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Posted: 6 years ago


A remark of his twisted and turned and cooked in her brain has triggered their war of sorts

Worried of Dad's feverish state, Fretting over the Dude's departure she's worked up again

Tossed between multiplying roles and endless tasks assumed and bestowed

The Iyer wife, the Bhalla lady of the house, the KMPG hat, the Spectrum hat, the Dude's Venus and the communicator of the house MM

Each relaying a list of instructions how she will order and execute them her worry

The Dude wants to be her sole focus sharing her attention a strict No No

She he will change he must change they will she holds the key to their happiness

Dragon like he will guard his and their treasured ones though in the process they' d hiss and claw each other

She's HIS and that's what matters to him he'd find a million ways to establish his right

Sure it would raise a Aandhi of sorts the forum would be a house divided making points and counterpoints

Posted: 6 years ago
Tan and good to see them...thank you nisha...

And seriously biwi ko kya hua...Abhi tak samajh nahi aaya why patidev is angry...matlab chachu ki baat pe naraaz...beta II Zara zor dalo dimaag pe before the Trojan war effects the whole system LOL Edited by dsgirl - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
That's all I could do after reading the update.These two fight and then make out
esp R&B as he can't voice out what he feels out of habit and ll won't stop talking.
Dude was smoldering since he noticed the liar flirting with his wife but wife didn't .
ll didn't turned beautiful after marriage she was like that b4 marriage that's why dude fell for her. Guys must have flirted with her harmlessly b4 but she have eyes for dude only that's why perhaps she didn't get what the liar was trying to do . Guess guys are more jealous then girls , not sure Wacko
Posted: 6 years ago
"Are you jealous?"

"Sex is not the answer to everything" she yelled

He froze and  looked into her eyes...  "You had NO reason to be nasty. YOU are getting up and leaving tomorrow" she told him bluntly

"Weve already been through that BEFORE lunch" he slid off her
"NO its NOT ABOUT ME. Its about Dad, he is STILL SO SICK. And you choose to take pot shots over family politics?" she rolled over and looked at him incredulously

"EVERYONE is here and HE DOESNT NEED ME" he said, finding his tee and wearing it angrily.

"THAT is not the point" she sat up and yelled back "Hes dealing with a work crisis,  theyve made NO progress in negotiations, the talks have broken down TWICE in the last week,
but YOU have to leave as planned" she said

"I AM NO LONGER PART OF EXCELSIOR" he waved a finger warningly

She stared in shock

"OK fine, you are no longer part of Excelsior, but do u even care WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM PHYSICALLY?" she asked

"I WILL NOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION" he said almost inaudibly

"In that case I WILL take which ever answer forms in my mind" she said punishingly  "I didnt intentionally hide Dad's sickness from Sam, in case thats what you were worrying about, I thought she must have heard from you or Manya" she blasted

"AND I did not mean you were causing a crack in any relationship" he spat back

"I dont know what you meant. I dont know what we mean to each other anymore. We cant seem to go on for two days without trying to kill each other",
she stood on the other side of the bed arms folded across her chest grimly.

they glared at each other interminably...

"He has ALL the help he needs. Sam is here, Manya is here, she can stay on until Saturday" he spoke aloud airing his insecurities.
"Classes dont start until Monday, before you judge ME II, u need to get your facts straight" he was hugely upset

"There is ALWAYS some justification for WHY you have to leave for Paris isnt there?" she was unwilling to melt right now,
and give him credit for feeling afraid for his Dad

"excuse me for having a company that functions out of there" he mocked

"Excuse us for expecting you to delay your trip then" she muttered wearily

"He has been doing this for THIRTY FIVE YEARS. He does not NEED ME" he barked as she pulled the curtains apart furiously

"I bet its perfectly OK for YOU to judge WHEN he needs you and when he DOES NOT??" she snapped

"Is that what all this is about?" he asked

"THIS IS ABOUT BEING TOLD I START WARS" she said blistering, still reeling from the hurt

Sofia walked the lawns with a sleeping Lasya on her shoulder talking on her cell phone

He did not meet her gaze, he looked away

"He employs THOUSANDS, he doesnt need people like the way YOU perceive it" he told her dismissively

"His employees check on him when he is SICK?" she asked furious

"I MEANT he employs MBAs and CPAs in his Corporate office people more than capable of running numbers for him"
 he told her bluntly

"You are angry I am doing the wage analysis?" she was horrified  "MANYA ASKED ME TO DO IT. I am SORRY. I am NOt stopping you from leaving tomorrow.
You have no business stopping ME from doing the research" she said nastily

"OH! PLEASE GO RIGHT AHEAD... I DONT GIVE A RIP, II" he said gleefully...

"Thanks anyway but I wasnt looking for an approval..."

"THATS EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT, you should be the face of Excelsior then" he provoked her

"THERE!! We are back at that are we?" she asked circling him with a mocking look on her face

He walked to the living room, opened the frig got himself a Sam Adams and uncapped it and sipped pursing his lips

"I must apologize, I love my beer" he mocked

"I DONT GIVE A DAMN" she fumed slamming magazines from the couch on to the coffee table "Ive never made a big deal out of it"

"So much so you dont even notice when you are conned" he bit out

She paused and stared at him

"Your lawyer friend drank beers today" "Not one but three" he said self satisfied at having released the turmoil,
it formed LARGE white... or green plumes dancing its way up the skies... or ceiling

she processed that for a few seconds... and "He did?" she asked softly preoccupied

"You served him the first one" he smiled, his beautiful teeth flashing brightly "Cant remember?" he asked

"Oh? Oh!!" The teetotaling alcoholic???, made perfect sense to her now, outside Ranjan's room...


She turned red at the discovery...

"I didnt even notice" she mumbled softly

He walked over to her  "He probably was banking on exactly that.. what with his bravado on 15th about being a designated driver and all" he said softly, unamused

"ARE YOU JEALOUS?" she asked...looking at him STUNNED... her face all flushed her mind's reaction to the ridiculous discovery

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
more impulsive dee.
we usually think one thing at a time so direct attack instead of running background check
Posted: 6 years ago
Ufff what to do wen kids think they know and want to impress parents
Elder one was mowing the lawn but gas finished , he asked me if he could pour some but I said no but still he guess what happens the bloody machine refuse to start. I had some clue what happened but waited for dear hubby to wake up from his sweet dream and of course the drama started. Lovely son put gas at oil area so
Hubby went ballistic over his expensive gadget while I was laying the dinner with the younger.
Had to intervene and help so it could b over b4 our dinner gets cold, mission successful.
Moral of the story pls don't show off it's not worth it.
Posted: 6 years ago
Dragon like he will guard his
and their treasured ones
though in the process they' d
hiss and claw each other
She's HIS and that's what
matters to him he'd find a
million ways to establish his

Tongue sri!!

Edited by ishruhi - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely! This was exactly what I had in mind!
Goes to show that I should keep my mouth shut sometimes because Ms. Author knows exactly what to deliver & when! Smile

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