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Posted: 6 years ago
that function went fine manu...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mockingbirds

Originally posted by sush_rddt

II's current situation!

i saw same add in India forum
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

Originally posted by ishruhi

Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

not just you.
who ever I respect here in this thread.
I will listen to them.

entha gud boy!!!LOL
thank you

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Family in frame

"You should be in bed Dad" II pleaded

"Manya kidhar hai?" she asked him

"I am not sure puttarjee she must be home I think" he shrugged

"Do u know Dr Baig's number?" she asked her husband nervously

He half smiled

"No I dont II hes only been treating us the last 40 years" he thought

And nodded


II helped up Ranjan and they walked to his room on the ground floor, II entered it completely for the first time, looking for the lights and turning it on

It was all off white, and HUGE... simple, functional, with a huge bed in the center with  soft orange bedding, the windows were at the
back of it and to the side was the door to its own patio with a swing. A huge chest of drawer stood in a corner
The bed was partially undone, he walked over to the side he usually slept on

The wall was adorned with original art containing flowers of some sort

She helped him relax, propped up a few pillows

"Can I give you something for the fever please?" she begged

He gently tapped her cheek  "Inni chinta kis waaste puttar jee?" he asked his eyes filling up with tears

"U are sick, and you were home alone?" she was devastated

R&B stood near the door way  "Umm, hes on his way" he said

"Can I please give u something?"

Ranjan sneezed multiple times and rubbed his forehead

"U are cold too?" II asked scanning the bed for a AC remote and then realized they had wall units in every room too

Ranjan found the remote, she shut the AC off

R&B leaned on the door frame hands in his pockets

"is Manya home?" II asked

R&B got a great excuse to leave the doorway, he struggled to enter the room, but felt a strange pull towards the hurting ailing man

He left...

"Do u have a medicine box?" II asked innocently

He pointed to the chest of drawers and shut his eyes, she opened the top left, velvet covered boxes in red and pink and white indicated it was Savvy's jewelry

Top right was Savvy's knick knacks

Top second left, was neatly folded scarves that belonged to her

Top second right, there were multiple boxes, one had a red plus on it she opened it turned on the lamps on the chest of drawer

A BEAUTIFUL huge picture came into view, many actually, an alcove of 7 pictures the biggest, Ranjan and Savvy on their wedding day
(Savvy must have gotten it framed, it was elegant and stylish),
 she looking stunning in a traditional red Punjabi suit with the kalera and marigold garlands, she leaned on him comfortably
II suspected they must have known each other for a while she looked comfortable and confident

So stunningly beautiful...

One, holding Manya, one holding Sam, one holding R&B... her eyes lingered on it, he was FATT like the male version of Lasya with extra long, silky curls
She had the widest smile in that picture

Another one on the side sat horizontally was the family, Sam Tan, 6 year old? Nandu, Manya her ex, and R&B... the last picture? at some family event

R&B had that glint in his eyes...
And then there was one after their muhurtam huge, glossy, they stood with the 10s of garlands she in
 the madisaar/nine yards with smudged haldi and sindoor on her forehead and strings of jasmine
Her kalera and chooras blending with the Iyer madisaar
He wore the veshti.. like he was born to wear it.. rocked it
The dark green and red zari borders on the veshti a stunning contrast against his skin.

his angavastram crushed in places stained with haldi and the red dye that adorned the rangoli on the podium

And then there was LASYA... looked like the picture changed every week because a stack of unframed ones lay by the picture

Sam would give him a new one every week? or he would have Emad print one off on photo paper and stick it in the frame

She had the same glint in her eyes like Uncle R, she wore a lavender jumpsuit and sat on Sam's sun room rug playing with a bunch of Nandu's hot wheels cars
Nandu lay by her playing a hand held device..

She heard a gently snore, followed by 10s of sneezes

She returned to earth and opened the box, found the fever reducer, checked the dates
Turned to find her husband staring at her the whole time

"Lasya is cute" she blushed at being caught

He nodded, leaning back on the door frame, "Manya is asleep," he said
he didnt say if Makarand was in bed with her

How could he the door was locked on the inside

II found the bottle of water in his hand, now warm from being clutched, she poured some out and gently tapped him

"Dad" she whispered

"Jee betaji?" she woke startled

"Umm.. heres ur" she whispered

He took it politely and sipped the water, laying back

"Usko keh bahar reports khare hain, woh chup nahi hoga, he shudnt be talking with them, its no use.." Ranjan worried

R&B texted the guard to let Dr Baig's car drive in, he wondered if there was room for it,
and then walked out to hand the keys to the car that was closest to the gate so it can be pulled out to make room for Dr Baig's

II sat in a corner sofa and yawned...Ranjan sneezed

"so ja bache" he ordered

"NO!!" she said shaking her head

He looked at his son standing in the door way and asked "Tere saath vi inni zid kardi si?"

