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Hello guys! Here's the last part of this TS. Hope you like it. 

And a big thank to each n every one of you who had like or comment on this piece of work. It really means alot <3

Enjoy Reading :)

Chapter 3

Rain was pouring down heavily, hard wind was blowing, hitting against the window pane, making noises. She got up from her bed and walked over the window, to close it. She held the doors of window, was about to close it when her gaze fell over a familiar figure, standing outside her house, in heavy rain.

"Rey." She whispered his name. She was staring at his shivering form in rain, he was completely drenched. Worry rose in her heart as she rushed out of her room.


He watched her as she came toward him, runningly with a umbrella in her hands.

"Rey, What are you doing here?" Taani asked him, she hold his hand and dragged him inside the house.

"I came here for you, taani." Rey told her, he was shivering in cold. Taani saw this, without saying anything, she took him inside her room. They can talk later, his health comes first for her.

She made him sit on bed then rushed to her cupboard, she took out a towel and gave it to him.

"Mein aapke liye kuch clothes lekar aati hu, bhai ke room se." Taani said to him before she walked out of the room leaving a happy Rey behind, who was smiling ear to ear seeing her care toward him.

After some time, She entered the room with clothes for him in her hands. She frowned when she saw him, sitting still on bed, he hadn't even dried his head.

"Rey! You'll fall ill if you keep sitting here, like this." Taani scolded him, she placed the dry clothes on bed then snatched the towel from his hands and she, herself started drying his hair. Rey closed his eyes, her soft stroke were giving him immense pleasure as she dried his hair then, she gently wiped his face.

"Aap change kar lijiye." Taani told him, in low tone. Realizing what she was doing and what equation they share now. She has no right over him, now. He is not hers anymore.

Rey nodded, taking the clothes & towel he went inside the washroom.

"Tu bhi na, Taani. Unhe dekhkar sab kuch bhul jaati hai. Jhalli! Don't forget, Rey is not yours, he love kria not you." Her inner voice reminded her. Taani agreed with herself, with a heavy heart. It's impossible for her to imagine him with someone else. 

"Taani-" Her reverie broke when he called out for her, from inside the washroom. She brushed her thoughts aside and walked over the washroom but stopped at the door.


"Can you please come inside, my locket has stuck in my shirt and I'm not able to remove it.." Rey said from inside. Her heart picked up, she was in dilemma whether to go inside or no? She really can not control herself when she is around her. After an inner battle, she opened the door and entered the washroom.

Her throat went dry when she saw him, bare chest and struggling to detach his locket from his shirt, shirt was covering his head. Calming her nerves, she stepped forward and held the shirt and detached his locket from the button of the shirt. The, she pulled it off him. 

"Thanks." Rey mumbled, staring at her with intense gaze. She moved to walk away but before she could, he held her hand and pulled her into him. 

"Taani, listen to me, sweetheart." Rey whispered in her ear, his voice was tender which gave her goosebumps all over her body. 

"Rey, Please leave me. We have nothing to talk about. You'd made your point clear and I'd mine." Taani told him, with every word her voice was breaking. Tears breamed in her eyes, she tried pushing him off but he held her tightly, possessively in his arms.

"No Taani, You have to listen to me. First of all, let me clear this to you. I'm not going back to kriya or anyone else that is not you. After loving you i can never love any girl except our daughter. Rey sirf aur sirf Taani se pyaar karta hai. Mein tumhari jagah kisi ko nahi de sakta.." Rey turned her around, facing him still his arms were wrapped around her.

"Isliye mujhe apne aap se ek pal mein alag kar diya." Taani said to him, Staring at him with tearful eyes.

"I know, I know  I was stupid, I was such a jerk to think friendship is more important than love. I didn't wanted to hurt swayum, he has been always there for me, whenever i needed someone he is always by my side, I didn't wanted to break our friendship. I promised him, I'll stay away from you but after that I was dying from inside, whole day I think about you and regret my decision. I realized what i did was wrong. I shouldn't have gave up on you.." 

Rey broke down in tears as he poured his emotions before her. Taani was crying too with him.

"But that doesn't mean I don't love you or want to go to anyone else. I love you, Taani only you. Rey belong to his taani only.  Meine galti ki hai, taani but taani mein iss galti ko sudharna chahta hu. Please, Give me a chance." Rey said to her, in pleading tone. He didn't cared how he must be looking right now, begging infront of her, all he cared was about her. He wants her and to get her, he is ready to do anything.

"And Kria.." Taani started to say but he kept his index finger on her rosy lips, hushing her.

"She doesn't matter to me, taani. All that matter to me is you. Before, i thought whatever it happened between me & kria was love but after I met you, I realized, it was not love. Tumne mujhe pyaar ka asli matlab sikhaya hai. Tumne mujhe firse jeena sikhaya hai. Mein apni taani ke alawa kisi se pyaar nahi kar sakta." Rey spoke to her, gazing down at her with so many emotions running through his hazel orbs.

Taani was staring at him, didn't had any idea what to say to this man who had the power to turn her world upside down. If he can bring the sadness to her heart then only he can replace that sadness with happiness. He possess the power to make her forget all the pain, just with his small smile.

"Rey" Taani gasped when her gaze fall over the mirror reflection of his back. She held his shoulders and made him turn around, his back was facing her. 

Tears brimmed in her eyes when she noticed a small tattoo of her name imprint on his back, between his shoulder blades. Her name was written in beautiful elegant font with small three hearts there. Her heart skipped a beat, and she burst into tears. Realizing he truly love her, only her. His actions might have her hurt her but everyone deserves a second chance so does he. And she was sure, she will never be able to live without him. He had become the reason to live for her.

"I wanted to show you this on our first date, as my first ever gift to you but before i could all that happened. I'm sorry.." Rey whispered, his eyes were moist. Hearing him, she just wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him, from behind.

"Promise me, Promise me rey, you will never leave me. Whatever happen we will face it together. Mujhe kabhi chodkar nahi jaaoge aap? Promise kijiye." Taani was weeping like a small kid, it broke his heart. Rey held her hand and brought her in front of him.

"I promise, Taani. I'll never leave you. I love you so much, taani." Rey whispered, as he wiped her tears away and hugged her tightly. 

"I Love you too, Rey." He smiled after he heard something, he was longing to hear from her. Rey hugged her more tightly. He got his true love and he will never let her go.

- t h e  e n d -


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full of love and emotions
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