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In the house of a highly esteemed family of Mumabi there was an event that shocked the head of the family

And you claim that you love my daughter an elegantly dressed aged Sudhir Sharma summed up

Yes that's why I took this major step in every man's life and came here today to ask your permission for Priya's hand a man with intelligent eyes reverently bowed to his host who at that time took a sip of expensive tea from his cup

In that case my answer is no Sudhir Sharma said calmly eyeing the man with an icy stare you are brave enough in your speech Mr. Kapur do you really think that I'm not aware of your bad reputation of a player and womanizer? my precious daughter will marry the one who really deserves it and I have already found such man so excuse me and leave my house immediately

Rajat had never felt so humiliated and insulted in his whole life yes he needed this marriage only to pay off multiple debts and then continue to live in grand style as he used to do before but Priya's was an arrogant proud man to restrain his anger Rajat bowed respectfully as far as it was possible in his disgruntled state and left the Sharma mansion with a firm intention to avenge his humiliation and shame

It did not take long because after a few weeks almost everyone was gossiping about Miss Priya Sharma a girl of well-born who was engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in India and their wedding would take place in the Kapoor Manshion in Mumbai in a month

Rajat did not have to spend time trying to find out who was that perfect party for belle Priya

Ram Kapoor was a name known not only in Mumbai but even in India he was very handsome wealthy talented and knowledgeable businessman In his 30 years Ram has made a big business deal in abroad he almost did not appear at home that was the main reason for Rajat for performing his evil plan of retaliation

The first thing he needed to do was gaining Priya's trust and he had to do it the way her shrewd dad wouldn't find out about it It was not difficult to arrange after bribing a couple of hooligans to scare the Priya on the road and appearing before the lady in a role of a hero protector by scattering alleged offenders Rajat made an incredible impression on the rich girl soon they became friends Rajat unobtrusively interested in her personal life and upcoming wedding when he heard from Priya that she had never given the opportunity to see her fiance and that she could not even imagine what kind of a person he was the insidious man solved the problem in a friendly way by comforting and promising the beauty to find out everything about a man named Ram Kapoor

The deep despair and sorrow crushed on the very young twenty years old bride when her good friend told all the details of Ram Kapoor's life Priya could not find peace she couldn't sleep at nights by tormenting with thoughts of her dad planning to marry her away to a man who had a reputation of a last player drunkard and libertine

But her fears were dispelled by Rajat who promised to do everything in his power to help her poor thing to escape the hateful marriage of convenience Priya was so grateful to her faithful friend the only one who understood her compassion and she sincerely agreed to do everything he would say

The plan was the following on the wedding day when Priya and Ram retired from a magnificent event and head to the room in order to fulfill the married life and finally seal their marriage by becoming intimately close to each other the bride had to discreetly pour the powder of sleeping pills in her newly made husband's glass of milk and make the man drink the content before he possessed her on the rights of her husband she had to use all her adroitness to look calm and her friend taught her some tricks courtesy he even gave her the sleeping powder in order to fulfill the plan

Poor excited Priya committed what she had been told leaving her hated husband to lie on a hard cold floor unconscious without remorse she ran away from her husband's wealthy mansion through a wide window of the bedroom to a pre designated place by Rajat after seating the lady in a black carriage the man took her to his family mansion on a high speed but the happiness didn't last long for her before she could cross the threshold of her friend and savior's home Rajat's true identity decided to show itself to the world his pupils

stupid spoiled girl he hissed do you really think that all of this little adventure was intended to help you to avoid a marriage? If it was in my power I would not lift a finger and bother my genius brain for you a girl that lives on everything ready and prepared those like you can't be called a person and men see such beautiful dolls like you as a money bag which will help them to live comfortably till the end of their lives while getting a warm bed warmer for intimate fun all along

Priya shuddered like a little bird until now she had never heard the his hard and rude voice she slowly began to retreat intuitively trying to be as far away from the man as it was possible

Poor Priya he said sarcastically slowly approaching his prey you have no idea in what a terrible and shameful situation you gotten betraying her husband by making him drink sleeping pills on their wedding night and then run away with another man do well bred ladies behave like that?

B but ... Ram is a horrible person he is a player and a drunkard and .. the frightened Priya whispered bitterly but Rajat silenced her rudely and insolently pressing her back against the wall

It's me who has such prestige my dear in fact is a very beneficial party for you and he will be just perfect for the role of your spouse he is like a knight without fear and without reproach but it's hard to jealousy your current situation grinning like a mad villain Rajat had shamelessly run his wet tongue down the Priya's soft cheek she struggled to break free from his strong and expressionless embrace but to no aadvantage he was very strong his rough hands tore an expensive wedding lehenga her explanation her chiseled shoulders and a velvety creamy skin Rajat ruthlessly grab Priya's shoulders leaving bright red marks Priya gritted her teeth not to groan in pain a sadistic smile appeared on the Rajat's face he liked to thump fun at her soon he would play with her fairly enough

