Symphony 50--Orchestrating Happiness on 94 - Page 54

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Posted: 6 years ago
Familiar rhythms

Around 12:20 AM Sunday she woke wanting to throw up, after a good long nap... she threw up her ice cream,
Wore his tee and went back to bed... he took a nap, ate dinner went back to take his call with Sukrit around 11:30

He didnt hear her throw up in the Master bath sink

He was in his office

"Have u eaten?" she asked

He nodded... "Hungry?" he asked

"AND COLD"  "U have the AC on at freezing" she complained
Rubbing her arms

She changed into pink sweats and a white tee

Found her blue USB from the folds of the blankets

"Where is urs?" she demanded throwing the sheets back on the bed again

Like a kid "I have my arcade toy, where is urs?"

"In the office" he tilted his head

She went down, Ranjan was on the lounge sofa watching on his ipad, he looked rested too

R&B followed her

"Aaaja beta kha le" he cooed

Mahavir turned on all the lights

He liked the house to be awake and lively. If the Bhallas didnt sleep all night Mahavir would be a happy camper

He was like R&B, a night owl

"How come u are not asleep?" Ii asked feeling Ranjan's forehead

"Ye le" he chuckled

Pulling her by her wrist

"Have u eaten?" she asked

He nodded pointing to R&B

"Maine aadha kha liya tab aaya oopar se sokar"

II turned to look at Rakshasan...

"what? Cant I take a nap?" his eyes asked

"Isko sona mana hai?" Ranjan asked

"NOOO I never said anything" Ii squeaked shrilly

Ranjan laughed

"Woh waise sota nahi... kabhi kabar ghanta idhar udhar, bas"  "Teri gudiya us par na jaaye bas" Ranjan declared

II felt the most warm & fuzzy, gooey feeling

"He or she will will probably" II mumbled cynically

"Tujhe kya chahiye betaji?" he asked

"Boy" II mumbled

"Isko to LADKI" Ranjan smiled

R&B sat down after pouring himself a drink

"Aaj kee toone ulti?"

"I had ice cream I thought I could keep it down by threw it up 10 minutes ago" she muttered

Ranjan leaned back worried

R&B was startled too...

"I am hoping some of it was sent (to the baby)" she chuckled

She showed the USB to Ranjan

He smiled

"Chalayin beta" he said smiling

Mahavir brought steaming hot khichri and yogurt

"dad ko ice cream denge kya?" she asked

"Hum pooche sir mana kar diye hain, aap ke liye laayen kya hum?" Mahavir explained

She shook her head

The TV was slid into the wall behind a red wood chest of drawer
Ranjan pressed the remote releasing the flat screen
R&B inserted the USB on the left

Ranjan toggled the complicated remote

R&B asked "may I"

"Jaroor puttar... tu hi dekh" Ranjan rolled his eyes

"Yeh waha gaya padhne, ghar ko NASA bana diya har cheez mein unlambda, haskell hai" Ranjan laughed

R&B went fron pop up to pop up to pop up picking many choices before the USB loaded

"U know the difficult languages" II winked, reminding Ranjan he was not so dumb afterall

"Isko koi gadget pakdao, bas... he will turn it inside out and re write the code. Chup rehne waale bache hamesha khatarnaak hondey ne" Ranjan gave her a bache 101

"I will have to write all this down" II whispered

R&B turned to lock gaze with her  "Dont push it!!"

The video played some "legal contractual stuff at first" showed pictures of the clinic... and videos of the birthing room and babies whose Moms "signed" for them to be used

And then switched to the ultrasound rooms... and the feed began

The baby was the size of a shrunken cashew... nevertheless the curve clearly visible

Mahavir filled Ranjan's drink, he waved at the help not to interrupt

And watched mesmerized

II heard a groan, and a soft whimper...

Uh" he grunted followed by  "wahe guru" he thanked... stunned at his good fortune
II nibbled at her food self consciously

R&B leaned on a wall and stared at the screen...

the video was 15 minutes altogether, 5 minutes of intro and 9.5 minutes of the baby

Ranjan sniffled scanning the table for a kleenex

Mahavir who was watching from the door way brought him a box

II ate quietly

R&B drank quietly and Ranjan replayed it a couple times

Pausing... at the heartbeats
II heard him exhale audibly

Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks Nisha Smile
We all wished Ranjan to watch ultrasound video..
You did it...

Such a warm feeling...Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
The warmth of ranjan makes everything positive :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Nice one dee
"He or she will will probably" II mumbled cynically

Will will probably.
She is certain baby is miny rnb.
Posted: 6 years ago
I like the title Nisha. Familiar rhythms. It all ties up to a heartbeat, no? A familiar routine, lub dub lub dub, and there is life.  There is some comfort in the familiar.

Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning/good night and good week ahead people.

Meeting today. So am off in a bit.

Take care
Posted: 6 years ago
Dear Sonal,

Great to hear from you. Third did you say? Which job can be tougher than that! I have one and that rips my heart sometimes.
Nisha is captivating I'm glad she got you here. Smile

One of the things that's really nice about Sosyland is that we all gather here to share things the sad the good and the mean sides that's is generally shaded from the world. In other words we share freely.
No one judges you. Be yourself and enjoy the ride with us.

None of us know everything there is to know ;we exchange everything - tech solutions, child care tips, career tips, tried and tested recipes, one of the threads even had Tax return filing tips!

Share as much as you are comfortable sharing!

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