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Posted: 6 years ago
Hello! Good morning/good evening. I hope everyone is doing well.

Nisha! End of euphoria and beginning of Nivi cuteness?

It is not as bad as it sounds no? I mean R&B knows that II does not take care of herself and they say that the first few months you need to be careful. He is just being as anxious as any new parent to be right? But, for II this is surely likely to be a point of contention.
Posted: 6 years ago
The tittle scared me initially.

But pura padhke mazza aa Gaya. No fun without their tiff.

Amma/akka, now will ship rasam everyday for ii. Waiting for appa and dude in same frame now.

Ii like everytime you have to give in to dude. Even dad this time won't stand by you.

Good luck.

700 chapters to our SoSy. Nisha you have woven a beatiful world where I hang out to escape my real life. Just love being here. Thanks for giving this option. It's amazing story. And much more.

Putti, had to file my return. Got late. Woke up bit late and then got busy in kitchen. Now on my way to office and read update and as much as I could.

Have a great day all.

Good night Nisha and all in west.

Posted: 6 years ago
what a lady!!!!
she has everything at her reach,yet she is soo grounded and unpretentious!!!
the way she consoles vandu,enjoys with amma,tear up on her family's past,protecting her father,siblings n II,deals with her irritating MIL...
hats off,lady!!!!Big smile
u are a gem!!!!

afterall its for her n bcoz of her only,MM was ressurrected!!!
Posted: 6 years ago

Just think if Appa says "You should allow her take proper rest, indirectly saying stay away from daughter.. You have done enough damage"
Posted: 6 years ago
Back to basics...dude can't really let II go for work in this condition..let's see how this goes...
Posted: 6 years ago
I want a conversation infact a blasting fight where II finally utters that she has too many EMIs being paid off her her monthly salary, hence she cant go on indefinite leave with loss of pay, n Dude should show his disappointment evident that even now her EMIs are such a big deal that even when the husband can afford the world, the wife wont let him care for her n her needs... Whether they are doing the right thing bringing a baby in this world with so much distrust n insecurity that II has.
I did not like that Appa had given II the look when he found that she was helping Ranjan... Even though he said that II must help Ranjan, I felt his reaction was otherwise. Yes, its only been 6months but why cant II stand up for a family that has showed more than once that they love n treasure her, why cant she say its MY family n I will help!!! Appa has too much negativity for Bhalla somehow! I dont like Appa.. Would have said "Hate" but its a strong word.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Have a good day Pritee..
You are also like me...late latif type... I have to do today...Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
ranjan & nivi

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