SS 48 Parenting Symphonies :) - Page 79

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Posted: 6 years ago
beautiful update i just loved the ending the father son moment was heart wrenching i just loved it
Posted: 6 years ago

I love u sooo much...I love u the most in the world today...

Ayyo the dude and Ranjan sitting together absorbing the best news in the world...He giving water to calm him...

They sitting together and silently conversing...Its like the dude is asking Ranjan whether he felt the same way when he became a dad...Its like suddenly they have something in common...the title 'DAD'...Acho I donno how to express...
Posted: 6 years ago
nisha thanks 4 the back to back updates
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha, thank u so much...ur a gem, an goddess, granting our wishes...such a sweet update
The aww moment:

"Beemar hai, Doc nu dikhaya?" he asked his son

"Umm..." R&B squirmed

Ranjan watched with delight... he had to lean on the door jamb


"Dr Baig nu phone karaan?" he offered

"Ummm.. I am thinking of" R&B squirmed, suddenly shy

"Yes yes... tell me puttarjee" Ranjan was eager

R&B tucked his nervous hands in his pocket

"Umm... shes pregnant" he said hoarsely

Ranjan limped to an expensive rattan chair and sat down

Too good, and the last few lines, sun shining brighter on MM, both father son sitting together...made tear upClapStar
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Welcome aboard Divya. What a fun time to join in!
I believe we have a new Sonal, too?? Welcome! Hope you have a lovely ride with us!

And NISHA! Appreciation baad mein batolna. Abhi jaa ke agla wala likho plzLOL
Hum log Yahan wholesale rate mein khushiyan manaate rahenge...
Hey everyone, very busy day! First there was Rakhi celebration at my place .. My sister in law came.. Then I went to my moms place with kids( I have two daughters) . Returned just now! Feeling tired but then also peeked many times for update Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha, you made the dude break it to his father , nothing could hv been more apt period.
And him sitting by his dad after the longest time as they look forward to the times to come by , similar to the moments they had and cherish.
Nothing could be more beautiful than this.
You know it's sort of poetic justice that Nivi brings.
Posted: 6 years ago
Swathi...u said it perfectly...Star both the bhalla men their thoughts, it is such a poignant moment. u have enough work to keep  busy...LOL

Welcome Veena...
Posted: 6 years ago
Ayyo Nish
I am reading it again and again...Can I give a virual hug and kiss for your writing ??

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