells that he doesn't want to do any tests and he is fine. Priya smiles and tells that she knows why isn't he ready for tests.
Ram asks why so Priya slowly tells that as he is afraid of injection needles but Ram says he is not a kid to get afraid of needles so Priya tells that he is lying and when he lies its clearly visible on his faces. Ram then accepts that he is afraid of needles and asks her not to laugh and not to tell anyone else. Priya tells that she didn't tell anyone as everyone knows about it Ram asks if she said everyone and Priya tells no and dadi informed her about this and if dadi knows then everyone must be knowing.
Priya asks him not to mind and tells him that he is so adult and he is afraid of the small needle. Ram tells size doesn't matter but the pain is more and he doesn't want to do any tests. Priya tells that she has a solution for this and Ram tells he is ok with any solution. Priya tells she will undergo all the tests that Ram has to undergo. Ram asks what kind of solution is this so Priya tells its the best solution because she can now understand the pain of the needles and secondly when she does the tests she can also share the pain with him which will reduce his pain. Ram tells its not fair and tells that always she finds some way to convince him. Priya asks him to leave as they are convinced now and leaves from there.
At the hospital, Ram and Priya sitting outside and some kid is crying inside the lab and Ram gets scared and tells this is how it pains. Priya tells he is crying as he is a kid. Ram tells pain is pain irrespective of the fact that its a kid or elder. Priya tells pain is same but bearing the pain is different between a kid and an elder. The kid comes out with his parents, Ram gets even more scared. Priya tells him that the kid went out bravely and Ram asks where did he go bravely so Priya smiles.
The Nurse comes out and calls Mr & Mrs. Ram kapoor for the tests and goes in. Priya asks ram to come in, but Ram gets even more scared seeing the nurse and asks if she is going to take the test. Priya tells yes and asks why and Ram asks if she saw her face. Priya asks if he thought that vidya balan would come to take tests for him and Ram tells he didn't mean that but the nurse looks like a vampire who wants to suck blood. Priya assures nothing will happen because of the face and asks him to come inside. Ram hesitates, priya compels, he asks her to go inside first and then Priya calls him and Ram walks in hesitantly.
RaYa sit in the sofa, Priya assures its all ok and nurse comes to take blood and Ram points fingers at Priya and asks her to take her blood so Priya too asks her to take her blood first. Ram is tensed Priya asks him to relax while the nurse is ready to take Ram closes his face and tells that he can't see and asks her to tell him once its done. Ram asks if its over and priya tells yes and Ram looking at her asks if she is fine and priya tells nods positively.
Next the nurse goes to Ram and he is still scared Priya asks him to relax and asks him to close his fist and Ram holds her hands tightly and closes his eyes. Priya is feeling the pain since Ram was holding her hands tightly she screams, Ram asks her to keep quite so that he can concentrate, the nurse takes the blood and priya tells him that its over and Ram asks her to keep quiet and priya again tells its over and ram asks what got over and she tells that nurse has already taken the blood. Ram asks then y was she screaming and priya asks him to leave her hand.She tells that he held her hands so tightly that its paining more than the injection. Ram asks if its over and then runs from there. Next they go for sonography, ophthalmology, stress test, 2D Echo, physio therapy & Cardiac Rehabilitation, x-ray and mammography.
They return home and Ram tells bhansi kaka to bring Fruits, corn flakes and 10 brown bread sandwiches as he\'s very hungry. Priya is shocked and stares at him and Ram asks why is she looking at him like that and he had ordered only healthy food. Priya tells he did order healthy food but huge amounts. Ram asks why does she become calculative in food and Priya tells its not about calculation and he can control little. Ram tells that he has stopped eating parantha butter, ghee for her and priya asks him to reduce little and Ram tells he wants to eat lot today and priya asks why.
Ram tells since he gave blood today for blood test and priya tells that he gave drops of blood and it will not make any difference. Ram says it makes difference to him and asks bansi kaka to come fast. Bansi kaka comes with a bug plate of sandwiches and fruits and corn flakes and priya is stunned. She asks him if he will eat everything alone and Ram tells even she can share but one piece and the rest he can eat. Priya tells no and it might become less for him. Dadi comes and asks why was priya smiling so Priya tells that Mr.kapoor said some joke the day before and she understood it now and Ram is confused. Dadi asks golu to eat slow, eat full as he has given blood and he might feel weak, priya is shocked. Ram tells priya that he was telling the same and she will not understand and thanks dadi and she asks if she can order 4 to 5 paranthas for him and Ram tells that his stomach is filling slowly and he doesn't want it. 
