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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Hello Asma yes we have all been quite excited this weekend and what a magic NISHA weaves and keeps us enthralled day after day...Thank IF for all the fun and frenzy.

Hi Sri! How have you been?!
Posted: 6 years ago
Asma i been doing great with lots of exciting experiments and initiatives at work.
Posted: 6 years ago
I thank NISHA AMMA she carried me in her heart and mind
Connected me to my Aunts and Uncles there
I am hers first and Amma Appa's , So Sy s and MMs later though for each I've made a special place in my heart
I have a very large family for sure

Clap Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
GM Asma n Sri...

Let me sleep for 30 more mins.. D'oh
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Asma i been doing great with lots of exciting experiments and initiatives at work.

Great! would love to hear about them! Does your school have a link that one can explore! Do PM me if there's more for me to do to take a peek Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

GM Asma n Sri...

Let me sleep for 30 more mins.. D'oh

Good morning Putti!
Posted: 6 years ago
End of Euphoria

Sam called her Doc Mrs Urmil Gupta, at the boutique clinic
and shared the news she was only too happy to be "giving pre natal care to another Bhalla family member"

Akka made rasam and bhindi baaji for her

Amma came at 4 ish, bearing fruits flowers and sweets

She was pleasantly surprised to see Akka there, Akka was reminded of the sugar she brought and went up to get it so she could feed her sister

Amma lit the lamp in II's temple asked II to pray "Very late u shud have done it when u discovered on Monday morning" Amma scolded

She made R&B do a matha teko as well

Ranjan returned from work 5 ish overjoyed at seeing so many women hovering over his DIL

Mahavir made pakoras and chai and served rasmalai, Amma asked Appa if he could stop by after work,
Appa had to go to with Athim to see a plumber about water leak again at Munirka

He promised to call II in the evening and stop by the next morning

R&B went up immediately afterwards

II was constantly throwing up unable to keep anything down
 Dr Gupta promised to stop by at 7 before she went on her rounds at her fancy Jor Bagh clinic
She took II's date of birth age and such so she "could get her file going"

She promised to draw blood when she stopped by

Akka couldnt stay past 5 PM so she took off after serving II a cup of rasam

II loved the taste of that so she was able to have almost all of it

amma and Sam sat chatting in the lounge as Amma shared "Tanjore childbirth stories"

Both of Amma's girls, one was born at Safdarjung Hospital the other at Lady Harding

Sam made her driver go drop Akka off, Akka asked if she could "use the car for an extra hour to go to the store and go to Munirka"

Sam just told her, she should have it for the evening, and called another driver

She would later have to answer to her nosy mother in law

But she didnt give a damn

She checked on Nandu's home work and Sofia's update on how Lasya was doing

She enjoyed and appreciated Amma's company a lot

Amma was unpretentious like II, showing up at MM, in her simple sungudi cotton saree, directly
from work, with a 6 inch flower string in her hair now yellowed and faded from being in the un air conditioned school all day

She wore no make up, she wore a sticker bindi and a smudge of the real thing underneath when she prayed every morning

She wore one fake gold bangle on each wrist

She didnt want to risk being robbed driving to work

Sam could tell she was a educated, refined lady that had seen various ups and downs in life

Unlike her mother in law who changed clothing atleast 5 times a day, and even wore shorts when she thought "delhi was too hot"
That didnt bother Sam too much as much as her MIL's constant attitude of passive aggressive behavior

She wondered how  a boy of Vandu's age would have been

Polite simple and unpretentious came to her mind

"Mr Iyer is not like today's men, he knew very little about parenting" Amma declared sheepishly

"Tan bhi kaha jaante hain aunty" Sam reassured Mrs Iyer

"No no, ur father seems very hands on" Amma said thoughtfully

"Dad is exceptional" Sam said softly

"I see him care for Lasya, the way he held Shubhang" Amma continued

"Aisa koi kaam nahi hai jo woh nahi jaante aunty... umm.. waqt ne..." Sam choked a bit and stopped

Amma realized she was hinting at the scandal and how every good deed Ranjan had ever done may have been eroded by that one eventCry
The man had lost so much of his credibility...

"Samyukta he will be a very good grandpa" Amma said knowingly

Sam nodded her eyes glistening with gratitude

Sam insisted Amma take dinner home

Amma called Janaki Athai and asked her to fix kanji for Periappa and put the dals in the grinder for churning

Sam instructed Mahavir to make roti subzi, dal raita and salad all without onion, and pack it all for D II
She even went on to tell him not to handle meet so Amma can be reassured

Ii was asleep after throwing up the rasam at 7 ish when Amma left

R&B saw her off, by walking over to the gate...

Dr Gupta came around 7:30 (traffic)

Drew blood checked her vitals and warned II if she didnt start eating more she would put her on IV
II looked at Sam fearfully

"I am sorry love Dr Baig ki tarah softie nahi hai meri Doc" Sam giggled

"I eat, but cant keep it down" II whined

"Then, we will do an IV" Dr Gupta said kindly

She wanted II to come in on Friday for weekly exams, until she added a pound or two

Sam left when the Doc did

Ranjan hovered in the 2nd floor living room, reading a book and watching TV as if the baby was here already

R&B went over to check on her


"I am going to text Bally u cant come in the rest of the week"

She woke wearily

"Dont do that" she begged hoarsely, through dry lips

"Do u want to go in tomorrow?" he asked sikily

"I have to u know that" she said

"I am sorry but I dont agree" he said

II sat up... "I mean how insane this is think pannu da, I mean I am pregnant and I go on an indefinite leave"

"Not very... to me" he scoffed

"Then heres an FYI I have to be back at work" she hissed

Ranjan was downstairs talking to Mahavir about child proofing the house... grandparents... LOL

"No u are not, not until u add three pounds" he said bluntly

"I will eventually get over this"

"I am not disagreeing II, but cant let u go to work I am sorry" he said bluntly

Waking her up completely... as he walked away casually

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Posted: 6 years ago
Woah!! Truly a weekend BONANZA this has been.
Fortune cookie did bestow barrage of updates / good fortune on us for sure.
Appreciate this very much.
To take us through this grand announcement , the excitement that's palpable even from Minion's end let alone family members is brilliant.
Mrs. Iyer, vandu , Sam are all ecstatic. Mr. Iyer sharing his joy with his colleague , how very cute, sir.
It may be sounding odd, cuteness and Appa, but I do find him to be that and no, I do not have two horns.
Vandu and II will hv to balance this development now and very much in future. This is a abridge that has to be tenderly crossed , with enough people around them to make this awkward.
I am already envisioning threads highlighting this gap .LOL .
There's a world of difference that got highlighted there . And yet vandu remains such a sweetie pie.

Lovely Nisha, this has been a treat. Thank you. Much appreciated. Thumbs Up

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