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Posted: 6 years ago
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Originally posted by dristi64

send  me that book, too please. Since you are recommending it so much. I guess it must be good. And before that you get done with your surgery tom! We'll waitSmile

no NishaDisapprove
I am sleepy.. Sleepy
I can send you the hard copy if you live in Delhi or NCR
I am not 100% sure about the ebook, as it was published recently 
So it will be difficult to download it for free, but I will try my best 

And why is everyone of you sleepy, I will have wake up till 4a.m Cry

Yeah, I kind of live nearly 2000 kms away from Delhi so not happeningLOL
don't stress yourself about it.
I was running around the entire day to doctor's office and back, and just about finished some research work. Flu's just left me. Don't want her back so I am gonna rest. The Captain is here!!! She'll guide the ship for the nightDancing

Thats very near mam
Do you want it gift wrapped LOL
Well this can be your raksha Bandhan gift from meEmbarrassed
Good to know that you are fine now
Posted: 6 years ago
Maybe a busy Sunday so no update...
Jai take care kiddo...what time are you getting admitted you said surgery is at 9 pm...

SR onam week Silk board junction will be a mess with buses leaving Madivala round the clock to take people to go to sleep

Posted: 6 years ago
hi ashu!!!how r u??

nadira,onam is a festval here...its like eid to mostly hindus...but its a bit nostalgic one...we get time with cousins,we prepare sadya/special feast during that day...its a happy occasion with family...i loved those times when me,my sis n mom goes for sadya item shopping on those days...and everywhere here bears that glittery of onam during this occasion...
Posted: 6 years ago
When three's not enough...

Continuation of PLEASE

(Yes the author realizes she is mad, but hopefully this is a harmless kind of mad and not the psychopath kinds. You guys wnated to see Appa react to Nivi)

Two weeks after visiting Akka she went to DII. Picking up Nivi from school. The chef night dessert was moong dal halwa and rasmalai last Sunday, Appa liked sweets.
Nivi was still in her Modern Barakhamba uniform.
Her long braid undone at places. She must be the only kid in the whole entire posh school to have grown such long hair
II wore a sea green chudidar and a gorgeous silvery green kurta. R&B had meetings with another
"Seed capital guy" he said at Maurya all day, for some kind of leverage work.
Argent didnt "compete" in India much... so it was easy to form partnerships

"Its Founder's day weekend" or something" she texted him
He sent her a half smile

"Did she eat her lunch?" he asked

"Epdi da saapduvo, nee kochukarde ille" (how will she finish u dont even scold her"

"Can I talk to her?" he asked eagerly

"Hey love" he cooed

"Amma packed a whole entire roti burrito" Nivi complained softly

"thats fine" he gushed, JUST feeling her voice enter his system through the ear and trickle down to his heart

"Can we collect pretty leaves again?" she made a demand on his evening time

He wandered around Chanakyapuri holding her tiny hand as she collected  leaves, she wanted to make a scrap book, one of the shelves in the three voluminous frigs had ziplocs containing many leaves

"Sure" he nodded
"Are u home now Daddy?" she asked softly

"No, not yet" he whispered

"Will u be late again?" she pleaded softly

"I wont" he said firmly

She handed her phone to II as they waited outside the school in the chaotic parking mess, Barakhamba around 2 wasnt pretty...She held II's hand tight
She didnt like riding the cars, she wanted to take the bus from the Nyaya Marg corner, but today since II had to go to D II she had driven her to school
The morning drive hurt her lower back a lot, so R&B ordered she should take the driver in the afternoon, they didnt know where he was parked now

"Hey" he greeted his wife

"U are done so soon?" (talking to her?) II teased

He chuckled softly like Nivi, she had the EXACT same HUSKY voice, some words were inaudible when she spoke

"We decided to pick it up later when we go look for leaves

"Vendaam da... the shelf is full... she is using it to hang with you, I dont see any scrap book being started" II complained

"she will" he expressed confidence in his darling

"Dad um onnume solradu ille, neeyum solradu ille, this is not good" (u nor Dad dont say anything to her)

"Shes cute" he said smugly

"OK OK OK.. I see him too kanna, dont let go of my hand" II squealed to Nivi

"Paathukko, she ready to flee this noise, she doesnt even care for passing cars" II spoke in panic "She is like you, she wants quiet, and wants to be left alone" II was agitated

"II" he gently admonished her

"Dont II me" she groaned

"Go back and relax" he ordered
"I am going to Rohini" she reminded him

He stiffened  "NOW?" he asked

"Poda!!" she was frustrated

"Call me" he ordered

"I will try, vekaren seriya? Ival odara" (i am going to hang up she is running away)

some parents waved and grinned, a couple asked her "when are u due"  "Dont u wish they wud tell u the gender in India? I mean I WOULDNT be able to sleep not knowing"
II smiled  "I KNOW they are girls" she said smugly
The parents chuckled

They got to Rohini at close to 4... Amma was home from school, she had a transfer to Janakpuri now

Appa's extension was long over, he now consulted for think tank and went three days a week for a few hours

The apartment was nice, on the 8th floor,  huge 3 bedroom.. over 2200 sq ft, it was buy.. they had to pay the instalments many years now.. but they bought it

Appa opened the door with TV remote in hand

Nivi hid behind her pushing her

"KANNNA" II coaxed

"va va va va yaar vandrika papom" (who is here lets see) Appa gushed

She peeked

"Thatha NAAN" she said softly

The soft voice reminded Appa of R&B suddenly... he grunted and smiled

"Koralum avana madiriye... hmmm" (voice is like him too)

II laughed hard

Appa came from the bedroom removing her glasses

"Yaaru nambathu Laksmiya?" (who is it the Lakshmiji of our house?)

