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Chapter 2

Swayum glanced at his sister, who was staring at Rey & Kria, he could see hurt in her eyes along with pain. Swayum wrapped his arm around her shoulder, in comforting manner.

"This was the reason, Taani. I knew this would happen, thats why I asked him to stay away from you, I didn't wanted you to face rejection." Swayum whispered, he could feel her pain. Taani relaxed in her brother's protective embrace and look at him, she knew now, why her brother took this step and he was right from a brother's point of view thus, she doesn't finds his  decision wrong.

"It's okay, Bhai." Taani whispered back, her tone was raspy, he could tell she would break down any moment so, he decided to take her out, away from here. Swayum hold her securely, and started walking toward the exit of canteen. Taani let her brother take here, her feet were working on their own. Her mind was blank, she couldn't think straight. She wondered, If he really wanted to go back to Kria  then, Why he said he love her, gives her false hopes and shatter her every dream? Was it a lie? All that happened between them was a lie?


Rey saw taani walked out of the canteen with her brother, she was walking like a lifeless body. Rey pushed Kria away from him and ran after taani, who was walking in corridor. 

"Taani..Taani. Wait. Please." Rey called out for her as he ran after her. Swayum stopped and turned around, facing him. He galred at him, for the first time feeling anger toward his best friend.

"Rey, Leave her alone! She had already seen enough." Swayum snapped at him, Rey wasn't looking at him but at taani, who was avoiding looking at him. 

"Taani, It's not what you are thinking. Listen to me, Please." Rey pleaded to her, he tried getting hold of her hand but she takes her hand back, her actions hurt him but he didn't showed it on his face, he just wanted her to hear him, once and for that he is ready to bear anything.

"Remember, You broke up with me few day back then, why do you want to give me any explanation, You are free to go back to anyone, I don't care, anymore." Taani told her, her voice was stronger but all knew, how broken she is from inside.

"Bhai, Lets go home, Please." Swayum nodded positively in response, and they started walking but stopped when she felt soft grip on her wrist, she turned and found him, staring at her with pleading look in his eyes.

"Rey, Leave me. You had already proved, how much i mean to you, First you left me, just because my brother had asked, You could have fight against him. I would have been really happy If, you wouldn't have just gave up on me, just like you did. Agar, bhai ne humare relation ke kuch salo baad aapse yeh kaha hota ki, taani se dur chale jaao, toh kya aap tab bhi mujhe chodkar chale jaate. Am i not important to you? Not even a bit that, you could come to me and talk to me before taking any decision?" Taani poured her heart out, take out everything out, she had hide inside her since their break up. 

"Rey, go to your Kria, your first love. She must be waiting for you." Taani said to him, her tone deprived from any kind of emotion, broke his heart. He saw her as she walked away from there, with her brother. He couldn't move, her words were echoing in his mind, telling him she was right. She was right, he should have fought of their love, without worrying about the consequences then, whatever result it would have been still, he could have looked up and met her eyes, atleast he fought for their love but alas, he ruined everything with his own hands but he won't gave up, he will bring her back in his life and make it upto her. But First, He needs to go and clear things to Kria, and end this matter here only so, it will not create any problems in future.

With that thought, He walked toward the rehearsal hall knowing, all must be there along with Kria. 

"Rey, Why you left suddenly? I know, You are angry with me but, listen to me once. Please?" Kria rushed to him, as soon as he entered the rehearsal hall, he glanced at sharon, who was throwing daggers at him. He knows she is angry with him, for him blunder in canteen.

"Kria, Tum vapas kyun aai ho?" Rey questioned her, without beating around the bush, he wasn't in mood to talk useless things and waste his time, He wanted to get over with this as soon as possible, and went to his taani.

"Rey, what kind of question is this? Off course, I came back for you, to tell you truth about my behavior that day, when you came to propose me.." Kria trailed off, her eyes were moist. Rey gave her a confused look, not understanding what she is trying to say.

"I'm not getting anything Kria. Saaf-Saaf bolo, kya bolna chahti ho." Rey told her, his tone was unusually stern.

"It was because of my mother, She come to know about my dance and asked me to chose between you & dance, she gave me chance to perform in footloose elims but in return, I had to break your heart. Every word, I said to you that was a lie, I love you Rey, I loved you then, I love you now. After we left, mom realized she did wrong and she gave me permission to return back. I come back for you Rey, I love you. I can't live without you." Kria was crying as she explained why she went away from him. Rey was shocked hearing everything but didn't felt happiness hearing it, because he is not hers, nor she is his. His heart already belong to his taani then, How can he feel anything for anyone else. 

Kria stepped forward to hug him but, He step back. Hurt crossed through her features. She stare at him, in confusion. He didn't looked happy as expected. 

"But I don't love you, Kria. In fact I never did, after you left, I was heart broken but then, someone came in my heart and took my heart away. I never felt this way for anyone Like i feel for her. I'm sorry Kria, But I can never give you, for what you have returned back. I love someone else, Kria." He knew he had to broke her heart, he couldn't imagine his life without taani. Kria look at him with tearful eyes, not knowing what to say. Should she feel happy for him or bad for herself?

"It's okay, Rey. I guess, I'm late but I'm happy for you." Kria whispered, She wiped her tears and walked out of the rehearsal hall. After she left, Sharon ran toward him and hugged him tightly.

"I knew it, I so knew it Rey. I knew your true love is taani, I'm happy you told her truth." Sharon squealed excitedly, feeling extremely happy for him & taani.

"But, Taani ko toh yeh lagta hai, mein Kria ke pass vapas jana chahta hu.." Rey whispered sadly, he don't know how to make her believe in his love. Make her see, how much he love her, only her.

"Then, Go and declare your daring mohhabbat to her and still if, she didn't accept it then, do something big. Jo uske hosh uda de and then see, she will come running to you." Sharon gave him advice. Rey smiled at her, slightly. 

"Now, Go and apni taani ko vapas se apna bna lo!" Sharon said, pushing him out of the rehearsal hall. His friends laughed at them and wished him luck. He thanked them and ran out of the rehearsal hall.

"Here, I come, Princess. Your prince charming is coming to make you his." Rey thought to himself as he sat in his car and drove away to her place.


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Awesome update
i like that no love that how Rey clearly say that he dont love anyone other than Taani
i love Taani's outburst she was so right. he can't just break her heart like this
so what swayam was against their relationship
he should have fight hard
eager to know he will  make her believe in his love again
update it asap
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Posted: 2015-08-26T10:43:48Z
Wow :)
Superb update :)
Awesome :)
Loved it :)
Sharon the love guru !!! :) :)
Amazing :)
Update soon :)

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Posted: 2015-08-26T10:52:27Z
Amazing update..
Taani is angry and sad..wish she understand that everythimg is a misunderstanding..
It was good to see Kria to let go of Rey..
Lets see what Rey do now to win Taani's heart..
Cant wait to read more..
Update soon..
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Posted: 2015-08-26T10:53:10Z
Fab update
Thank god kria dosent make any prob here
Love it
Eagerly waiting for next chappy
Update soon
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Posted: 2015-08-26T10:54:03Z
Fantastic update
thank god kria didn't create any problems 
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Posted: 2015-08-26T10:54:44Z
WOW!!!! Love Sharon's this love guru avatar
Taani is so hurt
thank god atleast Swayam is with her when she needs him
Rey tell Kria all the truth,thank god
now waitng for Taarey reunion
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Posted: 2015-08-26T10:56:53Z
Nice update...eagerly waiting to see how rey prove his love to taani
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