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It's different from Season one but still If anyone wants to read the Season One, here is the link. {Dark} SS : Forced Marriage

Chapter One

"Taani, It's your sister's wedding and you are sitting here, Go and help her. She is in her room." Her reverie broke when she heard her mother's voice, she looked up and found her mother standing at the entrance of her room, sending angry glares to her, she knew she is angry because she wasn't doing any work.  

"Maa, I have to go to office, to submit this file. It's really important." Taani told her mother, praying her mother agree to let her go out of the house. 

"But Taani, guests had started arriving and what will they think if they didn't see you?" Her mother, smriti replied to her. Taani frown at her.

"I promise, I'll be back in an hour." Taani promised, Her mother looked hesitate but reluctantly agreed when she saw her daughter, giving her pleading looks.

"Alright, but you should be here before 6." Her mother told her, Taani smiled at her softly and nodded in response. After her mother left she got up from her bed and took out her cell phone.

"I'll be there in 20 minutes." She messaged someone. She took a file with her and left from there. Her heart was thumping loudly against her ribcage, her face held the look of worry and nervousness. Taani sat in her car and drove away hastily, to reach her destination as soon as possible.

After a drive of 15 minutes, she reached the Durga maa temple. It was a really big temple but in a very secluded place. After 6 in the evening, people hardly come here. Taani parked her car and walked toward the backside of temple, with little fear.

"Rey." She called out for him, when she reach the backside of temple. She saw him, standing near the pond. His back was facing her. Taking a deep breath she walked toward him. 

"I knew, You will come." She heard his husky voice, Rey turned around, facing her. He was dressed in black suit, with button up white shirt.

"Rey Jiju, Why you called me here, to meet you. It's your wedding today, you should be at home." Taani said to him, too confuse and nervous, why her sister's would be husband wants to meet her, just before the wedding.

"Taani, Don't call me jiju, I'm not your jiju. I'm not marrying your sister." Rey told her, smirking down at her. His words sinked in and her mind went blank while she stare at him, with wide eyes.

"What? What kind of joke is this? How can you.." Taani stuttered nervously. Rey smirked more widely, he took a step close to her, invading her personal space. Taani was absorb in her own thoughts to notice, how close they were standing.

"I'm not joking taani. I mean it when i say, I'm not marrying your sister." Rey told her, his tone dark and dangerously low. He lifted his hand up and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Taani shivered feeling his soft touch, noticing their close proximity she took a step back, maintaining some distance between them.

Taani stare at him, numbly as he let out a dark chuckle. Her eyes scorched with tears, thinking about her sister.

"But I'm not here to talk about her." Rey said, looking at her, with unreadable expression. A frowned appeared on her face. 


"I'm here, to marry you." Rey told her, taking a step more close to her. Her whole stiff, she was unable to think anything else. Having no idea, why he is doing all this.

"What? Jiju stop all this, this is not a time to joke." Taani laughed nervously. Anger crossed through his orbs, he grabbed her waist and pulled her into him. His hold around her was rough and possessive.

"I'm not joking, Taani. I'm f**king damn serious about this. I called you here, because it's our wedding, here in this temple, we will take those seven sacred vows, to be with each other." Rey whispered in her, harshly. Taani couldn't believe what is happening. He looked dead serious. But what happened suddenly that he doesn't want to marry her sister, why on the day of wedding he is doing all this. 

"Why?" She mumbled, her voice cracked, She was on verge of crying.

"How could you do this to my di?" She questioned him, at the mention of her sister, he tightening his grip around her. She winced in pain, his hold around her was painful.

"And what your so called di did to me? Was it right?" Rey asked her, angrily. It scared her, he was looking like an angry lion, ready to pounce on his prey. But what confused her more was, his talks. About what he was talking? What her sister did to me? As far as she know, her sister loves him very much, she can't do anything bad to him.

"Oh, Thinking about, what your darling sis did to me?" Rey questioned her, reading her mind. Taani looked at him, nodded positively.

"My sister loves you alot, she can never do anything wrong to you." Taani told him, she tried to push him away but he was too strong for her. He let out a dry chuckle and gave her a sarcastic smile.

"Really? She loves me, Right? Thats why that bitch is pregnant with a someone else's child. Is that what you call love?" Rey shouted, her eyes widen as his words registered in her mind.

"That could be your child also. How could you think my sister will cheat you?" Taani questioned him, tears of anger and helplessness rolling down her cheeks. 

"My child? Good joke, sweetheart. Sorry to burst your bubble but that child is not mine, I never had any kind of physical relation with her then how can a fathered a child" Rey shouted back. Taani flinched away at his harsh tone. Taani was in state of shock, not able to believe her sister had deceived him like that.

"So, lets not waste our time by discussing what that good for nothing bitch had done and do what we are here for." Rey said, smirking down at her. He picked her up in his arms and started walking toward the temple. It took a moment for her to realize where he is taking her and for what.