Nivi nodded smiling shyly, II had left her tiny gold jhumkas on by accident since weekend, she looked adorable, the pink cheeks sunburned  yet soft

"Dress kondu vandeya?" (did u bring her change of clothes?) Amma being a mother asked the relevant questions

Appa followed her like he was drugged

II handed the sweets and Nivi's bags, and sat down, Appa turned on the fan,  "Onnu porada, edukku rendavadu, he always goes to Paris... paavam namba kozhandai" (why do they need a second child, my poor baby)

"Dont start, she JUST got here" Amma scolded

"TWINS DI MADHAVI" Appa ranted

"She seems to be doing fine" Amma said smugly

Her daughter looked glorious, she had the sheen of a Malcha Marg daughter in law, clear skin, healthy, well groomed hands and feet, the Cartier on the finger and diamonds in the nose and ears

Nivi took her bag went into "II's" room to change, came out a few minutes later in floral tights and a yellow tee with a glittery heart on it

"Paatti Sam athai bought me this for Valentine's" she showed off

"U looked like princess kanna" Amma hugged her TIGHTLY
Appa gave her longing looks

"Homework irukka?" (do u have home work?) It was HIS idea of warming up to his grand daughter

Nivi nodded, smiling shyly

"YES chollu da"  II coaxed

"Yes Thatha" she whispered

"TEACH HER TO TALK, U TALK, Why should she be like HIM?" Appa grumbled

II laughed again "HOW can I teach her pa? She is with him all the time... I dont hear a sound from 2nd floor"

"TELL UR FIL TO TALK TOO" Appa waved a finger

"Let her be quiet pa"

"THIS MUCH SHYNESS? NO NO NOT GOOD" Appa said, reminded of the tall man

Nivi walked over to the sofa end table and rearranged Amma and Appa's meds alphabetically like she always liked to and sat down shyly on the edge

Amma brought Nivi dal rice (paruppu mammu) and beans bhaji for Nivi in a bowl and set it on the dining table,
 she brought filter coffee for II and thenga burfi

"Go raja eat" II coaxed

"Neeyum va" Nivi whispered squirming

"I AM RIGHT HERE LOVE" II said wearily

"Can thatha come with u?" Appa asked

Nivi looked at II, II nodded

Nivi nodded

Thatha gave her a hand she grabbed it.. they walked over to the dining table

II drank her coffee discussed bhajan mandli politics Amma felt her belly and patted her head fondly

"Operation pannika poreya?" (will u get ur tubes tied?) Amma asked

II blushed a glorious red  "Umm ya" she LIED weakly


"Three" Amma whispered with disbelief

"Ya I didnt even want one" II said

"LOOK at her, she looks like a goddess" Amma said

"She is too cute ma" II said fondly "SO QUIET, JUST LIKE HIM" II said in awe

"She is so shy, was he shy like this?"

II nodded blushing again

She took a nap, Amma didnt have the heart to wake her, around sevenish the door bell rang

Appa opened the door

Amma had taken Nivi with her to Rohini DDA market

"Mr Iyer" he smiled

"Please come" Appa greeted

R&B scanned the room for his "goods".
"Hmmm? None in sight?"

"She has taking a nap" Appa talked about HIS "goods"

"Nivi?" R&B asked about HIS "goods"

"No ISHITA" Appa scolded him

"I meant Nivi" R&B muttered

"Madhu has taken him to DDA market" Appa said

"Is she OK?" he wanted to see his wife

"She is TIRED" Appa accused
R&B nodded

"She is bearing TWINS you know" Appa said loudly

"I heard" R&B chuckled softly

Appa couldnt contain the smile at his son in law's sharp wit, he cleared his throat and went "Its a lot of work for women" he said pointedly

R&B half smiled

"Dont u think three is enough?" Appa asked him bluntly


Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Originally posted by moonwearer

ONAMexplanation  Mallu sisters correct me

There was this famous king Mahabali...he was getting very powerful and vain...Vishnu came as a child(vamana) and asked him for alms...he requested the king to give 3 strides of land...Sukracharya  who was Mahabali's minister asked him not to give  his word as he sensed  something amis...the king went ahead...Vamana then took the form of Trivikrama or assumes is Vishwaroopa...with one stride he covered the earth and the next the skies as there was nothing left Mahabali offered his head for the 3rd stride...Since he ruled well over the people he was granted a wish to visit his subjects every year...that is observed as Thiruonam...A feast Sadhya is prepared and a floral rangoli called pookalam is made to welcome him home
Yes...the mythical king returns to his land and his people on that day.Smile

Hey, I know this tale! Didn't know it had to do with Onam. Thank you ladies..

We had to learn the Dashavatars in Bharatnatyam for all those mudras and it would make us more curious about the little details. Good old daysDay Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
woke up from sleep.
remember d rangarasiya serial songs so woke up and started downloading
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

Originally posted by Mockingbirds

Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

hey stop quoting and share your view.
how can some one speak to you when you are not speaking first.

share something and be here it will help
like what do you want ?

what ever.
what you like.
but yours then only we can understand na.

if you keep quoting praising others then it is not giving anything na.
just share some jokes or real scenario you like .
or make any post from your side.

see when I get bored here I will start makin navy posts.
putty dee starts posting jokes and puzzles
vibhu shares pics.
svm her poems.
everyone have their own style to express themselves.
you only know it na show it to us create your own presence brand dee.

its all it takes nothing else.

i can share videos and pictures
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Maybe a busy Sunday so no update...
Jai take care kiddo...what time are you getting admitted you said surgery is at 9 pm...

SR onam week Silk board junction will be a mess with buses leaving Madivala round the clock to take people to go to sleep

They will admit me around 11a.m
I am relaxing now
Was playing ludo and cards with my parents 
But I lost all the time so I quit playing LOL

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