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Posted: 6 years ago

Dedicated to all those remembering in the tale and life a loved one that has moved on...hold the memories close to your heart never to washed away with tears

Treasures shared

Memories are treasures safely hoarded in a nook in the heart

It emerges occasionally and tugs every vein and artery and activates the flow of tears

II had none to bind the Rakhi The lucky dude had adoring sisters two

Customs of the house, traditions to be followed new to the bahu

Dad he oversaw every tradition was alive and entrusted it to her

The fusion of Iyer custom and the reminder of the house he gifted her when MM became her home

The stones that adorn her nose he obsessed thus far the mantle of Ma has been bestowed

Delightedly she takes on as all else

A fresh set of pictures to adorn the chest was ready till the angel takes over

Moments like these are etched it our mind and never let it go by

Memories are there to savour and comfort us when people move on

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Posted: 6 years ago
One of those updates i can see the poignant characters have stripped their souls naked.
You have kind of pulled open a vein of our hearts that had been hidden beneath the weight of many other veins defining everyday issues and feeling and set it free...that vein you set free is the on that helps the heart beat for our siblings...the one that stops supplying blood to the heart when our siblings fall sick and then one that pumps blood at high rates when they seem happy
My biology at this point might be totally wrong
Feeling ko samjhe please Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Ek last bath and I will leave for the day 
I could see and hear a picture in grey scale but brightness yet very evident 
The sisters chasing after the brother to get hold of him so they can tie them up to get a gift out of him
Savvy watching it all calling out to the girls to let go of him
Him hiding behind savvy and savvy telling him beta didi ko tang math karo rakhi see bhagtein nahi
Him smiling at her and sitting down for the process when asked for gifts handing an old chocolate wrapper when ranjan would walk in with beautiful Frock's he would hand over to the son who would half smile and give them away to the sisters.
The sisters hug dad thanking him for the gift as they make faces at thier brother and savvy would ruffle his hair and hug him to herself 

Sorry for writing it down no intention to demand anything in the story 
Just an imaginary scene playing in my head 
Posted: 6 years ago
Too choked to say anything. Reminds me of the many fun filled rakhis I tied to my brother. He gave me a rock once wrapped in a fancy box. Now it's just a phone call and rakhi sent though 
At one time they used to sell these humongous foam double triple tiered rakhis. He used to hate them and I used to deliberately get those for him! 

Can't imagine the emotional state of the bhallas. Sam and manya together I guess for the very first time since savvys death for this festival. It might not have much religious significance but rakhi is indeed such a wonderful way to validate brothers and sisters emotional connect. I don't have a son, but I make sure my girls tie rakhi to each other. Sometimes a physical act of tying a rakhi or a special day to celebrate siblings teaches them the value of the relationship. 

And RB  actually posed for a picture. Shucks man! Nisha Kya kar rahi hai yaar! 
Posted: 6 years ago
Ah Manny! What's the deal here... ?
Manny choking, tearing , blushing , it's like she has lifted the veil of cynicism here ...
And the air is different around her...
Or is it all roses only with Makarand now ...
The curiosity is building up with her all going seemingly soft oflate.

And yes,One more to the album of the father with his children that Ranjanji will preserve.
Is it the first since savvy's death. Or was there one during the wedding of II and the dude.
But this is special. Hope he gets well soon. Finding it tough to see him weak and sick
Posted: 6 years ago
Very important link! DO NOT MISS!! Edited by harshita27 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I will go read the updates now.
Posted: 6 years ago
Harshey Tongue
Stored the link.. Will see in home...

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