"So, you want to take revenge, by marrying me? Taani questioned him, wriggling in his arms but he was holding her in his arms, tightly and securely.

"No! It's just a way to save my and my family's reputation. I can't let that bitch destroy it nor I'll tolerate that girl in my life." Rey replied her angrily. He started climbing the stairs of the temple, taani had the look of terror in her eyes, what is about to happen, It's wrong.

"But I don't want to marry you. Put me down, and let me go." Taani shouted at him, her nail dig into his shoulder, it pained him for a moment but he didn't show it on face and continued walking like nothing is wrong.

"That doesn't matter to me. I want you as my wife then, I want to, with or without you will doesn't matter." Rey told her, in stern tone. He made her stand on her feet when they reached, she looked around. A priest was there, with all the preparations of marriage ready. It shook her, seeing all this is happening in real.

"Please, Don't do this." Taani pleaded to him. Rey let out a dark chuckle, her tears had no effect on him. 

"I have to sweetheart and trust me, if you didn't marry me right now then, whole world will know what kind of characterless girl your sister is. And you do know that, what people call those girl, who get pregnant before wedding?" Rey spoke, his tone was dripping with venom and she knew he meant every word he had said.

"Please..Rey. Try to understand.." 

"Think about your father, taani. What will happen to him, It was me who helped him when he was having loss in his business, If i back out then, he will be on roads." Rey told her, ignoring her plight. He hold her arms in firm grip and pulled her into him.

"So, you have only one option taani. Marry me and I'll not say anything to anyone about your sister's illegitimate child." Rey put a condition in front of her. Rey made her stand at the altar and asked the priest to start the rituals. Priest did as he was told to. Taani tried to leave but he held her tightly, at some point his grip became too painful for her, she let the painful shriek escaped from her lips, hearing which he loosen his grip but didn't left her. 

"You will not get anything by forcing me." Taani told him, tears of helplessness rolling down her cheeks, Neither she could accept it nor deny it and have him degrade her sister in front of the world and let her sister face all the humiliation, It will kill her family. She couldn't let that happen. 

"Sweetheart, I'd never done something in which I don't have anything to gain, and marrying you is the best option, I have." Rey told her before forcefully made her sit at altar then, he himself sat beside her. Priest was chanting mantras then, he told them to take vows. Taani was crying but her tears were ignored by him. Forcefully, holding her arm he made her stand and took the seven vows around the holy fire. She struggled, struggled till the last vow but nothing stopped him, He Forcefully, he filled hair partings with vermilion and tied mangalsutra around her neck.

"Vivah sumpann hua. Aaj se aap dono pati-patni hai." The priest said to them, announcing them husband-wife. Rey look at her, her eyes were blank not showing any emotion. Rey gave heavy amount to the priest, taking the money priest left from there taking his stuff him.  

Taani look down at the mangalsutra tied around her neck, unconsciously she lifted her hand and touched her forehead. Two signs of her being his, his wife. On which her sister supposed to had right but now they are hers, she is his wife. 

"Lets go and announce this news to our families, Come." She heard his word, a chill ran through her spine thinking about her family. More tears made their way down her cheeks. Rey shook his head, when he saw her standing still, with blank look on her face. He moved and scooped her in his arms, She didn't had any strength left in her to protest. She let him carry her, he descended down the stairs of temple and moved toward his car, his driver was waiting there. Driver opened the back side door of the car when he saw them approaching. Rey made her sit inside then car and he sat beside her. 

Taani was looking out of the window as driver drove away to singhania villa. Just in a day, everything had changed. She has become taani reyaansh singhania from taani shekhawat. His one decision changed her life up side down and she will never forgive him for doing this to her.



Chapter 1 (Above)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

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Hello Guys! I'm here, back with Forced marriage Season 2, many people asked me to start second season and I couldn't stop myself. Hope you like this one too. Second Season's storyline is completely different from the first season. It has nothing to do with season 1.

Please Do press the like button & Comment. I'll continue this only after i get good response from you guys.

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Finally after a long time I am being able to comment on your storySmile
Sorry for not commenting as I was inactive Dead
I am trying to be active from now on so expect some more comments in future from me LOL
Coming to the chapter!
Its amazingClap
Taani's attire is amazingClap
Well doneThumbs Up
Update soonWink
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Great season 2
Nd interesting concept
I love this different concept
Plzzz update soon
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season 2of forced marriage
interesting start
now for sure taani's family will blame her for ruining her sisters life
egarly waiting for next update
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superb start...
now what will taani's family will think about her...
and her sister will surely blame her...
continue soon...
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kaha kha se idea lati ho dear
your every story and every concept just loved it
interesting start
rey forced marriage to taani
and taani is so vulnerable
she is helpless, but why only she,
 didnt get why rey did this to her
just to get revenge from her sister or anything else
now am total confused Confused for which story i should suppose to ask update

loved to read more
do cont soon

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amezing concept
continue soon
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