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Welcome to your ChaClub Hug

For the next two weeks this is going to be our central control station LOL

I know I sound filmy, but this is like a mission, so let's try to make it sucessfull. 

khete hai, ke koshi karno walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti Big smile

 R U L E S  

1) Just discuss here about ideas only, don't post final drafts, PM them. 

2) Don't quote much, especially posts with images, use the  @username code to talk with the members, quoting too much slows the uploading process. 

M E M B E R S  A l l o w e










First of all let's introduce ourselves, in this way it will be more easy to work together. 


I'm Preet and I'm 25

I can Make Tags, banners and Write too.



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Guidelines for the Task's index 


Task one - Page 1

 Task two - Page 11 

Task Three - Page 15

Task Five - Page 17

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Originally posted by ..Enamour..

Shayar KGhazal

Aren't MehBeer unique as a couple !!
Don't you fantasise them in various situations And  love to
write endless love sagas for the duo!!
Here's a perfect opportunity to showcase your wildest imagination regarding the couple !!

So what do u have to do?
Just write an OS on your Favourite couple 
(MehBeer/Nisaar-Rati /Sattu sir and his wifeTongue)

Sounds easy peasy doesn't it?
but whats life without a Twist!!

So whats the TWIST ??
Since BD is a music based  show and all of us are already baddicted to Mere Nishaan!!
We are giving u an opportunity to compose your very own song!!!!

YES !! You Heard us right!!!
The twist in the tale is simple!!
You have to incorporate at least ONE paragraph of an originally composed Lyrics of your very own song in the OS itself!!!
The song should be in sync with the genre you choose to write your OS on

You can choose between the following genres 


The word limit including the song lyrics  is 1000 words !!

You will be judged under the following criteria :
Title : come up with an attractive title 
Content (of the OS )
Lyrics ( of the song)
Spellings  and Language : keep it simple yet elegant 

When do You have to submit : 
by midnight (IST) of  21ST August 'I5 

Where do you have to submit : 
pm me ie ..Enamour..
Title of the PM : CG Contest round 1 Entry ( team name )

Who has to submit : 
The captain of each team!!
For further queries feel free to contact me !!
Post your queries regarding the tasks on this thread for the convenience of everyone!!

CG Contest Organising  team!!Big smile


Originally posted by ..Enamour..

Note : the OS in question shud not be in A/U ie all d characters used in OS shud be true to their Characterization 
ie U cannot say make Abeer a doctor/engineer in your fiction
You can incorporate all the characters in the show but make sure that the story's central characters are the couple u choose to write on
you CANNOT introduce a new character ie u are not allowed to add your own made up characters in d fiction

Originally posted by ..Enamour..

Originally posted by neetha

 ok one doubt

can the song be in hindi? n can the write be in english?
I was abt to edit d post to add the same 
glad u asked
yes the OS has to be in english n english alone
while the lyrics of song can be in 
english/ hindi

but kindly make sure u dont intermingle the 2 languages
ie make sure you write purely in hindi n not add an english word in between if you are writing in hindi n vice versa
do not advertise/ post ur OS for the contest until after d round is completed 

Originally posted by ..Enamour..

Since 2 out of 4 teams have requested for increase in word count I m increasing the word count to 1.5k ie 1500 words

Originally posted by ..Enamour..

 it has come to my notice that most of the teams are planning on making banners 
as can be seen in the marking scheme we are NOT looking forward to a banner in this task.
you all will get an opportunity to showcase your talents in the future tasks 
where u will be marked and judged for the same ,
so at the moment kindly conc. on whats required of you!!
we are looking forward to quality content and 
some  amazing song lyrics and I am sure you all will ace in it Big smile

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Posted: 2015-08-16T16:20:37Z

I'm not good i making lyrics sorry Ouch
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Posted: 2015-08-16T17:01:59Z
Hey Sweethearts <3

I'm Ashu but most people call me Baby Wink
I love meeting new people and writing is my strength!

Suggestions =>
- song & os in english so that we have a mutual basis
- genre maybe RomCom? or a little bit of everything
- i think the couple should be MehBeer LOL
- Keeping the round title in mind, maybe we can add shers (would seem witty and creative)

Just some thoughts! 
Cheers, baby! <3
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Posted: 2015-08-16T17:55:00Z

@Hi Aishu, so we can take you as writer Wink 

Yeah the OS is going to be on MehBeer only 

Rocom seems fine, we can put romance and comedy together what say? 

Just assuming. 

let's waith fot ther others, the first thing about which we need to think is the theme of the OS. 

I mean what we want to write in it, it can be too long. 

What about A proposal, or confession, messed up. 

We have to take a scene and write it, 1000 words are really less, at least for me. 

So first of all let's think about what we want to write, the messege in the story, then will write the lyrics of the song accordingly to the theme try to fit it with the OS words. 
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Posted: 2015-08-16T20:04:17Z
tag OS with song hmmm... Is the WL counted including song??...1000 words its tough!

BTW hiee Baby...Smile nd PreetSmile... Sans here
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Posted: 2015-08-16T20:13:12Z
Hello guys ! I m Sam ! Woh ! Preet Di and Sautan ROFL we are not going to leave each other looks like LOL hello Baby . LOLLOL
Anyways the first round seems interesting ! The OS ! We should take RomCom . That would be fantastic . How about taking ideas from all members ? Embarrassed 
We can then mix max and create an OS . Wow the song lyrics ! Shocked I can help with that . I love writing songs . Day Dreaming
Just give me the genre . LOL
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You like my hair? Gee, thanks, I grow it myself.
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