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Posted: 6 years ago
It took him exactly, 10 hours and 14 minutes to get to Delhi airport, from the moment he held the fortune cookie in his hand.
He got up and walked inside purposelfully, texting Alex still holding the lil scrap of paper, pulled some tees and cargos and shave
things out, threw them on the bed, packed it all in his hiker backpack
Went on the phone with his agent and got himself a ticket in first
class to New Delhi at 10 :20 PM, was out the door in 20 minutes, took a cab to the airport from 8th Arrondissement
It was close to 9 AM Wednesday the 9th September... when he landed...

EPIC Tongue

What will be Ranjan reaction? I think he will be next one to know Party
Posted: 6 years ago
Omg.. yay for the update!! Dancing
"Vidu da" is not going to work in the future either...LOL

II imagining Appa's reaction.. ROFL She is soo cute!!
 "Your kozhandai will be returned to you safe after this one" - Sorry Appa, this is sooo not going to happen.. LOL

2 pink lines!! Dancing

Please please one more.. Dude's reaction when he sees her.. 
Posted: 6 years ago
What have you done to us!! 70 pages of anticipation! What a storyteller you are. I swear you are not following your calling; unless people have multiple of those. 
I'm currently in an area with really poor network so forgive my inability to repeatedly express my joy at this fictional, yet so close to my heart, couple's foray into parenthood. But you must know how special this is to me, as are you. 

A thousand times I thank you for this story. 
Will go back to analysing and gushing once I land in my city tom. Probably on the next threadLOL
Edited by dristi64 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


Hope u feel better
SO happy to see you

happy to c u too...
dont go without giving an another dudish update...

will b back later...
hope non of my maams r a sosyian...
if so,pleas forgiv me...
Posted: 6 years ago
Yippee!!! When the dude has to come he comes!! No argent, no surfing, no hiking, no quarterly results will keep him away from meeting his grain sized NIVI I!!!! AIYOOO Nisha first thing in the morning warm and fuzzy and romantic and just simply super!!!!! 
Can wait to see the Milan, he will kill her with the way he'll look at her. 

And she, i guess she's already bald dead with all the puking and nausea and the excitement and will BLAME HIM BIG TIME, FIGHT WITH HIM- her way of showing her LOVE I Guess..he will simply hold her and shush her! 

Ranjan ka reaction chahiye chahiye chahiye chahiye...finally he's get some khushi!!!! 
Posted: 6 years ago
Mendru vizhungi saapidamudiyamal thavikaiyil ellithil vandadhu poi
Thappithom enna vandhu vizhundhaval ezhundhadhu nadu iravil
Potta kannakku idithadhu...OMG...nijamagava? Eppadi solvadhu? varidam solvadhu thavithaal
Adivayirai varudi ingirukiraya chellame endradhu oru kural Podi Amma enna ninapaal irandavadhu
Thulaidhaai Appavai eppadi edhirkolvaai enna bayamuruthum moondravadhu kural
Niruthungo...naan onnum yarum saiyadhadhai seyallai endra naangavadhu kural
Vizhungiyadhanaithu oru sera veliye...Paduthaval miga vegamaai kaalaiyil ezhundhu odinaal
 oru testing kit vaana enni kuthagai edupadhu pol aindhu keta podhu purum uyarthiya marundhu kadaikarar thalai asaithu sirithar
Viraindhu vandhu thattu thadumaari sodhanai...Mudivil therindhadho avan avalai azhaipadhu pondra irand II kodu
Thagaval arindhadhum vegamaai ayatham seidhu viraindhaan thannavalayum thangaludaiyadhyum thazhuva
Avan enna ottathirku idu kodukka mudiyadha vimanam
Avallo anaivarukkum sila neram puriyadha pudhir avanal mattume katupadum chinna puyal

Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update nisha r&b came back to India with the paper in his hand and Ii using the pregnancy kit tooo cute nisha...

Nisha I loved the way ii thought about her appa in her self thought 

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