Dadi asks priya how was the blood test and if he was afraid. Priya tells it got delayed as there were so many tests. Priya tells everything went on fine and Mr.kapoor wasn't afraid at all, Initially he was little hesitant, Ram shocked and priya adds that after her support he did everything and later she got afraid and Mr.kapoor supported her and Ram tells its enough.
Niharika comes and asks how was the test and Ram tells it was fine and hopefully reports will be fine too and he tells that he wants to eat more but since he is getting late to office, he leaves to get ready Niharika asks priya about the test and Dadi shouts chutki and Priya and niharika are scared for a moment. Dadi asks to learn from priya and she made impossible possible by taking Ram for the tests. Niharika tells that Ram never listened to her so dadi tells that she is useless. Dadi tells hereafter priya will take care of golu health as he listens only to her, niharika is shocked, priya confused how to react Niharika tells its good and tells priya that hereafter she has to take care of Ram health and she is giving him to her and asks her to take care of Ram. Priya excuses herself as she\'s getting late to the classes and dadi asks her to go.
Ram getting ready to office, Priya comes and Ram tells thanks and tells double thanks. Priya asks why and Ram tells firstly she supported him so much by not eating from night and doing all tests with him and second thanks for not letting him down before dadi. Priya smiles and tells that he is welcome and she tells honestly she doesn't like anyone teasing him so Ram is surprised and tells thanks and that\'s really sweet. Priya adds that only she has the rights to tease him and Ram laughs and asks if she is ok if he teases her.
Priya asks why should he tease her and Ram tells that she told that she has the rights to tease him and based on that logic its his work to tease her. Priya hesitantly tells ok and Ram tells that they can make a deal and from today no one can tease them but they can tease themselves. Priya tells ok and tells not before everyone and Ram tells ok and shakes hands with her. Ram asks if he can leave for office as its getting late and tells that after marriage he has become indiscipline, Priya reverts but Ram stops and tells that its not her mistake and its his only and that why he is telling.
Priya asks if he will pick the reports or should she have to pick it up while returning from classes. Ram tells that he will collect it and priya asks him not to forget and Ram tells he will not and wishes her to have a nice day and leaves to office.
Niharika wildly breaking all things at her room. Mama comes and thinks that there is time for diwali and wonders where the bombs and crackers sounds are coming from sweety room. He goes and sees niharika breaking things and feels that lakhs of money are gone. Niharika is about to break a flower vase, mama stops and tells that its 10 lakh worth and niharika breaks it and asks if its his money. Mama asks the reason for behaving like this. 
Niharika tells him to answer first that she married that fatty to that poor so that she can stay happy, but she is not and both are dancing on her heads. She tells that both were complimenting each other before her and Ram kapoor ignored Niharika kapoor today and Ram went for tests listening to that ghatiya female. She screams and tells that the fatty who wasn't bothered about his health wants to live suddenly that too with that lady and she tells that she had enough.

Mama tells she\'s right but what will happen when she breaks these lifeless things and if she wants to break she has to break RaYa relationship and niharika tells she wants to do exactly the same before Ram completely surrenders to priya. She tells they have to watch priya every move and whatever she wants to do for Ram shouldn't succeed ever and picks up a photo frame of RaYa with her and breaks it and leaves. Mama picks up the frame and tells she has done damage of lakhs and if he had taken these things to bazaar he would have made lakhs and tells as of Ram and Priya they are facing a loss and they have to break their relationship.

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Posted: 2015-09-05T12:04:11Z
superb n cute RaYa. loved their nok jhok at the clinic.

tf wu
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Posted: 2015-09-05T12:27:51Z
Nice episode...
Thanks 4 the written update...
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Posted: 2015-09-08T00:00:20Z
Originally posted by iluvusakshi

superb n cute RaYa. loved their nok jhok at the clinic.

tf wu
indeed dear
RaYa nok jhok looks very cute 
pleasure was all mine 
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Posted: 2015-09-08T00:00:40Z
Originally posted by mayanandan

Nice episode...
Thanks 4 the written update...
pleasure was all mine 
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