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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Harshita, it is nothing to do with yu or anyone in specific. 
Just not liking the environment here. The way it is being shaped. 
We all are sad at the loss of one person. But that doesnt mean we start hallucinating about that one person all throughout our lives. 
We know only tidbits of her. 
So let those moments stay they way they did. Why talk about reincarnation? 
Its a fiction. Doenst pertain to any one living or gone. 
What you dont like you could always ignore re... Not saying you are wrong or others are right but thoda tolerance is a good thing to have... Life is short, n good no-personal-tension days are less, so dont assume worldly troubles... I am a selfish person, I dont say others dont have trouble but I dont have too much bandwidth for social tensions.. I like it sweet n simple, jo pasand nahi ignore button daba do bas!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

can i say something?
Bol bol! Public forum hai.. Koi nahi rokegaLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Unlikely II

There were many misses or snafus in the whole pregnancy scenario

II not pinging Ritu despite being awake all day Wed. And not pinging Bally on Wed.
Ranjan taking matters into his own hands by reaching out to Mr B

II owed Ritu a hint, or atleast Bally a hint "using him as a friend"

Thursday morning when R&B contacted  Bally to let him know of her being unable to come in the rest of the week Bally was indeed a lil startled

A response to Ritu that would have otherwise been more conciliatory, turned out to be blunt and dismissive "Client's call"

Kind of giving Ritu back handed support that Excelsior was screwing everything up by steering direction

Bally would meet with Bansal over a quick lunch at the 5th floor fast food place and Bansal would "share what he knows"

Making Bally even more curious as to why "freeze" was chosen

He would meet with Ritu at 2, and they would agree on bringing Ashwini in, so her resources can be used elsewhere

Fixing the Gurgaon bugs, fixing the Lajpat Nagar fall outs and the 100 other "small and mid size" deployments that waited their turn in line

II was knocked out most of Thursday morning

Dr Gupta would visit armed with a nurse and a lab tech, and set up IV
She would be given something mild for nausea, FINALLY able to keep down a glass of juice and a couple of crackers by Thursday night

The whole house turned upside down with frenzy

Sam making a visit in the morning, Amma visiting after school

R&B working most of the day

By 8ish Thursday Bally would ping R&B

"Will she be back Monday?" he asked bluntly

He needed to be told if she was going to be out

She was burning her bridges with Bally in, working a week in Punjab, working a week in Gurgaon citing Ranjan's illness
And then contuining in Delhi and not returning to Punjab and finding herself pregnant at the end of that week
And taking personal time off

He had never encountered such erratic behavior and genuine lack of concern on her part, it baffled him

R&B called him


"Biwi gusse mein hai kya, call bhi nahi kar rahi" Bally teased meaningfully

"Huh" R&B chuckled

"Is she OK, does she have what ur Dad had?" Bally asked

"Bally, shes pregnant" R&B came out with it
"OH TERI!!!... OH TERI!!... Umm... I mean CONGRATS" bally laughe dout loud

R&B grunted

"Oh wow!! To yeh baat hai... is she really sick?" Bally's tone softened a lil

"Well she dehydrated considerably unable to keep anything in, so we IVed her today"

"Oh shittt!! Kidhar hai, ghar par ya?"

"At home" R&B said

"Hmmm... I am sorry yaar" Bally was apologetic

"No worries" Bally reassured

"She either sleeps or throws up" R&B said

"Ughhh..." Bally shook his head "suman will be thrilled, thanks for sharing man"

"absolutely" "Umm may I have Ritu's number?" R&B asked

"I can text u, u dont worry I will let her know. What does it look like? Will she be able to WFH next week?"

"I DONT know" R&B stressed on the "dont"

"I understand" Bally signed off

Bally was able to connect dots to Mr B's sudden diktat

R&B had no clue.

By Friday she woke up a lil more energetic and pleasant... her insides didnt hurt as much from retching

Ranjan came by to check on her at 9 ish...

"I feel much better today" she advertized, in a ploy to be able to get permission to work

"No no, you must rest betaji, I spoke with Omi, I froze Punjab as is, Haryana and UP, we will do later" he said flatly

"OMG!!!" II clamped her mouth in horror
As  her sickness and the larger professional implications of it slowly sank in...

