TaaRey Drabble : His Girl -Completed-

Posted: 2015-08-30T11:47:31Z
Hello Guys!

I'm here with a Drabble series, this one is going to be short, with limited parts. Many asked me to write an OS but right now, I'm really not able to. So this one is for you all. 

And This one will be updated daily. Hope you like it and enjoy. Do leave you feedback :)



Ch 1 : His Roommate (Scroll Down)
Ch 2 : His Bedmate
Ch 3 : His Best Friend
Ch 4 : His Only Need
Ch 5 : His Addiction
Ch 6 : His Everything
Ch 7 : His Love
Ch 8 : His Soulmate
Ch 9 : His Possession
Epilogue : His Girl

Ch 1 : His Roommate

She looked in his dark brown eyes, they were so damn serious, and his cold palm- clasping her waist tightly. She was left flabbergasted, yet again, his closeness was effecting her, they both knew it.

"Why you ate my cake, Taani?" He questioned her, gazing down at her, intensely. He pulled her close, his hot breath teasing her lips. With one free hand he tucked the strand of her locks behind her earlobe, touching her cheeks, watching them turn pink.

"Rey, leave me.." She whispered, she was breathing heavily, her chest colliding with his hard chest, creating havocs in their senses.

"No! First answer my question." Rey said to her, Taani pouted cutely at him.

"It was looking so tempting, demanding my attention. I couldn't control." Taani trailed off, smiling at him, sheepishly. Taking advantage of his loosen grip, around her, she stepped out of his arms and ran out of the room, stuck her tongue at him, mocking him.

"You are so dead, Taani." Rey shouted as he ran after her. The ran downstairs, she ran inside the kitchen, he followed her.

"I'd saved you some, don't need to go all hulk mood on me, and murder me." Taani joked, she went to the fridge and took out the plate, which was kept hidden behind a big bowl so, he couldn't see it. Rey mocked glare at her, and snatch the plate away from her. Taani frown and glare at him.

"Bhookkad." Taani mumbled, as he stuff his mouth with cake.

"Says the one who stole my cake." She glared at him, hearing his sarcastic remark. Then, she remembered something, and moved close to him.

"But Rey, whats the occasion. You brought cake, cooked this yummy food?" Taani questioned him, she take some cake on her finger, and started licking it, moaning a but which caught his attention. He stopped eating and gazed at her lips, with heated gaze.

"I got selected.." Rey told her, flatly. 

"Selected? Selected for what?" Taani asked him, confusingly. Rey smiled at her softly, and fed her a spoonful of cake.

"For indian team. I got selected in the team, to play T-20 world cup." Rey told her, his voice gives away the happiness, he was feeling. He glance at her, to see her reaction But all she did was she stood still, not even moving a bit. She was too numb, too shocked to say or react over anything.

"Taani-" Rey called out for her, he placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her a bit. Taani blinked her eyes, she stare at him, with glee visible in her eyes. She started jumping, Rey laughed as she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"Ye! I'm so so happy Rey, This is the best news.." Taani shouted, Rey chuckled lightly. More than him, she look happy and excited. Taani broke the hug, and kissed his both the cheeks. She was so happy, finally his dream has come true, he will play for india. He will play for his nation, after lots of struggle.

"Did you tell them, about your selection?" Taani asked him, suddenly the atmosphere grew serious. Rey stare at her, with pained look in his eyes.

"No! And it's not like they will care." Rey mumbled, referring to his family who never supported him, they wanted him to join their family business but he wants to go after his passion which is cricket. Thus, He left his family behind and joined under 19 team, going against his family which made them disown him.

"Okay! Partner, don't need to feel sad today. It's your day, don't let sadness take over the happiness." Taani told him, softly. She gave him one more hug before she again started jumping around.

"Ye! my partner got selected!" She was yelling, in joy. Clapping her hands together, she danced around. Rey laughed seeing her craziness. She is crazy, perfectly knows how to bring a smile on his face with her crazy antics.

She is cutely weird. She is his Roommate.


Please do leave your feedback :)

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Posted: 2015-08-30T12:08:53Z
That was the cutest...
Taarey are roommates..
The sexual tension was so palpable..
Taani's happiness for rey..
And they were fighting for a cake..LOL
Rey is selected...  wohoo...
Update soon...
Really exciting..
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Posted: 2015-08-30T12:08:58Z
Nice update 
Beautifully penned down 
Loved it 
Want to read more 
Pls update ASAP 
Thanks for pm 

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Posted: 2015-08-30T12:10:01Z
interesting concept
i really like it no not like i love it
eager to read more of it
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Posted: 2015-08-30T12:14:14Z
2awesome start, rey is cricketer something new, well waiting 4new update
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Posted: 2015-08-30T12:15:35Z
wow that is so good
n intresting
xited for it
lovely taarey n 
their scenes

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Posted: 2015-08-30T12:15:54Z
Nice start
Taarey are roommates LOL
Loved their bonding
Continue soon
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