You lied to me you forced me to betray and insult my family Priya exclaimed angrily barely holding back her tears of rage and annoyance

Rajat grinned with a corner of his lips

Yes and with this vile act I avenged your arrogant dad by manipulating you my dear I didn't just get even with your family but also with the Ram Kapoor

I cannot believe it you fooled me so masterfully Rajat you made me believe that you're my friend she whined in unbearable heartache

Rajat grabbed Priya by het hair and ruthlessly pulled it up so that her head was in his power and she could not move and was helpless in his hands but Priya confronted him in her last strength she constantly kept on giving him slaps in the face severely beating him with her hands over his face and chest

Stop breaking loose Priya I promise to kill you quickly and painlessly if you give up and let me finish my grand plan of retaliation Rajat hissed angrily and with that he brutally squeezed Priya throat from which she began to choke and turn blue from lack of oxygen he was about to kiss her pale lips forcibly but the sound of an blast and a flying door forced him to interrupt his black intentions

The room filled with bluish smoke Rajat stopped trying to see anything through smog the next moment someone's hands tore the man away from his helpless victim and in the next instant he found himself lying on the floor pinned under someone's heavy foot Priya was coughing continuously and tried to catch her breath after a brutal strangulation the smoke cleared and Rajat saw several men in the room one of which was apparently a doctor who was now helping the Priya to come back to her normal senses

How vile Rajat gentlemen are not persons to use females weakness to achieve their personal goals

Rajat took the effort to lift his head and looked at the owner of the lead like by strength foot and cold like metal voice

Rra Rammm...

I have to admit your plan was good but it had a fatal miscalculation my faithful friend and bodyguard saw through your nefarious plan If not for him I'd still lay unconscious in the bedroom and you Rajat Kapur tried to use my wife with impunity Ram said the last sentence in a dangerously low and hoarse with rage tone so Rajat felt like his hair on his head began to move in horror he got really scared for his life he felt like his skull began to crack from the strong pressure of  Ram's foot

How? how could my grand plan fail? Rajat simply could not contain his curiosity he had put in the packet a dose that could lull an elephant for a few days

Very simple the handsome aristocrat replied ironically Vikram Shergill bachelor of medicine has invented a medicine that absorbs all poisons and toxins but it's not about that Ram sighed and continued in a cool tone Vikram could you please pass me the documents

After receiving a folder from his friend's hands he addressed to the lost and furious insolent in a cold blooded business appeal

This leather folder collects your discredits Rajat all your dirty works debts gambles, blackmails, kidnapping, everything is in this Ram tapped his index finger against a thick black book folder I would rather challenge you to a duel and shoot you like a mad dog without any remorse after those horrors you made my precious wife live through but on the day of our wedding I do not want to dirty my hands in your dirty blood I'll be so kind and give you two options now choose I can buy your debts back and prevent the strike of all your criminals and civil cases in court but in return you will give me a receipt that you are agree to leave India forever and never interfere in Priya's and mine family life or you can stay at your beloved homeland for many years but look at the clear sunshine from behind prison bars

Rajat had nothing more to do but to accept the first offer and surrender in shame Vikram walked the owner of the family mansion in the road in custody and took him to the port leaving his friend alone with his wife

Priya stood with her head down not daring to face the one whom she hated so much just some hours ago

I'm sorry Priya it's my fault If I was paying you more attention before our wedding and let you know me better you would never have to face the terrifying events of this night a deep and velvety Ram's voice pierced the awkward silence

Priya he slowly walked up to her his heart was pounding loudly with anger at Rajat when he noticed the deplorable state his wife was in Ram felt unbearable pain in his heart when his dark brown eyes slipped down the slender figure of his priceless beloved her wedding lehenga was savagely torn in several places and there were dark bruises on her shoulders and throat those marks on her body had been deliberately left by a ba****d  sighing heavily Ram took off his jacket and carefully wrapped it around her shoulders to warm the beauty and hide the traces of violence from prying eyes and then he took her cold hand in his warm and secure one and brought it to his lips for a gentle kiss Priya shivered slightly from a sudden sensation of his hot lips on her hand but she stubbornly refused to look at him she felt incredibly guilty in front of him she treated Ram cruelly and she had no right to look him in the eyes

Ram decided to open his hot heart to his favourite girl he wanted to erase all the bitterness which Rajat left after his betrayal from her memory