He nodded...

"NO I DONT" II argued
The men chuckled

Dr Baig came in 10 minutes, I shut out the chest lamps and shut her eyes R&B sat in the lounge waiting

Dr Baig spoke his mind, scolding the reporters and scolding Ranjan

II woke startled

She walked over to the bed, and watched him take the temperature, as Ranjan sneezed

"I am going to make chai for u" she mumbled intending to give privacy for the exam

"What is this Ranjan, your son married a IYER I thought" he rumbled

II smiled and nodded.. shyly

"Phir ay ki hai chai shai?" he asked

"Kahin puttar aap se baat ho rahi hai" Ranjan teased her

"I can make filter coffee"

"THERE YOU GO!" Dr Baig smiled "Chai waale din khatam, ase tey filter coffee peyange puttar" he tapped her head gently

"Munda vi lamba, tey kudi vi inni lambi laaya?" Dr Baig chuckled
Her husband stood in the doorway, Dr Baig knew... everything

He didnt make any dramatic statements, or sarcastic comments

"Has he been sick all day?", he asked R&B

R&B said he looked "OK"

"Beta uska hai usi ki tarah jhoot bhi bolega" Dr Baig dismissed "its a family tradition"

II went to the kitchen
"Lambi aur usi ki tarah chup chaap" Dr Baig said

Ranjan rolled in bed laughing hysterically, weakly

Dr Baig looked at him and at R&B back and forth back and forth

R&B shook his head...

"Is she not quiet?" Dr Baig asked baffled

"Umm...that would be a "no" R&B said chuckling

II made filter coffee

Dr Baig concluded it must be viral fever

Wrote him up some meds

Left Ranjan to rest

Drank another cup of coffee in the lounge and took leave

R&B paid him... and walked him to his car

"I am going to Vasant Vihar" he said

"NOW?" she asked leaning by the Monet

He waved the prescription

"Oh?" she nodded

"Main chaloon?" she asked

"No just give me your sword" he said channeling the Iyer warrior reference

She pulled it out theatrically, and handed it with both hands like they did in historical shows
He bend down and kissed, roughly... pawing and fondly urgently

"I know" she whispered understanding his hunger

She went up wearily, then came back down and picked up her flowers, went up
Then came back down and found a vase in the kitchen

And then went back up again for the third time

Changed into her night shirt and slid into bed
In a half hour or so
He came in and and didnt change just sliding in... waking her...

"Mahavir is watching him" he informed, when she looked at him like "Why did YOU come up, shudnt u be downstairs?"

She relaxed

"Toongu da" she beggedEmbarrassed

"In a bit" he said rolling her night shirt up

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II our Angel
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Originally posted by Mockingbirds

Vikas listen to me
Tell me about the war more
Did they they use it in any important war?

Noufiya how was your friend wedding?
in 1971'

carriers and corvette played very important role.
its like the best thing ever.

karachi is main harbor of Pakistan then all for trade and warfare.
so it was very crucial place for them and well guarded.

India sent four corvette and one frigates in two times.

first operation trident veer ,nipat and nirghat went alone and bombed karachi harbor.
they destroyed four ships and their oil tankers .

then operation python India sent vinash and a frigate.
vinash alone bombed karachi harbor again.this time destroying remaining oil reserves.

it crippled Pakistan completely.
with no oil they can't operate planes and jets either.
so their airforce also down.

then vikrant old vikrant went on eastern front and its jets bombarded eastern coast.
and forming baval blockade.
isolating east and west Pakistan from each other and so no help makin army work easier.

but tgat small ships did max damage.they were called killer squadron.
these ships did max damage and destroyed Pakistan chance completely.
Posted: 6 years ago
u are amazing nisha!!!
u had once told us u will describe ranjan's room once(when II went MM before their marriage!)
and u did that now!ok i m off to read this update!really wanted to tell this as i read 'she saw the room'!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jairathore

Is the poem MAARIYADHU NENGAM MAATRIYAVAR YARO by vidya di tamil version of her poem CHANGE MAKERS???
I am asking because of special index
Pls help anyone
You could call them so the theme is more or less the same

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