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Posted: 7 years ago

WELCOME to Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai..! Episode Discussion...

You can discuss the daily episodes(including previous episodes) of this show here...

Posted: 7 years ago


Manmohan Tiwari wants  to escape the Rakhi celebrations, so he  decides to leave his house and go for Aligarh for two days. But Angoori stops him  and refuses to let him leave the house. Just then, Anita enters the house and informs him about a surprise that she has for him on the day of Raksha Bandhan.Manmohan believes that Anita wants to tie rakhi to him and he tries to escape the house. He ends up falling and injuring his leg. That night, Vibhuti too decides to leave the city and makes an excuse of meeting his sister. Anita, who hates Vibhuti's sister, warns him against meeting her but Vibhuti flees the house that night. However, Vibhuti ends up shocked when he wakes up and finds himself in front of his house.

Next morning  Tiwari sees Saxena on cycle and decides to jump in front of his cycle and go hospital. Saxena says hello Tiwari bhaiya, Tiwari says I need a favour just dash me with your cycle. Saxena says why do you too like shocks like me sure I will dash you. Saxena seats on his cycle and goes to take a round and returns to dash Tiwari in full force. Anguri sees them and rushes to save Tiwari and pulls Tiwari and Saxena goes and lands somewhere else. Anguri asks Saxena why were you doing this.You call me your mother. Saxena says he asked me to do so, Anguri asks Tiwari why was he doing so and goes in.

Vibhuti hiding behind sofa, Anita searching him to go to Tiwaris house, Vibhuti says I will never go to Tiwaris house, Anguri comes and asks Anita why is she so tensed, Anita says I am searching for Vibhu, Anguri says oh I came to invite him for rakhi, Anita says sure we will come, so I am searching him. Happu Singh comes, Anita asks why are you here,Happu Singh says I am here for Vibhuti. Anguri says we are searching for him too. Anita says since you are here search for him. Happu Singh says sure I will.

Posted: 7 years ago
Episode 132:
At the end Tika ban gaya Anguriji ka bhaii aur Malkan ban gaya Anita ka brother...Dono Bhabhiji ne Tika aur Malkan ko Rakhi baand liya...Tiwari ji and Vibhuti ji dekte rehe gaye...ROFLROFL
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Posted: 7 years ago
New Track Vibhuti Ho Gaya behara starts...Interesting and Hilarious Track it seems...

Posted: 7 years ago
Episode 133:
Anguri bhabhi ji ko chaand dikhane  ka chakkar mein Saxena se maar kaake Vibhuti ji  ho gaye behare...LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Episode 134:
Due to beharapan Vibhuti ji failed Sheikh's interview.  Tiwari ji disappointed. LOL

Liked Doctor ...Tractorwala dialogue...Scene between Happu Singh ji

and Vibhuti ji was hilarious. Overall nice episode...ClapClap
Posted: 7 years ago
Anita on phone says if my mother in law had in her hand she would keep Vibhuti by her pallu...Vibhuti  comes out of his gate and hears sabjiwale ka song...Vibhuti realises he can hear everything now.
Posted: 7 years ago
Episode 135:
Once again Ammaji's desi  medicine works...this time it works on Vibhuti ji. LOL

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