Ram addressed to Priya in a very friendly and soothing tone

It may sound far fetched but believe me what I am about to say is true the moment I saw a sixteen old you on a banquet I have fallen in love with an angelic girl at first sight madly and hopelessly I could not dare to dream that your dad will consider me as a candidate in your husbands how many times have I told myself that we have a big difference in ages and you may be disappointed in me but you'r convinced me that age is not an obstacle to our happiness and those infinitely strong gentle and sincere feelings that I'm willing to give you Priya will help me to wake up a mutual love in your heart my love for you had been warming my heart all those years while I was waiting patiently for your marriageable age but I didn't have an opportunity to come before as urgent matters required my obligatory presence in Australia I will never forgive myself for the fact of involuntarily in cases  you to mortal danger and disgrace today and now I just do not have the right to pray for forgiveness after all it's my fault you were in such a humiliating and life threatening situation with bitterness and sadness Ram finished his story recognition

From the energy of her husband's strong and sincere words Priya however unconsciously raised her eyes and looked curiously at the Ram only now she noticed how strikingly handsome he was yes they had a big age difference but her heart encouraged her persistently that she could live a long and happy life with this noble and brave man he had been faithful to her alone for so many years a unique and unrepeatable feeling began to bloom in her soul the feeling that soon would grow into a beautiful white lotus yes Priya had always been associating true love with that delicate and fragile flower

I have nothing to forgive you for Ram she said sadly you are in no way to be blamed I was too naive and trusting and unwillingly I stained your good name in shame forgive me and she was ready to fall on her knees in front of her husband and humbly beg his forgiveness in a deep sense of remorse but the Ram didn't let her carry out her plan he didn't want to see her all humiliated and kneeling before him never Ram picked up his petite fragile wife in his hands in total awe and adoration and pressed her to his broad chest

Let's forget about all that happened today and start our new family life Ram said confidently looking in her bottomless from despair and at the same time wondering eyes

B but ... I do not deserve your kindness Priya gasped in excitement blinked her lush eyelashes

I promise you that no one will ever know about today's incident you have nothing to be ashamed of my princess I swear I'll do anything for your happiness and safety he answered in sincerity and deep faith with infinite love and generosity Ram clung to her slightly parted pink lips in a sweet and tender kiss cementing his promise with that incredible gesture

From his unexpected actions the Priya's cheeks won a blush she enjoyed the feelings of his touch and taste of his wet and hot mouth on her lips Priya started to melt and relax in his hands she really wanted to love her husband be loved by him in return with all her heart Priya mentally promised herself that at any price she would become a very good and loving wife to this man and she would be always delightful to bear his children Priya looked into his brown mirrors of soul and saw so much affection and adoration for her in them that she felt lightheaded in anticipation of those unforgettable caressings he would be generously giving her all his life she stroked Ram's smoothly shaved cheek and whispered sweetly

I am all yours darling forever and ever

Yes you are mine and only mine I love you endlessly my angel I promise you to make you the happiest woman alive in this world Ram sight in hurricane of tender feelings

When I dream of life I dream of you no hate no pain no mutiple hue just one color just one thought for you consume my world the world were I have fought I am who I am for what I have done I'll be who I will be
When the time shall come but for now I am yours yours till the end Im yours to love again and again he world keeps spinning never knowing when it will cease my love for you is different for it is infinite peace I feel as if i dream an unwakeable dream every moment of solitude I just want to scream to see if it's real I really must know for love like this a dream can't hold I must explainIn words to you the feelings I feel which I know are true I do this through words which I wright to you My love is never ending Its my endless love is true

Their lips met in a new selflessly kiss Priya responded to Ram's passionate kiss with joy and bliss burying her long slender fingers in his thick hair this mutual kiss lasted for a long time and was deeper and more sensual than their previous one the couple could not tear away from each other they both closed their eyes and allowed themselves to lose their heads from those truly beautiful sublime feelings and emotions that they were experiencing time stood still for them

Priya believed in their happy family life as sincerely and strongly as her husband did without a doubt

The young married couple stepped over the threshold of the Rajat Kapur's house to meet their light romantic future hand in hand the ring on Priya's finger was no longer a gift by her hated husband now it gained a completely different meaning to her than before now it was a symbol of eternal love and devotion to her beloved husband which was put on her engagement finger by him this precious ring Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor would cherish for all her life Ram and hers love story was only beginning and would continue indefinitely

The End

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beautiful os.
rajat kitna kamina hai. achha hua ram sahi waqt pe pahuch gaya.
ram loved priya from begining.
v.v.nice story.
thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-08-15T09:09:01Z
Lovely. What a beautiful story!!!!!
Never ever tired of reading raya stories.
Keep writing more such stories year and thanks for pm. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-02-29T08:53:22Z
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Posted: 2015-08-15T09:15:08Z
suprb os...ram alwyz der fr priya...lvly raya scenz...thnq fr d pm..
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Posted: 2015-08-15T11:15:48Z
Beautiful story...
Thanks for the pm...
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Posted: 2015-08-15T11:46:43Z
wow.. beautiful OS...
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Posted: 2015-08-15T11:56:01Z
Superb loved it but what was priyas age i know ram 30 years ka tha
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Posted: 2015-08-15T19:53:44Z
Superb OS...
Beautifully written...
Please do write more..
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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