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Posted: 6 years ago
greeny shilpa...
Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations on 49 Nisha!

Waiting for the next one Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Powers that be and decisions should be

She sat up in shock
Not knowing what she wanted anymore, her job was precious to her, but she had been so blown away by the discovery on Sunday night
She hadnt given her job much thought afterwards...

She went to work Monday and Tuesday more to prove a point and to forget nausea and less to make a solid contribution
It had somehow automatically switched in her head
She didnt know when it happened or if it had been happening progressively over the last 6 months
Or in the last two since Ritu came on board

Something had changed...

she felt hungry and tired

She had slept more in the last three days than she had in her entire life, she was unable to comprehend all the rapid changes occuring emotionally and physically

Rakshasan was still driving her insane
He had pretty much worked the whole fricking day

she missed him...

Mahavir pinged, dinner was ready

She changed into a wrap around skirt and cotton blouse with puffed sleeves in sea green, braided her hair neatly, wore a bigger bindi to make herself "feel better"
And went down

ranjan smiled seeing her

"did u like the rasam?
 She nodded and shook her head

Her insides burned at the memory of retching the rasam out,
the pepper and lemon not a good combination on its way out

"I am unable to keep anything in" she mumbled

"Tch tch" Ranjan shook his head

It was a routine evening at MM
The patio lights were on the lawns were being watered with the sprinkler
The weather was a lil cooler now, the kitchen smelled like food
Chana dal, aloo gobi with tamatar and jeera rice was the menu, along with freshly made rotis

R&B stepped down 20 minutes after she did

The sight of the food being served on her plate caused her saliva to bubble up

"I dont feel good" she whispered to hubs

He set his fork down and linked his fingers and rested his chin on it

"Do u want to have some juice?" he asked caringly

She shook her head her tear drops flying

"Toone daanta isko?" Ranjan asked

He stared at the man like he was saying "u need to stay out of this"

"Kha le puttar" he blew air kisses

she continued staring at her husband

"I know I am going to throw up" she whispered

"Haan theek hai to kar lena throw" Ranjan translated coloquially

She bit into a roti and slowly ate with dal, took over 20 minutes to eat one
And ate 5 spoons of pineapple raita in another 25 minutes

"Do u want to go for a a walk?" R&B asked

"Lawn mein?" she asked

"Or outside"

"Bahar rehne de" Ranjan advised

R&B nodded

Mahavir pampered her  "Meetha dein aapko, khayiyega?"

She shook her head weakly

"IV karegi?" Ranjan asked

R&B nodded "If she wont eat"

"I EAT" II shrieked

Ranjan laughed out loud

R&B half smiled

"Ya keep it down I meant" he corrected himself, the warrior was ready to slay

He wandered the patio listening to music, she walked over after helping Mahavir with the dishes

he held her hand... and and pulled her closer

"Thittinena I am going up" she said
(If u scold me)

Ranjan sat in the patio, turned the fan on and read on his ipad

they walked around the house, it was LONG walking path, the house sat on almost an acre? two acres

the grass was moist under her feet

He didnt talk as usual, she didnt either after 28 minutes she was done

"Going up" she said

He nodded and walked a couple rounds, checking email on the phone

Ranjan dozed... he turned the patio lights off and turned on the swamp coolers

and went up

She was in bed without changing

He changed into his sweats and slid in

she turned towards him, he gathered her closed

A loud moan escaped her at the long awaited embrace
He kissed her cheek firmly

"Can we talk about work?" she asked guaded

"Not right now" he dismissed, but gently
She leaned weakly, shutting her eyes

"I have to go to work u know" she said...
He didnt respond

Unawares of this blow up, Ranjan texted Mr Bansal, Bally's boss

"Do u have a minute Om?" Ranjan texted

Mr B called him

"Kya haal chaal hai yaar?"

"Good goo Omi... dinner all done?"

Mr B was a handful of years younger than Ranjan but they were really good friends

"Kha liya yaa, peg haath mein lehar baitha hoon" Omi said

"Hey how is the Punjab deployment going?'

"I dont know, did u want an update? arent u getting one regularly?" Mr B asked

"Yes yes I am... I am just curious.. I wanted to slow down deployment a bit in systems outside of NCR" Ranjan began

"Gaon mein gaon ke transaction processing?" Mr B mocked

"If u can call Amritsar and Bhatinda gaon, then ya, sure" Ranjan agreed smiling

"Aur kya seva karen batao" Mr B asked

"Just kind of cap off for now, with the whole labor thing I need to sit back and regroup my resources" Ranjan lied

"U know 70% of ur sales comes from NCR, Punjab Haryana and UP are less than 35% altogether" Mr B reminded Ranjan

"I know I know... this SW project is a smal thing, but I want to slow down for a couple months?"

"sure sure we will bill u for delayed deployment" Mr B cleverly snuck a clause in

"Delay, delay times two, delay times 4 kuch bhi le le bhai" Ranjan laughed

"Arey wah u seem to be in a generous mood" Mr B said

Ranjan checked himself quickly  "Yes I mean we can talk about what we legitimately owe for any delay" he reworded his gush like a true biz man

"Aur koi seva?" Mr B asked

"Thats it for now" Mr B said  "Ek game golf ka ho jaaye?"

"Jee zaroor Sat ko milte hain?" Mr B promised


the decision would cascade to Bally and from him to Ritu by 11 AM on Thursday. Much to her unhappiness
"Client's call" Bally would warn her, so she shouldnt lose it...

"This is insane we are 60% done with deployment they want to pause?" she would rant

"Get something on my calendar at 2 ish?" Bally offered

When Bally would text her again around 10 ish to tell her "II is still sick"

Ritu would re-read the text with distinct resentment

Posted: 6 years ago
Me thinks this deployment delay will be more trouble than anything good for II...Ritu kamini toh ghar baar tyag ke II ke peeche padegi after that text from Bally, what with circumventing the power that Ri2 holds!
Like that finally dude n II are acting sensibly than blasting smoke n artillary!!LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Aaj gadhon ki tareh kaam kiya office mei...sir uthane ki fursat nahi... Was wondering if I missed an update, but thankfully I did not!LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha yaar dili tamanna hai ki II has an interaction from other side of fence with Ri2.., client banke... Pata nahi kuch zyada maang rahi hu ya kya... But I have a feeling this Reetha-Aamla will dho-o II's midyear with ganda pani!! Want II to be the one to put down papers in the review meeting before she spoils it for her.. I feel this is the perfect time to a few months I mean Edited by harshita27 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Couple are fighting over her job and Ranjan Big smile
What a FIL?
Ritu LOL LOL ..
What would be II and Dude reaction when they know it is Ranjan decision?
Nisha your thinking is extraordinary !

We are all going over the top with Nivi's arrival.. You choke us with ground reality...
Clap Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Aaj gadhon ki tareh kaam kiya office mei...sir uthane ki fursat nahi... Was wondering if I missed an update, but thankfully I did not!LOL

Yo Harshey..
Weekday me Darshan diya Wink
Today I will be Donkey at work lot do Cry

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