Stolen moments! Ishra OS

Posted: 2015-08-22T10:46:48Z
Hi there friends

Posting a random OS which I wrote a while back but never got chance to post. I know it's a little unrelated to current track but I still hope you will read it and like it!

Please ignore any errors or typos

Do like and comment to let me know what you thought about it.

Enjoy! Wink

Stolen moments.



Haan Kya hai?

I'm upstairs


Hurry and come up!


Just...come up. I'm waiting

Raman tang mat karo! I'm busy!

What? Come up right now!

I can't. I have to label the gifts, get the pooja things ready. Iron everyone's clothes! I'm too busy.

What did you say Madrasan?? I tricked Raj and Simran to go out, shifted Romi to Adis room n now you're making excuses! Come up right now or I am coming down to mummyjis room to do what I need to do! Ok?

No! Don't come down! Mummyji Pammi auntie and Ama are here!

I dont care! I can't wait any longer! Just come!

What excuse shall I make? What will they think? I can't come yet!

Ishita I'm warning you! If you're not up here in 10 I will come down and carry you up no matter who is watching!

Did you read the message??

Hmm yes...ok...I'll come for 5 mins.

Make sure you do!

Meanwhile in a confined space...


Simran come quickly.

I can't! I'm stuck in the cupboard!

What are you doing in the cupboard?

I was getting my shawl and heard Bhai coming so I hid in the cupboard feeling embarrassed being alone without you. But now it seems to have stuck and I can't open it.

Ok I'll come to help you.

No don't bhais out of the bathroom now. Let him leave then I'll text you.


What is he doing now?

He's on the phone.


Has he gone?



I think he's going now.

Ok I'm coming up.

No don't! Ishita bhabhi has just come into the room. I'll shout to her.





You know I thought Raman Bhai wasn't right?

What do you mean?

You know!

No I don't,what?

You know that he might be that!

Might be what?



Well...he isn't!

What? How do you know?



He's here. With Ishita bhabhi. And they seem to be engrossed in something!

What are they engrossed in? How do you know, you're inside the cupboard!

I can see a little bit through the slats of the door. He has his arms around her now.


And he seems to be...kissing her...

Okay! And now?

Now he is nuzzling her neck.

What...what is bhabhi doing?

She's trying to resist him but shyly.

And now?

Now erm, Bhai has got her pallu in his hands and he's pulling it.

Oh...And now?

He's...he's erm...


Raj I can't watch anymore! I need you! Need you close to me! Need you now! I'm coming down and you're booking us into a room in the hotel down the road!

Stop there. I'm coming to get you.

Raj walked back into the house and avoiding the women of the house stealthily walked up to Ramans room. His plan was to distract Bhai and bhabhi so that Simran could somehow sneak out of the cupboard and out of the room. He reached the top of the stairs and was about to knock on Ramans bedroom door when he found that the door was slightly ajar. He lifted his hand to knock again but stopped as he heard muffled giggling and whispering.

Raman chodyay na, koi aa jayay ga!

Nahi madrasan. Dedh saal say intezaar kar raha hoon. Ab nahi chodoon ga! Chahay kuch bhi kar lay!

Acha baba...mmm

The voices became inaudible as Raj presumed they must be kissing. His heart welled up for his Bhai. The poor guy had been waiting for so long to be united with his wife! Raj didn't have the heart to disturb them. He pushed the door a little to gauge whether he could get Simran out in some way without disturbing his poor brother.

He was in luck!

Ishita and Raman were standing next to the window on the far side of the room, immersed in what looked like an intense lip lock. Ramans had his hands on the wall while his face and body covered Ishita. Raj looked away but felt happy as tears of joy come to his eyes at the thought that finally 2 lovers were untitled. Now for his own reunion, he thought with excitement! Tiptoeing silently towards the wardrobe, he swiftly opened the latch and opened the door. However as he heard the sound of Ishitas soft voice he had no choice but to slip into the cupboard before anyone saw him.


Raman, mujhay sharam aa rahi hai. Please lock the door. Someone might come in.

Yaar madrasan! Achay khasay mood ki band bajana to koi tum say seekhay! Sharam kyun aa rahi hai? Kuch galat kar rahay hai? Pati hoon tumhaara! Legally married hain hum.

Phir bhi bachay aa gayay to? Embarrassment ho gi na. Please darwaza lock kar do. Please

Ok. But iss kay baad no disturbance. Ok. You have to let me have my wicked way with you tonight! I can't wait any longer!

Ravan kumar!! Teek hai but please close the door!


Raj aay keetta tu!

Wo bhabhi menu dekh leti to?

Tay hunn? Hunn ki karaan gay?

Sometime later...

Simran eik pappi to de de!

Paray hatt. Bhai room main hain! Mujhay sharam aa rahi hai!

Oh Simran Bhai bhabhi busy hain! Kaheen humain bhi na dedh saal lag gayain. Waqt mila hai to faida Uttha lainay de! Meri bahon main to aa!

Ok chal teek hai. Par ahista shor nahi karna!

Wink Wink Wink
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Posted: 2015-08-22T10:51:43Z
Nice one Big smile
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Posted: 2015-08-22T10:54:55Z
Superb Smile
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Posted: 2015-08-22T10:56:36Z
Wel done very nicely written.
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Posted: 2015-08-22T11:01:16Z
Bravo bravoClapClapClap Nicely done...
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Posted: 2015-08-22T11:02:34Z
Devani Welcome back with the cupboard romance. Miss you dear please come back and write some more story.Poor Raman after age planning but he did not know Ray and Simran there too.ROFLROFLthanks dear for the cute and naughty OS.Have  great weekend.HugHug
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Posted: 2015-08-22T12:55:49Z
Hahaha. It's amazing. LOL
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Posted: 2015-08-22T14:16:46Z
This is so awesome LOL LOL I cracked up the first time I realized Simran was in the cupboard LOL
Will you be continuing this for a 2nd part? Embarrassed
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