Posted: 6 years ago
I just want to try and make things clear...not my place to do but i deeply connect to the situation..!!
i would like to defend Ashu a bit...a post i cross my boundaries and go ahead and do it without consulting Ashu so i am deeply soryy.

Firstly i am sorry if explaining what ashu is trying to say means hurting somebody else..!
no intention whatso ever to do so.

and ashu...i would also like to reason out with you about the things you got pissed about..i dont know if understood correctly but its my perspective

We all have our coping mechanisms and different ways of looking at things.

If its Nisha's way of coping with her loss by retaining the name and certain little aspecs she always associated with and gift it to the story and shape it into the character we all deeply adore...its her way of coping and we all surely connected with it.

if its somebody else's way of coping by forgetting the things that remind them of their loss and protecting themselves from the hurt then its thier way of coping.

if somebody likes to relate the little character to the one who they lost and get amused by the uncanny connection and get awed by Nisha's brilliance in writing its their way of coping

similarly its Ashu's way of coping by embracing the name but not associating with little maanvi as her lost friend reborn
for her  MAANVI of SoSy cant be her friend she lost and shared pain with in her last few moments. 
it hurts her to find the connect...the beauty of this little kid when compared with somebody else reminds her of the beautiful soul somebody else was...and to know things arnt same hurts her deeply

I am sure the story means a lot to ashu and so does everybody else...hence her response to things went this way.

even i deeply believe that what nisha writes about Maanvi is her amazing creation and excellent understanding of kids and she isnt a rebirth..she is maanvi bhalla and she is being shaped with a great deal of imagination 

thanks and sorry if this seemed like speaking against anybody...i am saying it again its not so

and ashu how somebody mentions Maanvi the little kid is thier bond with the character and coping mechanism like i mentioned before

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Originally posted by NSB7

can i say something?
Bol bol! Public forum hai.. Koi nahi rokegaLOL
Public forum hai tho wath lagti hai...meri kahin baar lag chuki hai..!1
we never know who reads what and how they take it Tongue
ma kasam kabhi kisiko hurt nahi karna hai mujhe TongueTongue
Posted: 6 years ago
I understand your viewpoint Ashu but I have to respectfully disagree. It is a fiction but it has been repeated many times tht this story has become more than that for a lot of us here. Those who feel a deep connect to the people here express it in their reviews. Others who feel a deep connect to just the story express that in their reviews. Neither is wrong. And frankly speaking neither form of expression should b prevented by anyone.

This is just my opinion on the matter but I feel that the course of this story changed drastically the day we received news of Maanvi's passing. I don't want to overstep into nisha's territory but I have a feeling that she hadn't originally planned for the fictional couple to have a child so soon.

But ultimately things change in this fictional world when real life events happen. The threads have been very different from with Maanvi to without Maanvi. Change us change. It has to happen. We can learn to live with it or ignore it but we can't stop it. The threads can't go back to the with Maanvi days...sorry to break that to you.

In the same way that you want to move on, some people take longer to do so. Just as no one stops you from reviewing the story as you please, I think you should give the same courtesy to others.

Sorry if I hurt you, but I couldn't stop myself from writing here after seeing ur post.
Posted: 6 years ago
II,dont giv a lot of ur thoughts in that deploymt dear...i dnt think this job is giving u much satisfaction or fame in ur field...and the client itself is slowing it...thats the second thing(first is rnb) u got from ur chill re!!!!

hav a gud day all ladies out there...stay happy...try to imbibe whats gud for u n what u feel fine with it...leav the rest...
i saw sorry that nivi's memories still makes u cry...we all do...only that healing process is different...take care dear...
Posted: 6 years ago
Brilliant Nisha..

Ranjan's concerns but II's career..
Feel very sorry for her... But can't say much to dad as he is an extra caring n very large hearted FIL...
I am so eager to know Dude's reaction on Dad's decision.. But knowing Dude we can expect only calm and silence... He knows his Dad care about relationships not about money...

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